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Study Guide Exam 3

by: Angela Chang

Study Guide Exam 3 Phys 0175

Angela Chang
Phys 0175
Matteo Broccio

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About this Document

Phys 0175
Matteo Broccio
Study Guide
Magnetism, Electromagnetism
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Angela Chang on Wednesday April 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Phys 0175 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Matteo Broccio in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 191 views. For similar materials see Phys 0175 in Physics 2 at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 04/01/15
GradeBuddy Phys 0970 Exam 3 Study RC Circuits Magnetic Fields Caused by moving charges which creates a current Right hand rule two types Causes centripetal acceleration Helical Paths Pitchonly function of v analogous to the range in constant horiozontal velocity over time from a parabolic motion Radiusrelation to mass centripetal velocity Crossed magnetic and electric eldsparticle selector Perpendicular to eachother Net forceO particle moves straight line If positive charge if Electric eld is stronger will move toward negative plate f positive charge and magnetic eld is strongerl towards positive pateunwiingy Hall Effect Magnetic force moves electrons to one side Creates potential difference Charges wi de ect to more stable sideess repulsion or more attraction Will in turn create an electric eld Hall voltages Torque on Current Loop Net translational force is zero Nonzero torque GradeBuddy BiotSavart Law Integrating nonsymmetrical Ampere s law Must have cylindrical symmetry preferably constant radius or electric eld Line integral Closed loop Superpositionapply multiple times at a point P if there are multiple wiresmust have a constant radius in order for constant magnetic eld Gauss Law for ux magnetic eld Zerobecause equal and opposite Can t isolate magnetic polesdipole Measures number of magnetic eld lines through areanormal to surface For each turn multiply by N turns for total Circular Loop of Wire Some components will usually cancel due to symmetry Conductors wires wires in same direction attract oppositeanti parallel 180 direction repel 1 source wire 1 test wire action rxn pairl forces and opp wire hanging from wire problem cannot neglect gravity and tension Solenoids GradeBuddy Only a constant magnetic eld on insidein a rectangular loop if ideal length is much greater than diameter else the magnetic eld will decrease by the edges OutsideBO Perpendicularalso 0 because of ampere s lawdot product Toroidal solenoidsolenoid into a circle Toroid and solenoidboth same result for magnetic eld The length of solenoid is the same thing as the circumference of the circle OutsideBO net because currents equal and opposite enclosed lnside rltR if amperian loop inside the inner current of opposite direction also 0 current enclosedno eldS Lenz s and Faraday s Lawsinduced Emfpotential difference Changing ux induces emf Since a voltage is induced and VEd then there is an induced electric eld negative feedbackquot prevents too drastic of an increase or decrease by inducing a magnetic eld in the opposite direction Motional emf Might need integrate the ux and differentiate dXdtv power dissipated PmechPheatdue to resistance PdWdt Mutual Inductance GradeBuddy Only depends on geometry Independent of currentwill cancel Mstrength of coupling sensitivity Affected by magnetic eld produced by other Therefore if only have area of one say that since the eld is only due to that one can use the area of that one to calculate magnetic eld since it is the same amount of enclosed current iif the area is greater than the area for which current is enclosed in Neglect self inductancesL Self InductanceInductance de ned RL circuit Energy stored in magnetic eld Only a function of eld strength


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