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Midterm Study Guide

by: Nicole Dante

Midterm Study Guide 3151

Nicole Dante
GPA 3.115

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About this Document

Abbreviated Classnotes from all books we've covered with important points and characters
Detective Fiction
Marilyn Rye
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nicole Dante on Sunday October 9, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 3151 at Fairleigh Dickinson University taught by Marilyn Rye in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Detective Fiction in Literature at Fairleigh Dickinson University.


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Date Created: 10/09/16
Detective Fiction Midterm Arms Chair/Golden Age Detectives • World War I/II • Use of deduction/reason • Worked around the police • Smarter/”Above” other people • Story is communicated through a narrator • Set in Europe (England/Paris) • Detective decides method of justice Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) Background • Parents were actors, father left • Educated in England • Thrown of by adoptive parents for ringing up $30,000 worth of debt (worth now with inflation) • Attended and kicked out of West Point • Lived off his writing • Married cousin o Died of TB • Aunt ran a boarding house • Did not die of alcohol poisoning • Reverse Romanticism o Thought about the effects on the reader § Terror/ horror § Being entombed alive § Emotions The Murder in the Rue Morgue • Set in Paris • Characters o C. Auguste Dupin – Detective o Narrator – Sidekick o Sailor – Owner of the orangutan o Prefect of police o Orangutan – Committed murders • Example of observation – hand mark on throat o Too big to be human, stronger than a human The Purloined Letter • Set in Paris • Characters o Dupin o Narrator o Monsieur G - Prefect of the Paris police o Minister D - stole document and is blackmailing a high ranking official/ the royal lady o The Royal Lady – letter about her stolen, being blackmailed by Minister D • Deduction – the police had looked everywhere o The letter must be hidden in plain sight o The letter is hidden in Minister D’s apartment, turned inside out to look old o Dupin replaces it with another forgery so Minister D still thinks has power of blackmail letter Arthur Conan Doyle Background § Could only get Holmes published, over other work § Killed off Holmes in an attempt to get other work published Sherlock • Holmes/Watson o Complex background o Information from past cases influences current case • Narrator given name, used as lens for reader • Heavily influenced by Poe • Use of deduction and reason • Holmes is balanced A Scandal in Bohemia • Generalizations about women –thinks he has Irene figured out o Secretive o Materialistic o Predictable • Characters o Holmes o Watson o Irene Adler – “The Woman”, outsmarts Holmes o The King of Bohemia – being blackmailed by Irene with a compromising photo of them together Silver Blaze • Characters o Holmes o Watson o Silver Blaze – horse, dead o Master Sylas o John Straker – Horse’s trainer, killed the horse and himself accidentally § Attempted to sabotage the horse to make money • References to imagination (deduction) o Imagine something and then go out and look for it o Imagine horse would go to the stable and look for prints • No one can find the horse o Painted a different color § Hidden in plain sight Agatha Christie Background • Grew up wealthy • Spent time in France • During WWII o Worked in hospital pharmacy § Used poisons in writing § Murderous doctors o Married Archibald Christie, airman, later divorced § Daughter Rosalind § Went to Middle East § Remarried Sir Max Mallowman § Stories set in Egypt • “Queen of Crime”, Master Plotter • Most published The Murder of Rodger Ackroyd § Characters o Dr. Sheppard – Narrator, killer, unreliable, planned to write about Poirot’s unsolved case o Caroline – sister, gossip o Hercule Poirot – Detective, Sheppard’s neighbor o Mrs. Ferrars – dies at the beginning, being blackmailed by someone who knows she killed her husband, kills herself because of the guilt o Roger Ackroyd – widower, murder victim o Ralph – Ackroyd’s stepson o Flora – Mrs. Ackroyd’s daughter o Miss Russell - Housekeeper § Dr. Sheppard is unreliable narrator o Clues are potentially miscommunicated to reader o Clues § Lowers eyes when Poirot asks people to come forward § Aggressively disagrees with Poirot towards the end § More information about Miss Russell comes out at the end § Doesn’t disclose full conversation with Ralph § Deflects, “Normally I would love to, but…” § Says the butler called, lied § Says he did not pull out Ackroyd’s chair § Village o Gossip § Surveillance (pre-modern state) § Everyone is always watching • Microcosm for society Hardboiled Detective § Alienating urban setting o Lots of crime o Bootleggers, gangsters, crooks § Frequent violence § Slang, dialogue developed from the streets § Romanticism of the West o From Westerns, pulp fiction stories o Tone – acerbic, ironic § Untrusting relationship with the police § Set in the US (California) Dashiell Hammett The Maltese Falcon (1928) § Characters o Sam Spade – Detective, narrator (first person) o Miles Archer – Spade’s partner, shot by Brigid o Iva Archer – Miles’s wife, sleeping with Spade o Brigid O’Shaughnessy – Originally introduced as Wonderly, Leblanc, shoots Archer, gets Thursby shot, lies consistently o Casper Gutman – the villain, trying to get the falcon o Joel Cairo – works for Cairo, described using gay stereotypes o Wilmer – works for Gutman, described as the “youth”, follows Spade o Effie – secretary, only woman Spade seems to trust § Falcon is fake, whole story really centered around Spade finding out who killed Archer § Archer gets involved with these people to reach his goal o The detective changes to fit his environment § Turns Brigid in for shooting Archer Walter Mosley Devil in a Blue Dress § Characters o Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins – Detective, served in WWII o DeWitt Albright – white, freelance investigator, employs bodyguards o Joppy Shagg – Easy’s friend, betrays him, killed Coretta and Howard Green o Daphne Monet – Missing/hiding with money taken from Carter, real name Ruby, sister of gangbuster o Frank Green – Bootlegger, dangerous o Maxim Baxter – VP of Lion investments o Mouse – Raymond Alexander, Easy’s friend, dangerous and intimidating o EttaMae Harris – Used to be engaged to mouse, slept with Easy during that time • Easy is uncomfortable/nervous around white people • Listens to “voice”/conscience o Appeared during WWII o Black soldiers disrespected during service o Helps him earn respect


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