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Exam #2 Study Guide

by: Robin W.

Exam #2 Study Guide Pols 2312 (Political Science, Dr. Allen Saxe)

Robin W.

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About this Document

These notes cover what Chris Turner discussed in class as well as the notes on the elections from 1928-1970s.
State and Local Government
Allen Saxe
Study Guide
Government, texas, elections, history
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Robin W. on Saturday October 8, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Pols 2312 (Political Science, Dr. Allen Saxe) at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Allen Saxe in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 144 views.

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Date Created: 10/08/16
Modern Election Purple- important people blue-important events/ acts • 1928 o national election O Democratic governor of New York name Al Smith ran for president Catholic Smoked cigars Wore a straw hat There were a lot of democrats in Texas • Al Smith was not welcome in the south because of his liquor consumption and catholic religion o Booed off stage in Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, and Alabama o Big election issues § Crime § Liquor • This was during the prohibition when alcohol was considered illegal in 1920 • This was eventually stopped when the 18 amendment allowed alcohol in U.S. in the year 1932 o You were considered a heathen in the South if you were not a democrat o Texas was mainly a protestant state § KKK was active in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston o Hoover won over the South and Texas § Al Smith was not elected president • 1930s o Dust Bowl § This affected major parts of Texas and Oklahoma § It was caused by farmers who didn’t till the soil properly § Part of the New Deal taught farmers how to take care of the soil • 1932 o FDR ran against Hoover in this election § FDR had polio at one point during his lifetime, even though the public was unaware • Paralyzed from the waist down • He was a wealthy aristocrat from New York • He was the governor of New York § Protestant § He attended Harvard § He married his cousin § He was a distant cousin to Teddy Roosevelt • Eleanor Roosevelt’s uncle was Teddy Roosevelt § Dutch § Big businessman • Involved in shipping and investment banking • Multi-millionaire o Most likely would be a billionaire today § He comes from old money • His mother controlled his finances § FDR had other women • When he dies in Warmspring, Georgia (1958) he was with another woman o Presidency § His VP was Nance Garner • From Texas • Cursed a lot • FDR’s running mate two times o 1932 and 1936 § Only 4 presidential terms • Democrats knew that if they didn’t pick someone from the solid south then they wouldn’t win § FDR ran for reelection in 1940 o Henry Wallace is his new vice president • The North was still economically segregated by ghettos • The South was segregated by law • 1944 o FDR runs for his fourth term § He unfortunately dies early in 1945 § His VP (Truman) takes over his position o President from 1945-1948 o From Missouri o He was not a great speaker, but he did campaign well • Jay Fulbright commented on Truman’s lack of speaking skill • He was known for firing General Douglas MacArthur o MacArthur wanted to use nuclear weapons on China in the war • Truman was the only president who left office with less money than when he came in o Independence, Missouri is known for its modest presidential library • Texas was a powerful state when FDR was in office • The south was in terrible shape after the civil war § State governments are not allowed to go into debt o They can go into debt, but their operating budget can’t be in debt o The federal debt goes back to 1791 § Half of which has been accumulated in the past two decades § 1948 • Truman can run for his first full presidential term (reelection) • Democratic party is split 3 ways § Truman will be reelected o Henry Wallace (to the left of Truman) starts progressive party o Strong Thurman (to the right of Truman) says Truman is too liberal § Starts Dixiecrats § LBJ steals the election in 1948 o Robert Cairo wrote about the “Life and Times of Lyndon B. Johnson” § Johnson was racist, sexist, homophobic and degrading o Member of congress before being president § In 1942 ran for the U.S. senate as a congressman • Ran against W. Lee O’Daniel o Had a popular band known as the Light Crust Dough Boys • LBJ probably won that election, but W O’ Daniel stole the election o His wife was nicknamed “Ladybird” § He married into his money § His wife owned a radio station called KLBJ in Austin, Texas o From the hill country of Texas o Never the governor of Texas o Ran against Coke Stevenson, a popular governor of the day § Election came down to Alice, Texas § Politics in south Texas was extremely dirty • Duval county, Jim (Jack) Wells county • They found that they were several thousand votes short o They ended up stuffing the ballot box o They eventually found out b/c all of the people names were in the same ink and alphabetical order § Some of the people were even dead § Won the Election by about 60-70 votes § “Landslide Lyndon” • everyone knew he cheated o becomes U.S. senator for the second time § Senate was run by a group of strong, racist Southern Democrats • From Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana • Had seniority (when a person is more likely to win an election if they have already won an election) § Had a strong hold on U.S. Senate § Pushed for civil rights bills o Speaker of the house § The present speaker is Paul Ryan • Republican § At the time, Sam Rayburn was the speaker • He was on a national level • From Texas o 1960 o John Kennedy § Want to president § Young, rich senator o One of the wealthiest men in the world o His father was bootlegger in the 1930s § Named Joseph Kennedy o LBJ runs against Kennedy o Called JFK “sunny boy” o They both want the democratic nomination o North v. South o Richard Nixon was the Republican nominee o JFK wins § Knew he needed LBJ to win president • In order for the northern democrats to win the election, you have to turn to the south § Picks LBJ as VP § The French Ambassadors wife even put LBJ down § Barely won the election § Nixon probably knew it was stolen, but didn’t want to raise a ruckus o 1963 o JFK is assassinated o LBJ become pres. Of the U.S. § Gets into war with Vietnam that was started by JFK • Grew to 35,000 troops in Vietnam under Kennedy o Had one of the leaders of S. Vietnam assassinated name Diem • Grew the troops to 600,000-700,000 troops and eventually to 2 million troops • LBJ knew the Vietnamese war was bad and that we couldn’t win o 1964, 1965, 1968 o LBJ introduced three of the most important civil rights bills in history § The Public Accommodations Bill was passed • Black people, Hispanic people, and women could eat in restaurants § He passed the voting rights act in 1965 § He passed the housing act in 1968 o LBJ passed the Great Society during his administration § This involves Medicare and Medicaid § We have spent trillions to get rid of poverty in this country and it’s only been scaled down by a minute amount o 1970s o Nixon was president and brought the war down Chris Turner Speaker Notes District Representative Red- important legislature committees and plans • There are 150 representatives in the state of Texas 
 o Chris Turner 
 § Represents district 101
 • This includes both Arlington and parts of Grand Prairie § He serves on the Ways and Means committee § This involves aspects such as taxation § He also serves on a higher education committee
 He also serves on a select committee for mental health • One of the goals is to remove the stigma associated with mental health care Legislature • Tuition
 o Legislature used to regulate tuition § It was later handed over to the board of regents o 60 x 30 Texas Plan § by the year 2030, the state’s goal is that 60% of Texans between the ages of 24-25 will have skills beyond those of a high school diploma § Ex. This could include a certificate, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, ect. § This number is currently at 38%
 • This goal was derived from the 60% of jobs that will require higher education by 2030 • Healthcare o Texas leads the nation in uninsured health patients o Obamacare § A.k.a. the Affordable Health Care Act • Expands Medicaid 
 o If you are an adult in up to 138% of the poverty level (and you don’t have insurance from a job or can’t afford insurance) you will be offered Medicaid § This expansion cannot be mandatory • States must opt in to this plan • 60% of doctors used to take Medicaid patients • now only 35% accept these patients o this is due to reimbursement • education o 5.4 billion dollars was cut from public schools in 2011 
 o charter schools don’t even have a minimum requirement for teachers except for 
a high school diploma 
 § this was amended and now a teacher must have at least a Baccalaureate degree • There are two education committees in the House and one in the Senate


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