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Practice Exam 4 + KEY

by: Sandra Lee

Practice Exam 4 + KEY BIOL 118

Sandra Lee
GPA 3.5
Introduction to Physiology
Amy E. Oakley, Ph.D

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About this Document

Introduction to Physiology
Amy E. Oakley, Ph.D
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sandra Lee on Thursday April 2, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIOL 118 at University of Washington taught by Amy E. Oakley, Ph.D in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 93 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Physiology in Biology at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 04/02/15
Biology 118 Exam 4 May 24 2013 VERSION A Mark your name ID number and test version A B C on your answer sheet scantron You can keep this list of exam questions and you may write on it if you wish Marking and keeping this test is the only way you will know the answers on your scantron Each question has only 1 correct answer Indicate your choice on the scantron If you need clarification for a question raise your hand and stay in your seat If you are stumped by a question place a mark by it and return to it later NOTE FIGURES AF are located on the last page Please make sure you have all 7 pages of the exam before you begin Good luck 1 If you were a smoker for 10 years but you quit now your VC will be a restored to the volume of a nonsmoker your age b restored to the volume you had 10 years ago c returned to the rate of decline of a nonsmoker d unable to show any recovery or reduced lung disease risk 2 In Figure B when the P02 30 mmHg hemoglobin 02 while myoglobin in nearby skeletal muscle cells maintains a 02 saturation a picks up lower b gives up higher c gives up lower d picks up higher 3 Calculate VC given this information Residual Vol 1200 mi IRV 1500 mi ERV 2000 mi dead air 150 ml TV 500 ml 3700 mi 4000 mi 4150 mi 5200 mi 99cm 4 Emphysema your lung s a decreases residual volume b increases elasticity c decreases SA for gas exchange d increases peak air flow 5 If your skeletal muscle tissue has a P02 15 mmHg and the blood entering the capillary travels past with a starting P02 95 mmHg the blood leaving the capillary near this tissue will have a P02 mmHg 95 80 40 15 55 93905 6 Which muscle group would NOT contract during a forceful inhalation a diaphragm b neck muscles c chest muscles d abdominal muscles Page 1 of 7 10 11 12 13 14 If baroreceptor firing increases the normal negative feedback response a parasympathetic system decrease HR b sympathetic system increase HR c parasympathetic system increase SV d sympathetic system decrease SV increases its signaling to the heart to as part of a Hepatic Lipase is an enzyme currently being researched at the UW by our Peer TA Dean for its role in affecting a how baroreceptors control total blood volume b the force of ventricular contraction in exercise c the hydrophobicity of cholesterol in blood plasma d atherosclerosis in arteries by making either LDL or HDL lf BP 12080 artery radius 3 mm and HR 50 beatsmin changing will increase blood flow the most a diastolic BP to 100 mmHg b systolic BP to 90 mmHg c radius to 5 mm d HR to 75 beatsmin A recent study of 129 children ages 1011 had their vascular vessel function tested by measuring the ability of their arteries to dilate with exercise Figure E shows that the highest vascular function tertile top 13 was associated with higher and lower a physical activity body fat b body fat cardiovascular fitness c body fat physical activity d cardiovascular fitness physical activity Which value is nearly zero 0 in the vena cava under normal conditions a P02 b OP c BP d Blood flow In the heart the system releases the neurotransmitter norepinephrine NE which causes channels to open a sympathetic Na b parasympathetic K c sympathetic K d parasympathetic Na What is the minimum pressure needed to open the aortic semilunar valve if your resting blood pressure 14595 mmHg a gt 120 mmHg b lt 50 mmHg c gt 95 mmHg d lt 145 mmHg Use Figure C to select the correct answer to this statement If Line A describes the capillary and line B describes the capillary their values result in abnormally high the capillary that will eventually cause edema a HP OP filtration out of b HP OP reabsorption into c OP HP filtration out of d OP HP reabsorption into Page 2 of 7 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Which blood vessels have large internal lumens spaces so they contain a large percentage of our blood volume a arterioles b capillaries c veins d arteries The AV valves are pushed open when the BP in the is a atria less b arteries greater c atria greater d veins less than BP in the ventricles Trace the shortest pathway of blood pastthrough these structures after the blood exits the left atrium 1 semilunar valves 2 AV valves 3 aorta 4 vena cava 5 systemic capillaries 6 left ventricle a 2 6 1 3 54 b 162 3 54 c 2 6 14 5 3 d 16 2 4 5 3 The carries deoxygenated blood into the lungs a vena cava b pulmonary artery c pulmonary vein d aorta An individual with a dead space volume of 150 ml goes snorkeling The snorkel has a volume of 50 ml If the individual has a tidal volume VT 400 ml and a breathing rate 10 breathsminute what is the individual s alveolar ventilation VA a 2500 mlminute b 2000 mlminute c 3500 mlminute d 3000 mlminute Smoking or use of other tobacco products is associated with an increased risk of cancer in the system as well as the lungs a digestive b integumentary skin c urinary renal d all of these Smoking increases the activity of a cilia mucous glands b mucous glands cilia c macrophages neutrophils d neutrophils macrophages but suppresseskills leading to a chronic cough The data in Figure D indicate that are more likely to have asthma as body mass increases above normal a males and females b males c females d neither males nor females Page 3 of 7 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 When listening to the heart with a stethoscope we can hear two major heart sounds lub S1 and dub 82 S1 is produced as the valves close which means that the are contracting and 2 is produced when the valves close a semilunar ventricles AV b AV atria semilunar c semilunar atria AV d AV ventricles semilunar The fibrous skeleton surrounds the heart s a pericardium overfilling of b endocardium gas exchange in c valves electrical conduction across part of d myocardium increased muscle mass of and prevents or blocks the heart A normal electrical signal from the heart EKG has PQRST waves If the waves isare missing the heart is in a P bradycardia b P AV block c QRS ventricular fibrillation d QRS atrial fibrillation A ventricle fills with a most atria contract b all atria contract c most atria and ventricles are relaxed d all atria and ventricles are relaxed of its total blood volume when the Which line on Figure A best describes resistance to blood flow on the Yaxis if the Xaxis is the radius of a blood vessel a V 90 39UEE If the smooth muscle tissue in a arterioles arteries b arterioles capillaries c venules capillaries d veins venules relaxes more blood will be sent into If you hyperventilated prior to a shallow underwater dive your lungs because triggers the impulse to inhale a took in extra 02 high C02 b got rid of more C02 high C02 c took in extra 02 low 02 d got rid of more C02 low 02 but you can pass out The produce surfactant which alveoli inflate more easily a septal cells increases b septal cells decreases c macrophages increases d macrophages decreases the surface tension of the water film within the alveoli so Page 4 of 7 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 During exercise despite the increase in CO blood flow to the a intestines b skin c heart d brain remains relatively constant An increase in will cause an increase in capillary OP a plasma water b CO c plasma proteins d vasoconstriction Given this information BP 75 mmHg HR 150 beatsmin and SV 150 mlbeat CO mlmin a 22500 b 168750 c 300 d 11250 In Figure F women who used bisphosphonate drugs to treat osteoporosis are compared with non users regarding the degree of calcification of the aortic valve In these data the users who were had less calcification than nonusers at that age so the authors suggested women in that age group bisphosphonates to reduce valve damage a in all age groups should avoid b over 65 yrs old could take c less than 65 yrs old could take d over 65 yrs old should avoid In a healthy adult negative feedback loops will keep and during exercise a systolic BP aorta b PCOZ aorta c P02 vena cava d pH vena cava in the relatively constant at rest If the Patmosphere 695 mmHg and the Palveo 700 mmHg what happens a Lungs collapse b You inhale c You exhale d You die Stenosis narrowing of an AV valve can occur in older adults because of and impedes blood flow atherosclerosis heart murmur tachycardia heart murmur bradycardia AV block atherosclerosis AV block It produces an 906 If you suffer from your ventricle s electrical excitation rate and thus contraction rate will be slower than normal a AV block b ventricular fibrillation c atrial fibrillation d a heart murmur Page 5 of 7 39 Exposure to air and stimulation by the system will cause airways to dilate open up a warm sympathetic b cold parasympathetic c warm parasympathetic d cold sympathetic 40 During normal capillary exchange the fluid that does not reenter a capillary is a lost forever in interstitial spaces b lost by evaporation in the skin c returned to blood via lymph vessels d absorbed by surrounding cells 41 The primary pacemaker of the heart is the node and it is located in the a SA LA b AV LA c AV RA d SA RA 42 Stimulation of the system will airflow into and out of the lungs a parasympathetic increase b sympathetic increase c sympathetic decrease d somatic motor decrease You are finished Out of consideration for your classmates still working on the exam please remain quietly in your seat until the end of class Memorial Day is a day of remembering individuals who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces Formerly known as Decoration Day it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil I War By the 20th century Memorial Day had been extended to honor all 0 Americans who have died while in the military service from Wikipedia Page 6 of 7 Reminder In statistical testing a difference between groups is deemed statistically significant if the likelihood that it would arise by chance is low lt005 or 5 of the time The p value is the probability that a given outcome would occur by chance If it is less than 005 p lt 005 then we can say there is a statistically significant difference I Plt005 l FIGURE A FIGURE B 222 Myoglobin 100 g 80 c Y axis g 60 Hemoglobin 3 4o 8 ON 20 m o I I I I I I smaller 1 1 fewerlower X axis morehigher P02 I I I I I FIGURED 3 50 35 5 Prevalence of Adult Asthma by Obesity Status Oregon 2001 5 E g 40 I I Pressure E I Men W9 3 5 Women 3 I 30 2 Plt005 25 i g I Line B o 20 I 8 20 s s 3 10 E 15 I Normal weight Overweight Obese Extremely obese Start Capillary Weight Category FIGURE E FIGURE F 31 I PltO05 j Agrtic Valve Ring Calci cation gm 4 quot K 7 k 27 39 35 I39 If 739 a 3 39 3 2 i 2 21 S I v 2 ED 1 s an O l I Plt005 I 5 U O N A G on Activity Time minS Cardioresp Fitness Vigorous Physical Lower 39 Middle 39 Upper Vascular Function Tertiles Hopkins ND et al 2008 Relationships between measures of fitness physical activity body composition and vascular function in children Atherosclerosis 204 2449 55 2 5 Nonuser 5565 6575 275 Relationship of bisphosphonate users vs nonusers to the log of Agatston scores that measures calcification of tissues User ElmariahS et al 2010 Bisphosphonate use and prevalence of valvular amp vascular calcification in women MESA MultiEthnic Study of Atherosclerosis J Am Coll Cardiol 561752 1759 Page 7 of 7


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