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Human Sex Midterm study skills guide

by: Jimmydmoynihan

Human Sex Midterm study skills guide SOC 152A

Marketplace > University of California Santa Barbara > Social Science > SOC 152A > Human Sex Midterm study skills guide

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About this Document

TA's reviewed examples of good essay topics and the general format of the test.
Sociology of Human Sexuality
John Baldwin and Janice Baldwin
Study Guide
Human, sex, sexuality, male, female, study, skills, guide, midterm, UCSB
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This 13 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jimmydmoynihan on Friday October 7, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to SOC 152A at University of California Santa Barbara taught by John Baldwin and Janice Baldwin in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Sociology of Human Sexuality in Social Science at University of California Santa Barbara.

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Date Created: 10/07/16
SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 Useful links: Anatomy: ▯ Use for Structure and Location Sexual Response Cycle: *Watch Masters of Sex* ▯ Great show! How do I prepare for this test? • Each question is worth 6 points (breakdown a 3 part question) o Diagrams help for location (Number/label) o Bullet points work • You are never marked down for putting the wrong answer. (Unless it contradicts) • numbers and labels help both you and the graders (especially when describing WHERE something is) • You do not need to write Complete sentences o Bullets work well! (length does not matter, quality matters) o If a questions starts off as “List of 3 parts of the vulva” there is no need for the answer to contain “The following 3 terms are part of the vulva” • Bullets and Lists your answers helps out on tests (paragraphs might miss things sometimes) • You are allowed to write on the back of the page. Just make a note on your test. 
 (Ex. arrows, “more on back” etc. ) • Try to make it to the Book Review sessions! • Study both Book and lecture material • Make sure you understand the material! Important details! • Book and lecture are of equal importance! • You only need to answer _4_ of 5 short answer questions. (Clearly cross out. Do not cross out in the beginning.) • Must answer all multiple choice. ▯1 SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 Study Tips: • Flashcards • Diagrams • Short answer questions • Memorization, use mnemonic devices! o For example: EPOR (Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm, Resolution (And Refractory for Males)) Anatomy Terminology: Structure, Function, Location Labia Minora • Bad example: Part of the female that fills with blood during sex. • Good example: o Part of the vulva (Location) o It is sexually sensitive, lacks hair , and is located near the vaginal opening . (Location, Structure, and Function) o It is not as sexually sensitive sensitive as other parts of the vulva such as the clit. (Structure) o During vasocongestion, it dramatically enlarges. (Function) ▪ Myotonia- completely different. Muscle contraction during arousal Perineum: ****As done by Ryan andAlisa: These are NOT book definitions Location: MALEAND FEMALE EXTERNALANATOMY. Between the anus and the scrotum or between the anus and the vaginal opening. Structure: Hairless BUT erotically sensitive patch of skin. Function: Protects the external genitalia from bacteria. (also area that gets cut during an episiotomy) -Surgical cutting of the perineum when a baby can’t fit ▯2 SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 Cervix: Location: Lowermost narrow portion of the uterus that connects the vagina and the uterus. Structure: Pencil thin cavity connecting the vagina to the uterus Function: Cavity connecting the vagina to the uterus. Holds in the fetus during pregnancy Seminiferous Tubules: Location: Inside of each testicle Structure: spaghetti like structures Function: Produce sperm inside the testicle Fimbria: Location: Openings at the end of the fallopian tubes close to the ovary. Structure: Extensions of the fallopian tubes Function: Transport the egg to the uterus Epididymis Location: Curving around the testicle Structure: Curved structure wrapping around the testes Function:Allows for storage maturation and transportation of sperm Cowper’s Glands: Location: Underneath the penis and near the root of the penis Structure: Pea sized pealike Function: Reduces the acidity of the urethra and the vagina to allow the sperm to survive ▯3 SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 Multiple Choice Questions: • Read each question slowly; make sure to watch out for words like not and except. • You can write all over your test so make sure to cross out the wrong answers • Questions are taken from _book_______ and lecture • They tend to be more _harder__________ than short answer questions! Circumcised males are more likely to experience all of the following except: A. Apredisposition to infection with HIV B. Areduction in urinary tract infections C. Areduction of acquiring ulcerative STDs D. Areduction in penile cancers 
 Which one of these is NOT a stage of the sexual response cycle? A. Excitement B. Plateau C. Orgasm D. Myotonia Approximately 1 in 10 adolescents report a childhood history of coerced sex by ____________. A. Another child B. An older woman C. Ateacher D. Their pediatrician Testosterone levels in women are ____ than in men. A. 5 to 10 times higher B. 10 to 20 times lower C. 30 to 40 times higher D. 50 times lower The male sexual response cycle ___________________ the female sexual response cycle. A. is more variable than B. is less variable than- Because women can have multiple orgasms or none. is the same as C. D. is completely different than ▯4 SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 ShortAnswer Examples: • Make sure to answer the entire question • Write as much as you can, but keep in mind the time limit! • Don’t be afraid to write on the back or in the space of the question that you do not answer Sample Question: In Box 10.1 about Sexual Health, list and explain 4 of the 7 recommendations for talking with children about sex. • Talk early and often o parents should talk before puberty as well as during to help ease the child into it • Teachable moments o Allow the child to ask questions about what they see • Balance negatives with positives o Mother tells her son that masturbation is alright but in private settings o Anticipate life events • Acknowledge diversity o Everyone’s breast size is unique • Communicate values o If you believe in abstinence it should be explained to children • Give practical advice o We know this happens and it’s ok/not ok • *The 7 recommendations are listed as you should, although for the test you would only need 4 of them. You would only need each main idea, not the exact label as the bold has. Make sure to list an example of each idea you give * ▯5 SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 Female External & Internal Practice ShortAnswer Questions: Describe the 5 similarities of the male and female sexual response cycles. Give clear understanding that you know what the differences are and what they involve. • Descriptions- Waves of pleasure • sacral reflex- vasocongestion lubrication erection • Thoratic and lumbar reflexes- more vasocongestion and lubrication • Sacral reflex- Contractions .8 seconds apart-myotonia • Define the following terms: 1) Vasocongestion 2) Myotonia 3) Vas deferens 4) Ovaries Draw and label the internal male genitalia, focusing specifically on the testicles. Describe the structure and the function of each label. From start to finish, explain the path of sperm in male ejaculation. ▯6 SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 ▯7 SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 Name: What is it? Where is it? What does it do? Vulva Mons (Labia Majora) Longitudinal flaps of skin that extend from mons to perineum, Hair on the outside. Labia Minora Clitoral Hood Extremely erotically sensitive Vaginal Opening Hymen (Perineum) In-between the vagina opening and the anus. 
 In-between the testes and the anus Pelvic Floor Muscles Vagina (Anus) Below the perineum 
 ▯8 SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 ▯9 SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 Name: What is it? Where is it? What does it do? Cervix (Uterus) In the pelvic cavity of the internal female reproductive system. Above the cervix. Endometrium (Myometrium) Induces uterine contractions (pushes the baby out).And aids in menstrual flow. Perimetrium Cilia & Fimbria 2 Ovaries (Fallopian Tube) Allows egg to travel to the uterus. Site of fertilization. Ova/Ovum Breasts, Nipples 
 ▯10 SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 Name: What is it? Where is it? What does it do? (Penis) Above the testicles below the mons. Glans Penis Foreskin Smegma Cavernous Bodies (CC) (Corpus Surrounds the urethra Spongiosum) in males, Fills the glans in both sexes. Urethra & Urethral Opening Root of the Penis (crura & bulb) Corona & Frenulum Pubococcygeous
 (PC) Muscle ▯11 SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 Male External & Internal Testes/Testicles 
 ▯12 SST Sociology 152AMidterm 1 Fall 2016 Name: What is it? Where is it? What does it do? Seminiferous Tubules (Urethra) Inside of the corpus spongiosum Interstitial Cells Epididymis Vas Deferens Ejaculatory Ducts Seminal Vesicles 2 Bulbourethral (Cowper's) Glands ▯13


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