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SYRACUSE / Religion / REL 124 / do we need drones?

do we need drones?

do we need drones?


School: Syracuse University
Department: Religion
Course: International Relations
Professor: Professor klotz
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: PSC124, PSC, 124, InternationalRelations, International, relations, and Klotz
Cost: 25
Name: PSC124-10/5
Description: It was review day in lecture. These notes will help you to figure out what to put on your crib sheet, which part of the lectures to refresh on and most importantly what to expect on the exam. Lecture w. Prof. Klotz
Uploaded: 10/05/2016
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Wednesday 10/5/16 – Review Exam #1 

do we need drones?

~ Correction on my lecture notes from Monday, the table at the end, it’s “material and  ideational Power”, not “national power?” ~

1. Read carefully & take your time!!

2. Multiple choice

3. True/False

4. One-sentence short answer (this b/c this)

5. Go back, look at your memos and section discussions

a. Drones (should we have them? Are they in any way beneficial)

b. Refugees (let them in? Pros/cons)

c. Role of the U.S. in the world (empire or not? Culture influence? Military power?) 6. 2 other “why” questions

7. Map quiz, the Middle East (there is one on BB)  If you want to learn more check out How do we study sociology?

8. Might be…

a. Syria conflict

b. Identify countries as they relate to the Syria crisis  

~ in general it’s like a big vocab test ~  

⇒ Key terminology, key concepts  

⇒ “such and such theorists believe this”  

⇒ CRIB SHEET – double sided  

what are the pros/cons of letting refugees in?

⇒ Multiple choice: 10 questions, 2 pts each  

⇒ T/F: 15 questions, 2 pts  

⇒ One sentence: 5 questions, 4 pts each (partial credit available)  

⇒ Map section, relationships to other countries

o It matters if countries touch borders. Allies just may not exists. Geography  matters  

Strategy #2

1. (make the table on my previous note)  

2. there are more realism and liberalism arguments  

3. While there is more questions on realism and liberalism, feminism and constructivism  are still on the test  

4. Economic structivism is Marxism! (fun fact ☺ )

5. Make other tables if it fits your interest  

Strategy #3  

1. WWI

2. Napoleon

3. Who was involved and why  

4. “Actors, Events, Trends”

5. basically make your own timeline  


⇒ status of refugees

is the us an empire or not?

⇒ why countries do/don’t let refugees in We also discuss several other topics like what is augmented product?
If you want to learn more check out Who wrote the book the three images of war?
We also discuss several other topics like what is Nucleophile?
We also discuss several other topics like Who is Frederick Taylor?
If you want to learn more check out in social interaction what is the meaning of Generalized Other?

⇒ Is this an example of _______ (T/F)

⇒ Liberals would argue X,Y,Z (T/F)

⇒ Know a basis of which countries are allied  ⇒ Apply theories to real life/current events ⇒ What’s the balance of power in the Syrian conflict  ⇒ Look at the vocab in the textbook

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