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hesc 220 exam 1 study guide

by: lex

hesc 220 exam 1 study guide HESC 220

Cal State Fullerton

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About this Document

covers whats going to be on exam 1
Concepts Health Science
A. Ransons
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by lex on Monday October 3, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HESC 220 at California State University - Fullerton taught by A. Ransons in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 85 views.


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Date Created: 10/03/16
HESC 220 – Midterm Study Guide **Please bring Scantron 882 Exam will consist of: • 32 questions (48 pts – 1.5 pts each) - Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, • 5 questions (27 pts) - Short Answer • Based on: textbook, lectures, PowerPoints, additional rea ding, guest speakers • Covers: • Coursework Requirements/Academic Plan • Literature Review Lecture Pt 1 • Chapters 1-3 • Robertson Article • Typhoid Mary Video • Guest Speakers: Library Session, Academic Advising , Dr. Yang-Global Health, Dr. Kim - Environmental Health, Dr. Otten - Nursing Coursework Requirements/Academic Plan and Academic Advising • HESC Core Requirement Restrictions o 220= prereq for all 400 level classes o 495= mandatory orientation semester prior enroll, can take with 475 o 220 and 349= prereq for epidemiology • Requirements to graduate/receive a Bachelor’s Degree o 180 units o 2.0 gpa o grad check • Academic Integrity Literature Review Lecture • Differences between scholarly journal articles and popular/non-scholarly articles o Scholarly: multiple authors with degrees, citations, data, charts, jargon, lengthy titles o Nonscholorly: 1-2 authors, catchy title, pictures, advertisements, opinion • How to narrow Literature review topics o Start broad then narrow down as you do more research Chapter 1 – Public Health: Science, Politics, and Prevention • What is Public Health? What do we do? o Public health:Mission, Substance, Organizational Framework, Core Functions o Mission – “the fulfillment of society’s interest in assuring the conditions in which people can be healthy.” o Substance – “organized community efforts aimed at prevention of disease and promotion of health.” o Organizational Framework – encompasses “both activities undertaken within the formal structure of the gov’t and the associated efforts of private and voluntary organizations and individuals.” o Core Functions – • Public Health Model vs. Medical Practice Model • MEDICAL MODEL: • Medicine is concerned with a patient as public health is concerned with the community • A doctor will assess the patient, diagnose the problem, seek for the cause of the problem and then strategize how best to treat the patient. • PUBLIC HEALTH MODEL: work instead with the community, not just individual • Public Health’s focus is more preventative, where as medical is based on the aftermath, treatment, etc. (retroactive) • Assessment – ex: Monitor health status – death rates due to car accidents • Development – ex: Develop policies for seat belt laws, educate the public • Assurance – ex: Enforce laws, evaluate effectiveness • Public health has the responsibility of assuring people that the services needed for the protection of the public’s health are available and accessible to everyone. Public health’s focus on prevention makes it more abstract than medicine, and its achievements are therefore more difficult to recognize Public Health is unseen when working ex: no flu outbreaks • Core Functions of Public Health o as 1) assessment, 2) policy development, 3) assurance • Disciplines of Public Health o Epidemiology o Statistics o Biomedical Sciences o Environmental Health Sciences o Social & Behavioral Sciences o Health Policy & Management or Health Administration Levels of Prevention 1. Primary – seeks to avoid the occurrence of an illness or injury by preventing exposure to the risk factor. 2. Secondary/ SCREENING – seeks to minimize the severity of illness or damage due to injury. 3. Tertiary – seeks to minimize disability by providing medical care or rehabilitative services. Chapter 2 – Why is Public Health Co ntroversial? • Controversy associated with Public Health o Sources of controversy & why? § Anything that has to do with sex is always controversial § Easier to calculate the costs of PH rather than the benefits § just about every PH measure will have a negative economic impact on some group (lost jobs, increased taxes, lost income, increased price of product) § Most controversial are restrictions on people’s freedom to harm themselves. • Definitions of Social and Market Justice • Ann Robertson Article Chapter 3 – Powers and Responsibilities of Government • Government’s Role – Federal, State, Local o Types of Organizations/Associations • Police Powers o evoked for 3 reasons: § To prevent one from harming another § To protect the common good § In some cases to protect a person from harming himself/herself • Non-Government Organization Role in Public Health o education, lobbying and research. Guest Presenters • Dr. Rebecca Otten – Nursing o Pathways into Nursing • Dr. Danny Kim – Environmental Health o Focuses in Environmental Health • Dr. Joshua Yang – Global Health o Internship Opportunities


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