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Geography Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Alexis

Geography Exam 2 Study Guide Geog 1112

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Geog 1112 > Geography Exam 2 Study Guide
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About this Document

-Exam 2 Study Guide Chapters 4 -6 - Nogueira Monday/Wednesday Class 3-4:15 PM - I know we have not completed chapter 6, I will be adding the rest tomorrow. -This is majority of the material co...
Intro to weather and climate
Study Guide
#Geograpy1112, #IntrotoWeatherandClimate, #Nogueira, #studyguide, #Exam2, #Chapters4-6, #GeorgiaStateUniversity
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alexis on Monday October 3, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Geog 1112 at Georgia State University taught by Noguiera in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 72 views.


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Date Created: 10/03/16
Geography Exam 2 Study Guide Chapters 4 – 6 Atmosphere & Surface Energy Balances - Transmission (define & understand) - Absorption (define & understand) Reflection (understand) - Albedo (define & understand) - Scattering -Rayleigh Scattering Rule - Refraction - Refraction & Rainbow The Green House Effect & Atmospheric Warming - Understand the green house effect & how it affects the atmosphere - Net Radiation -outgoing shortwave -incoming shortwave - Earth-Atmosphere Energy System -open system -energy conservation low - Heat Transfer  Radiation  Convection  Conduction  Advection Chapter 5 Global Temperatures Temperature & Heat - Heat (define & understand how the two are related) - Temperature Temperature Scales - Fahrenheit - Celsius - Kelvin (K) Principal Temperature Controls - Know all the temperature controls & what makes up each one; [latitude : affects insolation] Land-Water Heating Differences - Water surface - Specific Heat Ocean Currents & Sea-surface Temperature - Negative feedback Marine & Continental Effects - Marine effect (define) - Continental effect - Thermal equation Air Temperature & Human Body - Wind chill - Heat Index Ch 6 Atmospheric & Oceanic Circulation Wind Essentials - Primary circulation (what does it refer to) - Secondary circulation (what is it related to) - Tertiary circulation (what does it include) Meridional & Zonal Flows - Meridional flows (where do they move along meridian) - Zonal flows (where do they move parallel of latitude) Air Pressure - Atmospheric pressure - Air pressure (decreases & increases with what) - Wind (results from what) - Mercury Barometer (measure air pressure) Air Pressure Units - mmHg - Millibar (mb) - Kilopascal (kPa) Wind - Wind refers to horizontal motion - Turbulence - Speed & Direction - How winds are named Wind Measurement - What wind direction indicates - Wind Vanes - Anemometer - Aeorvanes Driving Forces Within the Atmosphere - Gravity - Pressure gradient force - Friction force - Coriolis effect Pressure Gradient Force - Isobar - What is pressure gradient force - What is it responsible for - What happens with Isobar and pressure gradient force Coriolis Force - What is the Coriolis Force - What does it cause - Where does it reach maximum and what is it along the equator Geostrophic Wind - What is the low pressure center - What is the high pressure center - What does Pressure Gradient Force & Coriolis Force create Subtropical High-Pressure Cells - dry & hot - trade wind - pacific high - weak in wind Polar High-Pressure Cells - Describe them and the way they move; clockwise, counterclockwise


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