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Reading in Narrative 3383 Midterm Study guide

by: Ann McCarty

Reading in Narrative 3383 Midterm Study guide ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946

Marketplace > Oklahoma State University > ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946 > Reading in Narrative 3383 Midterm Study guide
Ann McCarty
OK State
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Contains notes over the content of the midterm.
Reading in Narrative
Edward J. Jones
Study Guide
Reading, In, Narravite, midterm, 3383
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ann McCarty on Saturday October 15, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946 at Oklahoma State University taught by Edward J. Jones in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 48 views.

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Date Created: 10/15/16
RiN Week 8 10.10.16 James - Have to understand him because he is a major influence on the following novels - - EX: “I like my parents, but I don't want to be them.” - - Showing us how literature progresses - - Makes sure to remind us of heroine. - 20 c. guides to reading book are non-existent - - we don't get an explained ending and/or does not deliver details. - Money characteristics: James always writes them, and money corrupts. Concepts: - Europe v. America - Gentleman society - women are marked by independence. - Tradition for women in 19c. v. independence; - didn't est. marriage so Isabel independence will lose. isn’t used to having to fight for independence in marriage. Happenings in the Novel - If Ralph hadn’t had his father give Isabel the money, Osmond would have never looked at her. - Ralf enables her to be exploited, and he is unhappy about it. - Isabel wants to be as high as possible: - - she ends up married and wifed. - - she marries an American, but he wants to be known as European. - - he poses as European gentleman, even though he has nothing. - Marriage to Osmond ended up being everything she didn't want. Marriage was bad/ a life cnging choice one you cant come back from. - - you end up living w/ it. - - she makes a choice to stay in the marriage. - - the choice that changed everything, was giving money to Isabel. - Lifes too complicated now to get simple answers but in James, a subtle important act brings together the ending of the novel. - Americans didn't invent marriage, so Isabel isn’t use to having to fight for independence in marriage. 10.12.16 About the Midterm: - Novel Options: o 6 novels: must use all of them once and only once. o He doesn’t want the “right” answer, but one that makes him think and keeps him interested. Engagement, Knowledge, Interest - ID’s: o 20% of exam RiN Week 8 o there wont be Author name or title needed o themes: EX: Pawnbroker - Essays: o 2 essays: each 40 pts/% o Narration, Poverty, infidelity o Plot, character, pt of view (narration), setting, language o Hunger will not be on the test. o No impressionistic views: th  Don’t say: “I am like a 19 c. woman because…” o Bring in back up evidence o Prepare other quotes etc. What you should bring - Paper to write on - Notes from class/ other sources - Books. - Pen/ dark writing pencil What you shouldn’t bring to class - Scantron - Either size blue book - A light writing pencil. Have a great Fall Break! 


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