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World Geography Study Guide 2

by: alb1081

World Geography Study Guide 2 GR1123

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > Geoscience > GR1123 > World Geography Study Guide 2
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About this Document

What you need to know for the test this Thursday, October 7th. South American Realm, Europe, and Russia
World Geography
Shatrughan Singh
Study Guide
world, geography
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by alb1081 on Sunday October 2, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to GR1123 at Mississippi State University taught by Shatrughan Singh in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 117 views. For similar materials see World Geography in Geoscience at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 10/02/16
World Geography Study Guide Exam 2 PSA: The notes over Russia are not included in this study guide! I will be posting the notes nd taken in class over Russia on Tuesday, October 2 . The notes listed on this study guide are what he has hinted at being on the test or has told us that we need to know it. To Know:  South America Realm o Mountains in the west, Amazon Basin in the east o The tallest waterfall is Angels Falls in Venezuela o The Andes Mountains are along the West Coast o Colombia is the only country that has borders in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean o Alexander Van Humboldt  Father of physical geography  “Unity of Place” – climate, geology, biology, and human cultures  Environmental determinism – physical environment determines or limits human habitation o Argentina is the most diverse country with 5 different climate zones o Pampas are grasslands in Argentina o Amerindians – migrated from North America and Middle America o Altiplanos – high altitude valleys in Andes Mountains  The Inca lived in the altiplanos o Tordesillas Line (1494)  Treaty between Iberian powers – Portuguese rule east side, Spanish rule the west side o Inca  Capital was Cuzco  Machu Pichu – wonder of the world o Mestizos – mixed ancestry of Europeans and Amerindians o Land alienation – process of taking over indigenous infrastructure and enslaving them  Spanish conquered the Inca o Viceroy – regal official who runs a country in the name of a monarch o Bolivia is named after Simon Bolivar who fought for independence o French Guinea is still under French control o The largest crop produced in South America is soybeans  Brazil produces most of it o BRICKS  Developing countries including Brazil, Russia, India, and China o UNASAR  Union of South American nations to develop together o “Favelas” or “Barrios” are shanty towns o Cartographic map – displays a variable by distorting space, distance, or population o Latin American City Model  CBD in middle with a spine  Zone of Peripheral Squatter Settlements o Cocaine  Extraction of cocoa paste, refining product, distribution  El Paso is now central trade route o China is Brazil’s and Chile’s largest trading partner o Human Geographic Regions  Caribbean North  Colombia – La Violencia o Insurgent and failed states  Venezuela – Hugo Chavez  French Guinea – space industry  Andean West Region  Peru – Inca Empire  Ecuador – impacted by Humboldt current (El Nino/La Nina)  Bolivia  Southern Cone  Chile located on Ring of Fire  Sub regions: Atacoma desert, middle Chile, and Highland South  European Realm o Smallest continent in area, but has population cluster o Ukraine is the largest country by area o Gulf stream – a warm ocean current moving from the equator to Northern Europe  Allows access to fishing in the winter (water doesn’t freeze) o Climate is mostly mild o Know physical geographic regions:  Central Uplands  Heart of Europe  Alpine Mountains  Pyrenees mountains separate Iberian peninsula from rest of Europe  Western Uplands  Old, Scandinavia  Fjords – u-shaped valleys created by glaciers  North European Lowlands  Good farming  Birthplace of Industrial Revolution  Mediterranean  Beaches o Population heavily around England and Germany o Europe is a peninsula of peninsulas o France is unique because its bordered by three seas o Great Britain includes Scotland and the mainland of England only o United Kingdom includes Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland o Antiquity  Greece and Rome  City-states – a city that has its own government and which it controls the surrounding territory to form an independent state  Ex. Athens and Sparta, Washington DC and Mexico City  Greeks influenced Romans, but Rome was greater in size  Renaissance from 1450s to 1600s  Mercantilism – territorial control, making colonies, exploration of land  Agrarian Revolution – large scale farming to sustain and profit from  Silk roads – land and sea routes to move silk, cotton, and spices from Asia to Europe  Industrial Revolution  Started in Britain and moved eastward  Furnaces, textiles, steam power, iron making  Political revolutions formed liberalism, fascism, socialism, nationalism  World War I and World War II overview  United Nations (UN)  European Union (EU)  Supranationalism – a voluntary association in economic, political, and cultural spheres of 3 or more nations who are willing to give over their sovereignty for the mutual benefit of all  Brussels is capital of EU  Switzerland is not a member  Devolution – reverting to one’s own sovereignty or power away from EU  North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO  Created by United States for Europe  Poorest country of Europe is Moldova  Richest country is Luxembourg  Europe is connected because of:  Complementarity – excess products and goods can by shared with others within the realm with need  Transferability – very easy to move goods across networks  CBDs at center of town and population extended outward  Know the Human Regions of Europe  Germany – iron curtain  France – Jeans  Czech Republic – velvet divorce with Slovakia  Switzerland – chocolate, banking, watches, and cheese  Ireland – English and Gaelic are national languages  Milan – Turin – Genova Triangle  Spain – capital is Madrid  Gibraltar – peninsula close to Morocco  Balkans – was Yugoslavia  Sweden – lowest Gini coefficient  Denmark – Danish  Finland – was under Russian czars  Iceland – no ice, on Eurasian and North American plates  Greenland – former Danish colony, ice  Poland – decimated in WWII  Ukraine – Chernobyl Explosion  Russia


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