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Exam 2 Guide: Conception, Pregnancy/Childbirth, Birth Control

by: Elizabeth Brondsema

Exam 2 Guide: Conception, Pregnancy/Childbirth, Birth Control Psychology 300

Marketplace > Coastal Carolina University > Psychology > Psychology 300 > Exam 2 Guide Conception Pregnancy Childbirth Birth Control
Elizabeth Brondsema
GPA 2.656

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About this Document

This study guide covers conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and the beginnings of birth control (what we were able to cover).
Human Sexual Behavior
A Terranova
Study Guide
Conception, Pregnancy, childbirth, birthcontrol
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Elizabeth Brondsema on Thursday October 6, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Psychology 300 at Coastal Carolina University taught by A Terranova in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Human Sexual Behavior in Psychology at Coastal Carolina University.

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Date Created: 10/06/16
Exam 2 Study Guide: Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth The Fertilization Process: ● Terminology:     ­Fertilization     ­Gamete ● The Sperm’s Journey and Obstacles     ­Mutated Sperm     ­Gravity     ­Fibrogenase      *Know how each is related to sperm’s journey     ­Prostoglonadins and Orgasm          ­Acidity and Bartholin’s Gland     ­Clumping     ­May travel up tube without the egg in it     ­Immune system may mistake for attackers     ­Mucus Plug ● The Ovum’s/Zygote’s Journey     ­Within 24­30 hours of fertilization: sperm and egg materials unite     ­Within 4 days: is a blastocyst (hollow ball of 64­128 cells)     ­Within 11­15 days: implantation (blastocyst attaches to uterine wall) ● Fertilization Difficulties     ­Infertility: inability of couples to conceive     ­Fecundity: ability to conceive in a certain amount of time (rate of reproduction)     ­Andropause: process when men start becoming less likely to produce     ­Menopause: last phase of menstrual cycle ● Solutions to Fertilization Difficulties     ­Fertility drugs: hormonal drugs that balance body’s hormones for conception     ­Artificial Insemination: implanting sperm that’s been donated, into the uterus     ­In Vitro Fertilization: sperm and egg fertilized out of body, then introduced to uterus     ­Take care of your body daily ● Surrogate Parenting: pay someone else to carry and deliver your baby if unable to  yourself Pregnancy: ● The First Trimester    ­Time Frame: 2­12 weeks     ­Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)     ­Given due date ­Naegeles Rule     ­Physical Symptoms: ­enlarged and tender breasts ­enlarged nipples ­increased frequency of urination ­irregular bowel movements ­feeling tired and run down ­morning sickness ­Couvade Syndrome ­teratogens ● The Second Trimester     ­Now showing and wearing maternity clothes     ­Morning sickness usually leaves     ­Physical Symptoms: ­water retention ­sex drive may increase ­varicose veins ­hemorrhoids     ­The Quickening ● The Third Trimester     ­Physical Symptoms:   ­back pain ­digestion is hard ­elimination (using the bathroom) much more frequent ­Braxton­Hicks Contractions ­The Lightening Childbirth ● Stages of Labor     ­Stage 1: 0­10 centimeters          ­early labor (longest phase: 5­8 hrs, 0­3 cm)          ­dilation          ­effacement          ­contractions (10­20 mins apart; 1 min each and gradually get closer together)          ­prodromal labor          ­active labor          ­transition labor     ­Stage 2: Birth/Pushing          ­2 hours          ­crowning     ­Stage 3: Afterbirth          ­Lasts 5­15 mins          ­placenta and umbilical cord are expelled from the uterus ● Birth Complications and Options     ­Perineal Lacerations          ­epistiotomies     ­Breech Birth          ­Cesarean Sections ● Childbirth Choices     ­Preparing For Childbirth          ­prenatal exams          ­the fear­tension­pain cycle     ­Lamaze Method          ­medications ­analgesia: pain reliever ­anesthesia: pain blocker (local, regional, general)     ­oxytocin     ­Places for Childbirth          ­labor suite          ­birthing center          ­home birth          ­water birth     ­Childbirth Professionals          ­obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN)          ­nurse midwife          ­doula Sexuality During and After Pregnancy ● During     ­generally safe to have intercourse up to the last 4 weeks of pregnancy     ­things to consider:           ­history of miscarriage           ­bleeding           ­pain ● After     ­breastfeeding            ­prolactin            ­oxytocin            ­breast feeding reflex            ­rooting reflex            ­concerns: some women have trouble producing milk; some medications may not  be good for the baby            ­beneficial for mother and baby    ­for mother, hormones are released that help shrink the uterus back down to size    ­for baby, it helps the digestive tract be healthier      ­When is sex safe?            ­usually 6 weeks after birth Birth Control and Protection ● Terminology     ­Birth Control: any means of preventing birth from taking place     ­Contraception: prevention of the sperm and egg from uniting ● Why do we need birth control? ● Effectiveness     ­no method is 100% effective             ­perfect use             ­typical use ● Choosing a Form of Birth Control     ­what is your goal?     ­side effects     ­convenience and availability     ­sexual pleasure and satisfaction can be affected     ­religious beliefs may be important ● Why do people fail to use birth control? ● Whose responsibility is it to use birth control? ● Forms of Birth Control     ­Natural Methods   ­Abstinence   ­Outercourse           ­Know the advantages and disadvantages of these methods   ­Calendar Method   ­Basal Body Temp Method   ­Cervical Mucus Method   ­Symptothermal Method   ­Cycle Apps   ­Ovulation Watch   ­Lactational Amenorrhea   ­Coitus Interuptus     ­Hormonal Methods   ­pills         ­ Estrogen­progesterone combination    ­types:          ­fixed/continuous dose          ­multiphasic          ­extended cycle    ­know how they work    ­know the benefits    ­know the side effects         ­ Progestin­only    ­breastfeeding is okay    ­lacks side effects of estrogen    ­menstrual bleeding regularities in some


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