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Oral exam study guide

by: Daesha Reid

Oral exam study guide FRE 1120-006

Daesha Reid
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

I tried to compile a study guide of most of the stuff we went over in past classes with pronunciations I heard from our professor in class. I hope it helps. Good luck everybody!
Beginning French Language and Culture 1
Angie Destinobles
Study Guide
french, beginningfrench, beginning, concepts, Vocabulary, pronunciation, frenchpronunciation, frenchnotes, french1, frenchstudyguide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Daesha Reid on Tuesday October 11, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to FRE 1120-006 at Florida Atlantic University taught by Angie Destinobles in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see Beginning French Language and Culture 1 in Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature at Florida Atlantic University.

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Date Created: 10/11/16
French Oral Exam Notes/Study Guide 1 Beginning words​: Madame (mah-dahm)- refers to a married woman Mademoiselle (mah-deh-mwa-s’elle)- refers to a non married/young woman Monsieur (moo-sooh)- young man Etudiante (eh-too-diant-e)/Etudiant (eh-too-diant)- student (female)/ student (male) Oui (we)- yes Non (noh)- no Conversational sentences: Comment t’appelle-tu (koh-mont t’ap-pehl-too)- What is your name? Je m’appelle (jeh-map-pel) ____ - My name is ____. Comment vous- appelez vous? (Koh-mont voo ap’-leh voo?)- What is your name? (formal) enchante/ enchantee (ahn-shan-teh/ ahn shant-tay)- please to meet you (masculine/ feminine) Hello, How are you? Bonjour (bon-joor)- Good morning Bonsoir (bon- swar)- Good evening Salut (sah-loot)- Hello/good morning/good day (informal) Comment ca va? (koh-mohnt sah vah)- how are you? (informal) Comment allez vous? (koh-mon tal-leh-voo)- how are you? Comment vas tu/allez vous? (koh-mont vahs too/ ah-leh voo) - How are you? Ca va bien merci (sah-va bee-en mer-see)- I am good/well thank you Where are you from/ How old are you? Quelle est ta nationalite (Kehl- est t ’national-ee-teh)- What is your nationality? Tu es d’ou (too eh doo)- Where are you from? Je suis de…. (Jeh swee deh…)- I’m from ____. Je suis ne___- I’m originally from/born in ____. Je suis Americain (jeh swee Ah-mer-ee-cayn)- I am American. Quel age as tu? (Kehl-ahg ah-too)/ Tu as quel age? (too-ah- kehl ahg)- How old are you? J’ai ___ ans. (Jah-ee ___ ahns) - I am ____ years old. Quelle languae parles tu? (Kehl-lahng pahl-too)- What language do you speak? J’ai parle_____. - I speak _____. Indefinite Article Un- masculine Une- feminine Des- plural Definite Plural Le- masculine La- feminine Les- plural L’- used in cases of words beginning with a,e,i,o,u,y possibly h What day is it today?/Months of the year Quel jour sommes nous aujourd ‘hui (Kehl- joor- sohmn jord-wee)- What day is it today? Quelle est la date (kehl- es- la- daht)- What is today’s date? Nous sommes…. (noos sohm…)- Today is….. Cest… (ceh-st)- It's…. Lundi (loon- dee) -Monday Mardi (mar-dee)- Tuesday Mecredi (meh- kre- dee)- Wednesday Jeundi (june- dee)-Thursday Vendredi (ven-dreh- dee)- Friday Samedi (sahm- dee)- Saturday Dimanche (dee-manch)- Sunday Months of the Year janvier (jahn- vee-ay)- january fevrier (fev ree yey)- february mars (mahrz)- march avril (ah-vreel)- april mai (may)- may juin (joo-yahn)- june juillet- (joo- yet)- July aout (oot)- august septembre (sept-amb)- september octobre (oct- tob)- october novembre (noh-vamb)- november decembre (de- samb)- december Telling Time Quelle heure est-il? (Kehl-ehr est eel)- What time is it? Il est quelle heure- What time is it? Tu as l’heure (too ahs le ehr)?- Do you have the time? il est.. (eel ehst)- it is.. Un, deux, trois etc. heures (uhn, doo, twah, ehrs)- 1, 2, 3 o clock (etc. for other times) il est midi (mee dee)- it is the afternoon Minuit (min’ oo-eet)- midnight Du martin (doo mahr- ten)- in the morning Du soir (doo swar)-in the night De la nuit (deh lah noo-eet)- in the night Et quart- :15/ 15 minutes past Il est quatre heures et quart- it's 4:15 Et dime- 30 minutes past/ _:30 il est ___ heures moins (moh-eens) le quart- It is ___:45. Je suis en retard (jeh swee en reh-tard)- I’m late Je suis a l’heure- Im on time. Je suis en advance- I’m early. Etre ​(to be) Je suis- first person Tu es- you (informal) are Il/elle es- he/she is Nous sommes- we are Vous ete- you (formal) are ils/elles sont- they are ils- generally for crowds/groups of men or men and women mixed Elles- they (women only) Avoir​ (to have) J’ai- I have Tu as- You have il/elle a- he/she has Nous avons- we have Vous avez- you have (formal/ you all have) ils/elles ont- they have Goodbye Au revoir (oh- rev-war)- good-bye A bientot (ah- bee-en toh)- see you soon A la prochaine (ah-lah pro-shayn)- see you next time A demaim (ah-deh-mam)- See you tomorrow A ce soir (ah seh-swar)- See you tonight A plus tard (ah-ploo-tard)- See you later


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