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Communicating Effectively Midterm TCU Study Guide

by: Julia Machuga

Communicating Effectively Midterm TCU Study Guide COMM 10123

Marketplace > Texas Christian University > Communication > COMM 10123 > Communicating Effectively Midterm TCU Study Guide
Julia Machuga
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

This is based on the in class materials, lectures, and quizzes.
Communicating Effectively
Study Guide
communication, speech, speech TCU, quizzes
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Julia Machuga on Tuesday October 4, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to COMM 10123 at Texas Christian University taught by Young in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Communicating Effectively in Communication at Texas Christian University.


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Date Created: 10/04/16
Communicating Effectively Quizzes for Midterm (#) = chapter What benefits other than professional are there to studying communication? (1) personal and social if you find yourself looking at and responding to emails instead of writing your speech, this is an example of __________________ (1) external interference telephone, instant messenger, email, and face-to-face are examples of ____________ (1) channels He is usually calm when public speaking, but when he had to speak at the election campaign he was extremely nervous. This is an example of __________? (2) situation-based apprehension saying "um" and "you know" during a speech are examples of ___________ (2) external effects imagining yourself delivering a speech perfectly (2) visualization things that contribute to apprehension (2) heredity, learned apprehension, & skills defecit what is NOT mentioned as a responsibility you have as an ethical producer of information (3) audience analysis a set of standards that offer guidance about the choices we make & explain why we behave as we do (3) ethics Copying a portion of someone else's work but not the entire thing (3) partial plagiarism T/F: the only thing to consider when choosing a topic is whether or not your topic interests you (5) false what to consider when choosing a topic (5) consider audience, purpose & occasion listing as many movie titles as you can think of in 5 minutes and narrowing it down is an example of (5) brainstorming a significant topic (5) contributes new knowledge for audience which of the following is a general purpose statement (5) to inform identify the strategy used to generate a topic that asks you to create categories and think of topics associated with each one (5) personal inventory what does a significant topic do? (5) contributes new knowledge for the audience what is a general purpose statement? (5) to inform gathering & analyzing information about your listeners & adapting your message to their knowledge, interests, attitudes, and & beliefs (6) audience analysis if an audience member has opinions about the topic from earlier experiences (probably effects how they see your speech), it is an example of their _________ (6) frame of reference T/F: your job analyzing the audience is done when you finish your speech (6) false which is NOT a demographic trait used when analyzing your audience (6) size of audience the type of source speakers use when they quote or paraphrase an authoritative quote (7) testimony if a dermatologist told you about the benefits of water it is an example of ________ (7) testimony T/F: if you present a fact in your presentation, you don't need to cite the source (7) false which of the following is NOT one of the reasons a speech should be logically organized (8) speakers who have effective organization get better grades than those who do not "Next, barbie's creators Ruth & Elliot Handler joined with Harold Mattson to create the MATTELL company." This example used what kind of transitional device? (8) signpost ____________ organizational pattern is useful if your topic is geographical or involved physical success (8) spatial Ben's speech is on the history of The Beatles. Which organizational pattern would be best for his speech? (8) chronological T/F: An effective classroom speech should contain 2-5 main points (8) True The book mentions several advantages of outlining your presentation. Which of the following is NOT a proposed advantage? (9) outlining helps assist you in memorizing your speech verbatim the detailed outline you develop as you plan your speech is called a ____________ outline (9) preparation the _____________ outline helps you remember your key points when you are presenting (9) speaking T/F: A preparation outline is useful as a delivery aid (9) false T/F: examining your outline can help you determine if you are relying on a particular type of support or not using enough support (9) true


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