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Geology 104 FINAL

by: spizzitola2

Geology 104 FINAL 104


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About this Document

the test questions on the final
Exploring the Planets
Devon Marjorie Burr (P)
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by spizzitola2 on Monday October 10, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 104 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Devon Marjorie Burr (P) in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Exploring the Planets in Geology at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.


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Date Created: 10/10/16
Geology FINAL 1. The outer atmosphere of Saturn contains ____% molecular hydrogen and ____% helium. -96.3% hydrogen & 3.25% helium 2. Jupiter and Saturn hold __% of the totally planetary mass in the Solar System. -92% 3. ________ _______ had the advantage of higher quality optics and higher magnification. -Christiaan Huygens 4. In 1658, he announced “ It is surrounded by a thin, flat, ___, nowhere touching.” -rings 5. The inner ring was a bit brighter and wider than the outer ring which is called the ______ ______. -Cassini Division 6. On April 28, 1905, William H. Pickering announced the discovery of a tenth satellite of Saturn, which he promptly named ______. -Themis 7. What is the only natural satellite that has a dense atmosphere. -Titan 8. Sir William Hershel discovered a _______ ____ or comet in the constellation Taurus. -nebulous star 9. Uranus rotational axis is tilted __ degrees, which means the entire planet is tilted onto its side. -98 degrees 10. Uranus’ atmosphere extends out ______ miles. -30,000 miles 11. __________ is the man who found “the planet exterior to uranus” or so called the planet Neptune. -Urbain Le Verrier 12. What planet has the most powerful storms in the Solar System? -Neptune 13. The Great Dark Spot has wind velocities as high as what? -1,200 miles per hour 14. How many exoplanets have been found so far? -over 2,000 (2107) 15. Scientists were stunned that the first exoplanets were discovered to orbit around a star with such a violent history of explosion and collapse.** 16. The exoplanet Bellerophon is the prototype for what class of exoplanets? -Hot-Jupiters 17. On November 5, 2013, NASA announced that based upon the Kepler data that there could be as many as? -40 Billion Earth-sized planets 18. Brown Dwarfs? -Are substellar objects too low in mass to sustain thermonuclear fusion & Bridge the gap between the smallest stars and the largest planets & are thought to be extremely common. ALL OF THE ABOVE 19. PSO J318.5-22 is the very first _____ planet. -rogue 20. The James Webb space telescope has an aperture of 21.3 feet & will have a sun shield the size of a tennis field & will reside in an orbit of about 1.5 million KM from earth. ALL OF THE ABOVE. 21. Of the approximately 90 elements that occur in nature on Earth, how many comprise about 95% of all atoms found in the tissue of all living things? -six 22. What do you call living creatures that live and reproduce in extremely hostile environments on Earth? -extremophiles 23.Based upon life on earth, ____ ____ is absolutely crucial for life to exist. -liquid water 24. The most common type of SETI search is to listen for _______ _______ being broadcasted by an alien race. -radio signals 25. Yes or No, at this time in human history has any alien life ever been discovered? -No Galileo discovered Jupiter. William Herschel discovered Uranus Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto


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