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What is religion? Midterm study guide

by: Elizabeth Heston

What is religion? Midterm study guide rlst100

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Elizabeth Heston


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About this Document

Study guide on chapters 3 and 4 Notes taken from Text The sacred quest an invitation to the study of religion 6th edition
What is religion?
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Elizabeth Heston on Monday October 3, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to rlst100 at Mercyhurst University taught by Case in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views.


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Date Created: 10/03/16
MIDTERM 10/3/16 What is Religion Sacred Reality ● Something that is always specially distinctive to a certain extent beyond human control ● Is Prominent to human welfare ● Properly determinative to belief, attitudes and acts of humans Sacred Media ● Person- jesus, moses, Muhammad ● Object- material objects that are important in a religious context ● Time- Given to humans and humans must respond to it ● Space- A special place set aside for religious purposes Sacred Pattern ● Prophetic- A prophet ( Judaism and islam) ● Sacramental- Priest/Shamans (christianity and Shintoism) ● Mystical- Enlightenment ( Buddhism and Hinduism) Time ● Linear ○ There is a clear Beginning-Middle-End ■ (christianity) ● Cyclical ○ Is a never ending cycle of time ■ (buddhism) Cyclical Time ● Hindu & Buddhist ● Samsara ○ Cycle of time that is kept/determined by karma ○ Cycle of Life-Death-ReBirth that all beings have ● Moksha ○ The end and moving on from Samsara ○ The release from the world to Nirvana Arts purpose ● Depiction of the sacred based on the story of the religion ○ (god knocking on door with no handle) ■ You have to let god in he will not enter if he is not welcomed in Need to know Terms: Parable​- a story fictional/non-fictional that has a specific point to make and the characters DO NOT stand for specific thing in reality outside of the story being told ● Need the entire story to make point/case Allegory​- A story fictional/non-fictional that makes an instructive point through the use of characters that represent reality outside the story ● Characters represent reality to make point Hierophany​- Greek word meaning to reveal the sacred ● The appearance of the sacred Story​- recount of events either fictional/non-fictional Oral tradition​- stories are passed on from 1 generation to the next through verbal accounts Scriptural Tradition​- Latin for that which is written ● stories are written down/made into text (bible) Canon​- Greek for list ● A particular set of book/books that are authoritative for a religious community ○ Bible-christianity Theology- ​ Faith seeking understanding Stupa​- Burial ground Exegesis​- process of interpreting the meaning of a text History​- events that occurred that hold meaning to a community Icon​- Image ● Particular visual image that mediate notion of the sacred to a believer Myth​- story that focuses on sacred reality and the relationship it has with reality ● (origins of earth-christianity) Source: The sacred quest an invitation to the study of religion 6th edition


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