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Religions of the Worlds- exam 1

by: Jazmine Vereen

Religions of the Worlds- exam 1 RELG 100 - 03

Marketplace > Montclair State University > Religion > RELG 100 - 03 > Religions of the Worlds exam 1
Jazmine Vereen

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About this Document

Hopefully these notes help you on our upcoming exam. I used the study questions as a guide while I created these notes. Good luck everyone!
Religions of the World
Lise Vail
Study Guide
Religious Studies, world religions, Daoism, Confucianism, Hinduism
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jazmine Vereen on Sunday October 9, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to RELG 100 - 03 at Montclair State University taught by Lise Vail in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 278 views. For similar materials see Religions of the World in Religion at Montclair State University.


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Date Created: 10/09/16
Religions of the World- Daoism, Confucianism, Hinduism Exam 10/12/16 Daoism: Dao: the way, a path  Creator and Power of the universe o Prior to creation there was just Dao  "Uncarved block" o Infinite potential, endless possibilities  "Mysterious female" o Cannot be seen, heard, touched o Greater than we as humans can express Characteristics of Ying and Yang Yin Yang Dusk- yang turning to into yin Earth Heaven Sunrise- yin turning into yang Female Male Sex change through Receptive, Passive Active, Dominant operation Heavier Energy Lighter Energy *Yin and Yang are the two modes Example: valley, Example: mountain, of the Dao Active Balance cold (winter) heat (summer) Mapping of the World 5 Directions 5 Seasons Emotion Body Part North Winter Fear Kidneys South Summer Joy Heart East Spring Anger Liver West Fall Grief/Sadness Lungs Center Harvest/Late Worry Stomach/Spleen summer Support Cycle: represented by a solid line and arrow  Water supports Wood  Wood supports Fire  Fire supports Earth  Earth supports Metal  Metal supports Water Restriction/control cycle: represented by a broken line and arrow  Metal restricts Wood  Earth restricts Water  Wood restricts Earth  Water restricts Fire  Fire restricts Metal Qi: breath, energy, force Laozi (Lao-Tzu) th  6 century  Writer of Daodejing  Worshiped as God- Revered as a human incarnation of the Dao  Name literally means “old baby” Daodejing:  81 chapters  “Most translated and most popular Chinese text in the west” Mountain vs. Valley  Mountain- yang; Valley is yin  Top of the mountain is epic, but not life sustaining  Valley- protected from winds, flowing water, ability to garden  Valley is not high and mighty, but is a safe and nurturing place Lesson: do not make decisions based upon greed, instead choose what is nurturing Children  Full of energy and innocence  Pure and carefree  As we get older we have to found the youth again Unlearning: remove the false things you have learned from others from your daily life, remove everything that is not good Racism, sexism, etc Wu- Wei: actions without intention Ziran: natural spontaneity Laozi Confucius Path of Nature Path of Society Supports Supports education Unlearning Yin Yang Daodejing- stories Analects- mostly dialogue Core Energies in the 3 Cavities Energies Location Energy Cavity Shen- spirit and purified mental energy Head Upper Dantien Ch'i/Qi- vital energy and breath energy Chest/Thora Middle x Dantien Ching/Jing- generative energy, power to create Abdomen Lower another (sexuality) Dantien  All 3 energy cavities work together to become an immortal o Daoists search for immortalities  We need to be aligned with the deeper power  Return to our true selves and be connected to Dao o Recall being one with nature is one way of being connected with Dao Confucianism: Confucius (Master Kung, Kung Fu-Tzu):  Lived in the 6th century BC  Concerned with morality  Education should be learning how to be a GOOD person o Study books to learn the right things, history teaches us o Became the basis for Chinese education system Confucius’ Teachings: Ren and Li Ren- inner goodness, humanity, benevolence  what is behind our deeds  do we do good deeds out of the goodness of our hearts, or because we expect something in return? Example) supporting the cause of an organization, but not donating money Li- ritual, outer action, etiquettes Example) giving someone a present and respecting something in return *Confucius would never define Ren and Li because he stressed to his students the importance of discovering it themselves Rectification of Names Become what the model says you should be, making names right Example) if you are a father exhibit the traits a father should have Live according to the model of goodness Confucius' answer to violence  We have forgotten to have good relationships with each other  We must return to ancient pure society 5 Relationships: 1. Parent — child (filiality— hsiao / xiao) 2. Husband — wife 3. Elder — younger (e.g. brothers/sisters) 4. Friend — friend 5. Ruler — the people If the King does not have the interests of the people, revolution is necessary Superior figures (on the left) will protect, instruct, nurture, and command subordinates (on the right), who must learn, obey, and show respect and appreciation Hinduism: Sanskrit: oldest sacred language of India 6 Teachings of the Hindu Upanishads: 1. Atman: the soul, our true self Childish humans look outward to please the senses, but true happiness is found within 2. Brahman: one formless God, Consciousness 3. Karma: determines the nature of rebirth, consequences of your actions 4. Samsara: continuing cycle of birth, death, and rebirth; reincarnation 5. Maya: magical power God used to create this world; inaccurate truth 6. Moksha: freedom from suffering, unity with God Yoga: a way to unite, soul unites with God, Stilling of thought waves Waking state: aware of our solid physical body (red) Dream & Reverie state: thoughts (white) living in a mental world, different world Deep, Dreamless state: no dreams, mind is empty causal (seeds of thoughts) body (black) Transcendental state: super causal body (blue) the soul Atman= deepest self, real self and internal soul Husband and wife Dynamic:  Worshiped together  Husband represents function  Wife represents the means, method, and power of the God o Behind every great man is a great woman God: Brahman "The Vishnu "The Shiva "Destroyer of Creator" Protector" Sin" Position: King King Yogi/Meditator Appearance 4 heads- to show Third eye- power of : God is looking in all intuition directions (north, south, east, west) Wife: Sarasvati- Goddess Lakshmi- goddess of Shakti, Durga, Kali of wisdom learning prosperity (wealth) and arts, divine (not discussed creativity portrayed lots of arms - further in class) as beautiful goddess multipowerd of students- Durga- rides a tiger, students pray to her holds a weapon in to remove laziness every hand, warrior


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