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Exam 3 Study Guide (Final)

by: Anne Amundson

Exam 3 Study Guide (Final) RUSS 0090: Russian Fairy Tales with Dr. Crane

Anne Amundson

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About this Document

Covers Bylny- 20th Century
Russian Fairy Tales
Dr. Robert Chip Crane, Ekaterina Turta
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Anne Amundson on Monday October 3, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to RUSS 0090: Russian Fairy Tales with Dr. Crane at University of Pittsburgh taught by Dr. Robert Chip Crane, Ekaterina Turta in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Russian Fairy Tales in Russian at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 10/03/16
Amundson 1 Exam 3 Study Guide 1. Byliny a. Epic poems about legendary heroes b. Performed by minstrels in the middle ages c. Ilia Muromets i. Kievan 1. More influenced by history than mythology ii. “Nightingale the Robber”/”The First Adventure of Ilya Muromets” iii. Three conflicts: 1. Ilia free city Chernigov 2. Defeats Nightingale the Robber, an anthropomorphic monster that can knock people out by shrieking, then steals from them 3. Prince Vladimir doesn’t believe that he beat Nightingale, so Ilia executes Nightingale d. Sadko i. Novgorod epic ii. More fairy tale influence than Kievan epics iii. About a musician who made a deal with the Sea Tsar to become a rich merchant in the underworld iv. He gets married v. He returns to Novgorod 2. 19 Century a. Romanticism i. Cult of the individual ii. Loved “genius” iii. In touch with emotions iv. Tragic hero 1. Destroyed by his own greatness v. Nature 1. Sublime: when you confront something beautiful and terrible 2. Makes humans small vi. Nationalism 1. Nationality is an internal experience b. Aleksandr Pushkin i. Russia LOVES him ii. Prolific in all forms iii. Collected from folklore iv. Aesopian language Amundson 2 v. Died in a duel over his wife, whom Russia also loves c. Orientalism i. Western views of the East 1. Used exoticism to pretend to be dominant ii. Binaries 1. West is masculine, east is feminine 2. West is reasonable, east is mystical 3. Etc. d. Mikhail Lermentov i. Second most important Russian Romantic after Pushkin ii. Blamed Pushkin’s death of everything wrong with Russia iii. Also killed in a duel iv. Was partly Iranian 1. Considered Eastern/Oriental 3. Marxism a. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel b. Basic beliefs: i. Change as the fundamental status of humanity ii. Socialist society will be the next step iii. Proletariats will overthrow the bourgeoisie iv. Those who work the means of production will eventually own the means of production c. Frankfurt School i. Marxists interested in culture and art reflecting society d. Jack Zipes i. Fairy tales low-key support the ideals of the bourgeoisie ii. Folk fairy tales are for the proletariats, literary fairy tales aren’t iii. Not cool with Disney 1. Said he was pro-capitalist and pro-individualist 2. Appropriated traditional tales 4. 20 Century a. Official Soviet Fairy Tales i. Fairy tales were banned from schools for acculturating children into a bourgeoisie ideology and for feudalism Amundson 3 1. Glorified mysticism, individualism, and superstition ii. New wave of soviet fairy tales 1. Proletariat views 2. Magic isn’t one-dimensional 3. Urban and adventurous/militaristic 4. Utopian—children save the day, indicating a bright future b. Socialist Realism i. Only allowed type of art 1934 ii. “truthful” from the perspective of the proletariat/party 1. scenes of normal daily lives 2. industrial imagery iii. historically concrete 1. very literal imagery iv. reality in it’s historical development 1. shows the world on it’s way to a utopian society c. Katerina Clark i. “The Soviet Novel” 1981 ii. Argued that soviet realism should be considered art as well as propaganda iii. The Master Plot 1. Same concept as Propp’s functions 2. Positive hero—the hero is consciously good, not spontaneously 3. Hero is given a socially relevant task 4. Mentor helps the hero complete the task a. Mentor is the voice of the party 5. Hero encounters trials a. Climax: the task that looks like it will crush the hero 6. Hero completes the task 7. No psychological depth d. Avant-garde i. Artistic movement 1900-1940 ii. New artistic techniques and ideas about what constituted art 1. Artists actively looked for new ways of reflecting the world in their art Amundson 4 iii. Anti-bourgeoisie 1. Found them boring iv. Shut down by the soviet union e. Daniil Kharms i. Children’s lit author ii. Avant-garde and absurdism iii. Founded Oberiu school 1. Avant-garde school 2. Zaum—rejected images in poetry 3. Interested in creating senses 4. Didn’t use real words 5. Absurdism iv. Created a machine that doesn’t do anything v. Rejected Soviet ideals of progress 1. Wasn’t a dissident because he just didn’t care about politics f. Evgeny Schvarts i. Playwright 1. Fairy tale plays 2. Interesting in words and wordplay 3. Popular with dissidents ii. Associated with Oberiu iii. Utilized Aesopian language iv. “The Dragon” 1. satire of totalitarianism 2. the dragon is an allegory for Hitler/Stalin


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