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FYS Study Guide 2

by: merlec16

FYS Study Guide 2 FYS 100

Marketplace > Wake Forest University > FYS 100 > FYS Study Guide 2

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About this Document

Notes on all 5 of the works of art which are options for the quiz. Dr. Rey, Red Studio, Dar at the Folies Bergere, L'Absinthe, and At the Milliner's are all covered. Elements of design and characte...
Discovering the Avant-Garde
LeighAnn Hallberg
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by merlec16 on Friday October 7, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to FYS 100 at Wake Forest University taught by LeighAnn Hallberg in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views.


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Date Created: 10/07/16
Quiz #2 Study Guide 1. Dr. Rey – Van Gogh Formal analysis:  Line – o Combination of swirls and circles in the background create movement o Repetitive background pattern o Connect to circles of his buttons o Roundness of his lips and ear and eye balls o Lines from his jacket create triangles o Short, blunt strokes create his eyebrows, facial hair, and hair o Strokes that move down his jacket create vertical lines  Color – o Example of beginning of non-descriptive color o Uses color to depict feelings o More heightened and naturalistic than simply coloring because his jacket was blue o Complimentary colors: blue and orange/ red and green  Texture – o Can feel the sharpness of hair o Seems as if it’s gelled back and spikey o Brush strokes are short and skinny/abrupt o Hair and face share the same time of strokes o Both look straight and rigid Characteristics of avant-garde:  Attempted to appeal to a broad audience  Portrait of quite average person (doctor, yes, but not any monarch)  Integrates art into everyday life o Dr. Rey is not royalty  Example of using normal average people as models (cheap)  NOT a typical model (quite untraditional) o Not Caucasian o Not a noble or royal person o Not a nude woman 2. Red Studio – Matisse Formal Analysis:  Color – o Red is the main color with contrasts of blue and white o The hue is very intense and makes the other paintings on the wall stand/pop out o Color is obviously no longer descriptive o Common element of color adds harmony to the piece o Color is used for aesthetic not realistic purposes  Shape – o They layout of the work makes the painting seem quite 2 dimensional- looks as if it doesn’t follow some rules of 3 dimensional painting o The room seems off-kilter o Sense of UNbalance  Line – o The lines that outline the objects in the room are very thin and light colored o They almost seem weak Characteristics of avant-garde:  Radical- painting a whole room red o Painting in the far left is hard to understand o Seems like a nude o Trying to show multiple views at once (cubism)  Integrating daily life – paints the scene of a normal artists’ workspace  Not self-conscious – openly showing the viewer the inside of his home  Innovation within the discipline – take the natural/realistic color from the work and transformed it into an exaggeration (emotional/descriptive) 3. Bar at the Folies Bergere – Manet Formal Analysis:  Value – o When you squint you see the black figure/outline of the waitress behind the bar o Dark contrasts with the light of the bar  Line – o The bar in the front, the mirror in the back, the bar reflected in the mirror, and the box seats for the audience reflected in the mirror are all parallel lines  Shape – o The two pillars in the background (reflected by the mirror) have two circular lights on them that are representative of repeated shapes  Variety – o Present in the many liquors on the bar, the audience in the mirror, and the perspective of the viewer o The perspective of the viewer is that we are a costumer of the waitress, but we look in the mirror and see that what seems like the reflection of the waitress is talking to another costumer, a man o It is hard to understand that the mirror is a reflection because Manet painted the reflection incorrectly o If we were actually looking at the mirror, we would not be able to see our own reflection because ideally the waitress would be blocking our view  Color – o The brightness of the oranges stands out; the hue is intense o Many of the other colors are dull Characteristics of avant-garde:  Reflective of its time- more leisure time o Bars, dance halls, drinking and circus are exploding o You can see the performers feet in the reflection of the mirror  Creates/shows social change – alienation of modern life  Integrates art and daily life – normal waitress serving at an event at the Folies Bergere  Future/progression- technology of electricity/lights in the background (chandelier) o Represents modernity and the consumerist state o Technology over craft = modernity o Trying to show multiple views at once (cubism)  Utopianized concept of the future – lights and technology o Audience all watching the performance o All are considered equal status 4. L’Absinthe – Degas Formal Analysis:  Value – o The light seems to be projected onto the woman figure with L’absinthe o Contrast with the man in the dark suit directly next to her o Their shadows are projected on the wall behind them  Line – o The lines of the table lead your eye around the page o Each table is not physically connected but in the bottom left the rolled napkin connects one table to the other and then the white of the dress of the woman figure connects the other two tables together  Texture – o The brush strokes seem soft and broad therefor there is not much noticeable detail or texture Characteristics of avant-garde:  Creates social change because it is critical of the past and its issues – we need to move forward  Less detail in the portraits  Reflective of its time – woman is sad/feeling of alienation even though there is another subject directly next to her  Appeals to a broad audience- many viewers can relate to this sense of depression/alienation (modernity) 5. At The Milliners – Degas Formal Analysis:  Texture – o Less detail in the portrait – new way of painting o Her expression does not have much detail o The wallpaper in the background is flat  Line – o The mirror cuts the painting almost in half o The person helping dress the woman is lessened in importance because she is not visible/blocked by the mirror o The molding of the wall against the floor o The models’ arm creates another line  Almost creates a triangle  Moves/leads the eyes of the viewer  Color – o The colors of the hats are the most intense o Representative because she is choosing what hat to wear o Colors and patterns are relatively flat shaped  Asymmetrical balance – o The mirror cuts the picture into two pieces o But the pieces are not equivalent in content or size Characteristics of avant-garde:  Reflective of its time/radical/new- idea of cropping  Integrates art into life- normal woman trying on clothes/hats  Social change – people were going out more often and dressing up o Alienation o She is looking at herself in the mirror (isolation)


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