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Studyguide-Collective Class Notes

by: Abi Sommers

Studyguide-Collective Class Notes CTCS 191

Marketplace > University of Southern California > CTCS 191 > Studyguide Collective Class Notes
Abi Sommers

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About this Document

Here are the notes from all the class lectures so far!
Intro to T.V and Video
Ellen Seiter
Study Guide
tv, video, notes, midterm
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Abi Sommers on Monday October 3, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to CTCS 191 at University of Southern California taught by Ellen Seiter in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 79 views.


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Date Created: 10/03/16
8/24 Week 1 Who is the author of t.v? -Director less significant in t.v, primary goal is getting things done on time - Show runner has creative control Show runner for t.v is equivalent to director for film * Incredible pace of production Collective nature of television production What defines a show? What are the boundaries of the text? - Need to see at least whole season to judge a show - Is how a show advertised the boundaries of the text? ● T.V not just plotline, distinctive aesthetic form, certain constraints ● Lighting, production design, how much camera movement, pace of editing Pilot episodes serve as key texts - look of show established in pilot - 10x scrutiny & feedback into pilot “UnReal” - Two women and their relationship between each other working on reality show & their relationship between contestants - Lifetime network- significance? Low budget, middle aged women - Producers create UnReal to become more like Netflix, creating binge-able content - Looks like a “Dark, premium cable type show” - Surprise hit, summer 2015 - Brand identity of Lifetime not compatible with content, emphasis on anti-hero Difference with t.v audience : - Audience’s relationship to narrative much more intimate - Watched in domestic space - Communal - People watch tv to talk about it with other people Lifetime- network with reality shows with a show damning reality shows Reality shows are made in the editing room Naked and Afraid- 400-500 hrs shooter/ 1 hr. Episode Reality shows are non - union - Can pay workers low wages, don’t offer reward to talent just regular work pay - Upside- cheapness, publicity - Downside- less prestige, lose interest faster 8/31 Week 2 Television auteur (french for author) - Auteur Movement to identify hollywood directors as more than assembly line workers - more difficult in to define tv where director not more important person, can be misleading when talent is producer/writer/director Situation comedy is easiest to recognize and define. - Recognized by desired effect on audience. - remarkably stable since radio in 1930s and 40s Domestic situation comedy: “a family” biological or otherwise Workplace situation comedy: “family” of misfits , can follow worker's home or after hours, or remain in work space *Comedy feature Improvisational work by actors Demands by all networks/channels for changes in show HBO vs .Fox - opinions/goals of advertisers/sponsors - Broadcast network vs premium cable - Product placement - Fitting the schedule, theming nights for comedy - Matching other series on the schedule - Repurposing - Copycat nature of situation comedy - Workplace comedy genre, influence of The office - Family domestic type; influence of Roseanne * Female comics as ”unruly woman” type Female comedy tv actors: - Lucille Ball : I love Lucy - Gracie Allen: Burns and Allen - The Carol Burnett Show 1976-1978 - Phyllis Diller - 1963- - Rosanne - Tina Fey - SNL, Mean Girls, 30 Rock, Bossypants, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Kristen Wiig - SNL, Bridesmaids ^But *Male dominated in writing Door opens for women: - Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer : Broad City - Maria Benford : Lady Dynamite - Amy Schumer - Tig Notaro: One Mississippi - Issa Rae: Insecure Black Women - Chelsea Peretti: Brooklyn Nine Nine - Kristen Schaal : Daily Show correspondent - Diablo Cody- book about being a stripper, wrote Juno (Spielberg produced her sitcom for United States of Tara) - Jenji Kohan-”weeds” - creator, show runner, Orange is the New Black. - Liz Brixius, Linda Wallen ^ don’t have to know all these women, just context for emerging comedic women in t.v *Explosion of new shows of women talent , many also guest appearances on Girls Many women comedians enabled by web series, or are Proliferations of stand up Kaling - daughter of professionals from India- mother gynecologist, father architect - Went to cambridge and Dartmouth - In improv group at Dartmouth - Wrote newspaper column, ivy league - Stage play - performance art - Satire of ben affleck and matt damon “Ben and Matt” , brought her to attention of The Office writers - Book - Us everyone hanging out without me - Hired on Office at 24 , at peak of popularity based on bonding with creator in interview - Wrote 22 episodes - Began directing by season 6 - Exec producer credit and development deal with NBC - BJ Novak from The Office Lena Dunham (creator of Girls ) : - Protestant- mayflower descendant father - College in creative writing - Sundance lab: Tiny Furniture , post college crisis, entered by jessie Nelson - 3.5 Million book deal - HBO teamed Lena Dunham with judd apatow and late nora ephron on Girls - big success this summer, new season ordered and sped up *Apatow: keeping image young; branding for both - Works w/ DP Jody Lee Lipes on “Girls” , who was DP on Tiny Furniture; Martha Marcy May Marlene *Both Dunham and Kaling published stories in the New YOrker *High culture- NY credentials Questions to consider: Why did HBO and Fox give them these opportunities in 2012? What would be the dif. Motivations of network and premium cable be > How does Girls compare to Sex and the City, the Sopranos? How would you describe kaling/dunham comic persona? Are there male comics with similar characteristics? Are the rules of comic situations different for women and men as performers? What strategy is at work when network tv and hbo are targeting young female demographic? Kaling - WGAAward nominee Dunham- Golden Globe for acting and best series 9/14 Branding of SyFY Channel Science Fiction TV Syfy - why change names? - Wanted to rise above aliens and outer space niche - Encourage more light viewers versus diehards . WWE used to attract young fans and groom them to be sci fi fans - Have a brand for gaming online - Syfy/ big launch emphasizing rhyme with wi-fi Sci Fi - Begun in late 80s by a couple devoted fans reached 30 major markets - Bought by usa Networks - Usa bought universal vivendi 2001 - Then universal nbc 2004 - Global roll out to 50 global markets sesp. Latin america, russia, asia SYFY- a brand named after a genre - Other examples of channels named after genre? - Comedy - Cartoon network - Game Show network - Food network - Problems from a branding point of view? - Can't show outside the genre - Limiting audience What is science fiction? - space opera - realistic but technologically based - machines and inventions Fantasy ? - Requires setup of whole world, most of work of show is setting up world - Unreal things can happen - Beings that don't exist ^ similar fan base, similar expectations Value of science fiction fans - Fantasy and science fiction dominate comic-com - Loyal fans and avid followers of news - Boost opening weekend box office numbers - Spread the word (and condemnation) avidly through social media - Repeat viewers, buyers of video games, boxed sets and merchandise, theme park attendees - Science fiction fans turned out to be first adopters of technology Trademark - Sci fi was a word in regular uses - Difficult to register as a trademark - Trademarks are key to licensed merchandise and stable brand identity - Filing with federal agency must prove business record; much check for no conflicts - More than a business name, trademarks unlike copyright that happens when it is created Frankenstein , the first cyborg story - Origins of genre in novel by mary shelley. Summer telling german ghost stories with lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley - Romantic themes in the desire for immortality, the sublime experience of nature, the inevitability and horror of death - Dr. frankenstein was the first hacker. Frankenstein’s monster the first byborg What goes wrong when humans play god? - Technologies created by science can have unintended conferences; cautionary tales that pursue religious, philosophical Today’s screening ; - Battlestar Galactica was a cult favorite, originally on network TV - Re-envisioned by Ron Moore 2004-2009 - Early example of a cable station drawing audience and prestige through original programming - In some ways, deeply artistic, existentialist works. Week 5 9/21 Live Event Television TV about TV - Television has power to manufacture televised cultural events - event/awards shows have proliferated in last two decades - Cultural prizes have long history but modern televised event emphasize :the nation: watching together across time zones - Emmys are a way of legitimizing television itself - Also a performance by the industry for the industry Value of Live - Appointment viewing, red carpet, live transmission - Tweeting, fb messaging and news feeds: substitute for “live appointment viewing “ or enhancement - Value in events seen live, to conquer time shifting , skipping commercials, how would you characterise ads shown during the Emmys? - Part horserace part runway show, fashion brands everywhere, swag, festivals of consumption - Mix of stand up, sketch and variety show- performed live - Watching for mistakes, drunkenness, dirty looks, poor sportsmanship - Drama of interrupted speeches Emmy Questions: - What status differences are apparent? - In what ways are the Emmys different from the Academy awards? The Nielsen company - Advantage of early adoption - Flawed data yet widely accepted Clientele - Sells propriety - Information - broadcast networks, local tv stations, ad agencies, market research firms, - cable networks , MSOs (multi cable system operators), satellite Tv Percentages - share is based on all the Tvs turned on at that time/or daypart - share of audience : the percent of households using tv who are tuned to a specific program, station or network Rating - based on all households with a tv/ all possible viewers - rating : estimated percentage of universe of tv households tuned to a program in average minute - 1% equals 1 point - Viewers Live + SD = same day viewing of show on a DVR plus live broadcast More data for sale - Publicized “horse race” data tiny subset of what is collected by Nielsen - Sliced and diced for particular target markets - Expensive subscription - Why do we hear so much about box office receipts and ratings nowadays? - New since the 90’s Week 6 9/28 Stereotypes of black women: - Rooted in slavery - Hyersexuality ( negative if not available to white men) or completely non-sexual - Before 2010, no black characters on tv - There for the white character, to support and make them better Being Mary Jane : - Written by Mara Akil - Left Being Mary Jane, joining Lee Daniels (empire) and Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder) - Difficulty of a showrunner leaving her own show - Works with her husband who is a director - The chance to jump from BET to network - Why is network more valuable than cable? - Broader viewership - The show - Subtle and complex characters - Lingering on details of daily life; preparing in the morning, cleaning up before date arrives - In pilot, slow reveal of her career as tv news person - Inspired by statistics of low marriage rates among women-- turned out to be false - Late 30s early 40s single black career women - Taboo topics/ social conscience - Mental health issues in minority communities - shame/stigma about getting care - Black Sex and the City? - much of the plot concerns her relationships with men but longing for children - But as professional she engages in highly realistic and very informative interview shows - These tackles issues like the huge rates of african american men in prison and the companies profiting from it - The pilot - opening like a romantic soap opera - magic moment where guy says i love you, except puking and turns out to be married - main character ,played by Gabrielle Union - not especially interesting B.E.T ( Black Entertainment Television) - Challenges of a cable channel based on minority status - What would a white entertainment channel look like? - Similar to problem with latino market - Hugely diverse - BET did lots of merchandising but basically was music videos ( free to programmers) History of stations: - 16-1200 1% - 1970 - 70s FCC tried to level playing field - Encouragement for black owned and operated stations - Caps on how many stations the same company could own - By 1990s totally unravelled - 1995 removed caps on ownership - 1996 took away all regulation 1980 B.E.T Before Cosby; Before Oprah Winfrey - B.E.T very promotional, pro business - Had jazz station, other quality programs, magazines - But went the way of MTV


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