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World Civilizations III Study Guide: Exam 2

by: Blythe Smith

World Civilizations III Study Guide: Exam 2 HI142

Marketplace > Baker University > HI142 > World Civilizations III Study Guide Exam 2
Blythe Smith


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About this Document

This covers all of the identification and map questions that will most likely be on the exam. A link to a list of quizlet flashcards is also provided.
World Civ lll
John Richards
Study Guide
history, World History, world civilization, Studyguide, Study Guide, midterm\, midterm, Midterm Study Guide, Safavid, oman, Ottoman, muhgal, Africa, atlantic, Atlantic System
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Blythe Smith on Sunday October 9, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HI142 at Baker University taught by John Richards in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 29 views.


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Date Created: 10/09/16
*This Study guide is based upon all the information provided by Professor John Richards. World Civ III Study Guide Identification Atlantic System Ayuba Suleiman Diallo Imam husayn Chartered Company Dahomey Ismail Driver Hausa Madrasa Dutch west india company Kanem bornu Persian carpets Grands blancs/ petit blancs Oyo Quzilbash Manumission Songhai Shah ismail Maroon Askeri Shi’ite muslim Plantation/plantocracy Capitulations Sunni muslim Royal African company Devishirme Ulama Seasoning Janissary Acheh sultantate Eric Williams Osmanli Akbar Altlantic circuit Patrona halil rebellion Babur Capitalism Raya Batavia English navigation acts Selim I Brunei sultanate Exclusive Sharia Mansabs Great circuit Suleiman the magnificent Mughal empire Mercantilism Tax-farming Oman Middle passage Tulip period Ordu Olaudah Equiano Abbas I Rajputs Asante Hidden imam Swahili For quizzes you can go to Each Quiz Requires a password and for the quizzes the password is studysoup. (note not all terms will be on the quizzes.) Map Identification: Aden Guiana Mombasa Anatolia Haiti New Guinea Angola Hausa Oman Antigua Hormuz Ottoman empire Atlantic circuit Iraq Punjab Baghdad Isfahan Safavid Empire Barbados Istanbul Saint Dominque Batavia Izmir Sao Tome Battle of Lepanto Jamaica Senegambia Bight of benin Java Slave coast Bight of Biafra Kandahar Songhai Empire Borneo Kanem Bornu Sumatra Brazil Kashmir Swahili coast British west indies Kilwa Trinidad Cairo Luanda Tripoli Caribbean sea Malacca Venice Congo river Malay Peninsula Vienna Cuba Martinique Zanzibar Delhi Mecca Gold coast Mocha


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