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BMS 503 (Microbiology) Study Guide #2

by: Darian Tilton

BMS 503 (Microbiology) Study Guide #2 BMS 503-7

Marketplace > University of New Hampshire > Biomedical Sciences > BMS 503-7 > BMS 503 Microbiology Study Guide 2
Darian Tilton

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About this Document

This study guide contains information that will be on our next test, 10/14. Information includes: 3 cell cycle stages, growth cycle in batch culture, regulation, etc
Dr Timothy Montminy
Study Guide
Microbiology, Biology, Studyguide, regulation
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Darian Tilton on Tuesday October 11, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to BMS 503-7 at University of New Hampshire taught by Dr Timothy Montminy in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Microbiology in Biomedical Sciences at University of New Hampshire.


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Date Created: 10/11/16
BMS 503 (Microbiology)  Study Guide #2 1. Bacteria that are able to survive in humans (at human body temperature) are known as: a. Hyperthermophiles b. Psychrophiles c. Mesophiles d. Hyperthermophiles  2. D period is the stage of the cell cycle where:   a. DNA replication occurs, DNA polymerase can replicate b. Binary fission occurs, cell divides c. Cell increases in size and mass d. Cell dies   3. The stage in the growth cycle of batch culture where there is the largest increase in  number of cells is called the ________ phase   a. Decline/Death b. Stationary c. Lag d. Exponential     4. True or False: every base in a DNA sequence is converted into proteins T or F  5. On which site of DNA do transcriptional regulators bind?   a. Minor groove b. Major groove c. Histone complex d. Active site   6. What happens to a cell if the lac operon promoter is damaged?   7. What is the ideal pH for alkaliphiles? 8. What is the correct way to write the name of a gene?   a. LACZ b. LacZ c. lacZ d. Lacz   9. What happens to an enzyme if the pH is too high or too low in a cell?   10. What is an obligate aerobe?   11. What regulates the synthesis of β­galactosidase?   a. Transduction b. Translation c. Induction and catabolite repression d. Active site   12. At what stage in the batch culture growth cycle is the number of viable cells equal to  the number of dead cells?   a. Decline b. Stationary c. Exponential d. Lag     13.What causes a batch culture to switch from the exponential stage to the stationary  stage?     14. I am growing a culture of E coli, I initially start with 50 bacteria in my culture. I then let  them grow for three hours. If the generation time for E coli is 20 minutes, how many  bacteria will I have at the end of the 3 hours?   15. In a chemostat, what is the most effective way to increase the number of bacteria that  will be produced?   a. Increase the pH b. Increase the temperature c. Increase the concentration of nutrients d. Decrease the temperature 16.What happens to a cell during C period?   17.What is the purpose of a thioglycollate broth?    18. What is an aerotolerant anaerobe?     19.Describe the efficiency of a cell’s growth rate if the optimal temperature is exceeded    20.  What is the central dogma?


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