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Practice Test for Exam 1

by: Summer Notetaker

Practice Test for Exam 1

Marketplace > Saint Mary's College > PHYSICS (PHY) > > Practice Test for Exam 1
Summer Notetaker


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About this Document

This practice test is very similar to what our exam will be.
General Physics 1
Professor Bentley
Study Guide
General Physics, Physics
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Summer Notetaker on Wednesday October 5, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to at Saint Mary's College taught by Professor Bentley in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see General Physics 1 in PHYSICS (PHY) at Saint Mary's College.


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Date Created: 10/05/16
Name: _____________________ Exam 1, Key C. In this exam there are two parts. The first part contains eight multiple-choice questions and the second part consists of two problems to be worked out. Ch. 1-4 Equations ???? ???? = ???? ????????⃗ ⃗ = ???????? ????????⃗ ⃗ = ???????? ???? ∙ ???? = |????||????|cos???? ???? ∙ ???? = ???? ???? ???? ???? ???????? ???????? ???? ???? ???? |???? × ????| = |????||????| ???????????? ???? ⃗ ⃗⃗ ( ) ̂ ???? × ???? = (???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? + ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????̂???? ????(???? ???? − ???? ???? )???? ???? ???? ???????????? = ???? ????????+ ???? 0???? ???????????? = ???? ????????+ ???? 0???? ???????? 2 ???? ???? = ???? + ???? 0????+ ???? 0 2 ???? ???? 2 y ???? = 2 ???? + ???? 0????+ ???? 0 ????????= ???? 2 + 2???? ???????? 0???? ???? ???? ???? 0???? + 2???? ???????? Note, typically for projectile motion: ???? = 0, ???? = −????, ???? = ???? cos ???? and ???? = ???? sin ???? ) ???? ???? 0???? 0 0???? 0 Part 1: Multiple Choice Please circle the best answer listed below for each of the multiple-choice questions. 1. A car traveling at a constant speed has initial velocity of a car points due north at some later time the car has a final velocity that points due west. What is the direction of the average acceleration over this interval? a. Northwest b. West c. Southwest d. South e. Southeast 2. Consider the two vectors shown in the figure to the right. The difference⃗⃗ −⃗⃗⃗ points most nearly a. up. b. down. c. right. d. left. e. into the page. 3. Consider the various vectors given in the choices below. Which pair of vectors has a dot product that is closest to being equal to zero? 4. A pendulum swings back and forth. Which of the following best represents the direction of the acceleration of the mass at point 1? 2 5. Which one of the following choices is equivalent to 8.0 m ? a. 8.0 × 10 cm 2 b. 8.0 × 10 cm 2 –2 2 c. 8.0 × 10 cm d. 8.0 × 10 cm 2 3 2 e. 8.0 × 10 cm 6. You are traveling by plane and reach cruising altitude, where the pilot says you are going 450 km/hr. You turn your laptop back on, and it takes 27 seconds to start up. How far have you traveled in this time? a. 21000 m b. 3370 m c. 3500 m d. 2200 m e. 1590 m 7. An object falling vertically at a speed of 20 ????/???? lands in a snowbank and comes to rest 0.5 ???? later. What is the object’s average acceleration during this interval? a. 40 ????/???? down 2 b. 40 ????/???? up c. 10 ????/???? down 2 d. 10 ????/???? up e. 5 ????/???? down 8. A hot air balloon moves with a speed of 8.2 m/s due west relative to the air. There is a wind blowing at 3.5 m/s due North. What is the speed of the balloon relative to the ground? a. 8.92 m/s b. 7.42 m/s c. 9.24 m/s d. 6.95 m/s e. 5.42 m/s Part 2: Worked Out Problems Please show all steps and include units at all points of the following calculations. 1. What are the magnitude and direction of the resultant vector, ???? = ???? + ????, given that⃗⃗ ???? = 2̂ ???? + 4̂ ???? , |????| = 5 and that ???? points at a 40° angle below the x-axis? 2. A catapult has been placed on the wall of a castle. The catapult releases a 50 lb. stone with a speed of 55.92 mph from a height of 98.43 ft. above the ground. The stone initially moves completely horizontally and drag forces can be ignored. (Hints: There are 5280 ft. in one mile, there are 3.28 ft. in one meter, and 1 kg is the equivalent to 2.2 lb near the Earth’s surface.) a) How much time will the stone spend in the air? b) How far will the stone travel horizontally (in either feet or meters)?


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