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NMSU / Economics / ECON 201 / nmsu economics

nmsu economics

nmsu economics


School: New Mexico State University
Department: Economics
Course: Economics
Professor: Christopher osuoha
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Economics, surplus, consumersurplus, Consumer, DemandCurve, demand, curve, cosumerwillingness, producersurplus, producer, supplycurve, cost, price, Controls, pricecontrols, Priceceiling, Pricefloor, deadweighloss, quota, wedge, price-taking, marketshare, monopoly, oligopoly, and marketpower
Cost: 25
Name: Economics. Perfect Competition, Price Controls and Market Structure
Description: In this document the concepts of consumer and producer surplus are going to be used to understand how buyers and sellers benefit form a competitive market and how big those benefits are. These concepts also play an important role in analyzing what happens when a competitive markets don’t work well or there is interference in the market. Also it discuss perfect competition, price takers, monopoly,
Uploaded: 10/05/2016
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