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by: ann.pennullar

Exam MGMT 455


Business Law

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About this Document

Exam 1 study guide
Business Law
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by ann.pennullar on Friday April 3, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MGMT 455 at Purdue University taught by Gothard in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 207 views.


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Date Created: 04/03/15
Name Steven Saldanha Total 110 points 1 30 points 2 20 points Survey Questions Please circle only one bracketed ex answer for multiple options 1 At what frequency do you read the Purdue Exponent on a weekly basis Never 31 times 64 times Everyday 2 Specify the amount of minutes you spend on any given day reading the Purdue Exponent None 115 1630 3145 4660 More than 60 3 When you read the newspaper what percentage of the time do you discover new campus events restaurants social gatherings sports events and other information relevant to you Not Applicable I don t read this newspaper Never 0 Rarely 1 25 Moderately 26 50 Regularly 51 75 Very Frequently 76 100 4 Select a category in which the Exponent has the most in uence in your lifestyle None ArtsEntertainment KnowledgeAcademics Sports Restaurants PoliticsWorld Events Other Specify 5 For those that did not select None in question 4 please elaborate on the favorite category ex I selected Sports tells me about the date and ticket price for Basketball This survey is straight to the point and does not capture any in uential information from people that never read the Exponent nor does it analyze the reason for it Although the survey understands people s in uential background from the Exponent it does not have much room to ask for the readers improvements except for the little room in the 5th question Another concern is expecting people to write and elaborate in the 5th question that is unorganized data that is tough to organize for the data analysis team and inconvenient for survey takers 3 30 points flu 1Help and 1 Home Page Picture of a person awkwardly placed no Remove the picture Documentation all relavent pages labeling at the bottom of the picture I was or label the picture as in appendix wondering who it is Tony Roswarski 2Consistency and 2 Home Page Home Page has 5 different menu tabs on Make it unison and Standards the left side in different colors some show take out the drop drop down menus for each tab some do down menus for each not No consistency tab 3Aesthetic and 2 All Pages Lot of blank space on home page Use space blank Minimalist Design enforces scrolling on the page space efficiently unnecessarily 4Error Prevention 3 All Pages Use translate menu on homepage and Do not translate the translate it to Punjabi the translation is not whole page offer a grammatically sensible at times help line in Punjabi 5 Consistency and 2 Visitor Info Two ways of getting to the same visitor Remove the Visitor Standards Community info page Info tab 6Consistency and 25 Visitor Info page Promotes Autumn tourism when it is Talk about winter and Standards almost the end of winter spring activities 7Recognition 2 Search Bar text A dropdown menu with suggestions does Use google search rather than Recall box not show up in search bar while typing recognition 8 Help and 35 Area Just a list of Neighborhoods no further Have a link for each Documentation Neighborhood information on crime schooling and taxes area and information 9Flexibility and 2 Visitor Info Nonclickable link on Visitor Info page Provide clickable link Efficiency of use inconvenient for user to retype on new tab 10Aesthetics and 25 Pay Utilities Two options that show the exact same Remove Online Bill Minimalist Design Online Bill Pay page with the same information Pay tab Dear Mr Tony Roswarski I recently visited the City of Lafayette website and had a few helpful suggestions to improve the user experience Firstly the google translate on the home page did translate the information to my native language Punjabi but the sentence structure was inconsistent and difficult to understand A better Solution would be to get professionals to translate the webpages correctly for a onetime fee rather than use google translate This would help natives of other countries understand Lafayette better and be more appealing for their investment Secondly the Visitor Info page is not consistent with the current season Autumn tourism is promoted while it is almost the end of winter and onto spring making potential visitors think that there is nothing to do in Lafayette on other seasons Seasonal updates will promote tourism and investment into Lafayette Lastly the Area Neighborhood page does mention every neighborhood with a map but there is no external link provided with information such as property tax crime rates and school recognition on that same page This is confusing to new comers into Lafayette and would make their life easier if everything was integrated into one webpage I hope this input can improve the usability of the Lafayette webpage and Thank you for your time Best Regards Steven Saldanha 4 30 points Dear Team 07 Please refer to the list of recommendations to help you improve your HTA Organize the entire HTA by numbering the Task as 0 and each subtask 1 2 3 4 each subtask should have 11 12 for branches that grow from subtask 1 Similarly for 2 3 and 4 Place a horizontal completion line under the last box of each subtask to ensure it ends For Subtask 1 After the Subtask 1 Login to Website add a box stating Select My CCO option and proceed to Choose according to User statue what you currently have is confusing Under the New User box delete the Select New User link in Student Login box and replace it with Enter the New User tab because what you currently state can t be found For Subtask 2 After Subtask 2 Search for jobs add a box stating Select Jobs Tab so users know where to go before they proceed to Choose according to preference Under Normal Search box delete the next box since there are no Shortcuts on the Jobs Tab and proceed straight to Optional Select More Options drop down lastly proceed till the end and delete the Click search box since it is too detailed obvious and unnecessary Under Advanced Search box delete the last box stating Click search it s unnecessary For Subtask 3 Combine the Read through various information box and Find an interesting job since they are too vague and abstract and label the new box as Go over job list info Lastly Subtask 4 Delete the Click Submit option it is too detailed and label the second last box as Add additional documents before submission Let me know if you have any further questions and have a fun Spring Break Best Regards Steven Saldanha Appendix City of Lafayette IN Area Neighborhoods nd Retrieved February 18 2015 from httpwwwlafayetteingovcommunitysubcatphpfCS39 City of Lafayette IN Home Page nd Retrieved February 18 2015 from httpwwwlafayetteingov City of Lafayette IN Online Bill Pay amp Other Payment Methods nd Retrieved February 18 2015 from httpwwwlafayetteingovdepartmentdivisionphpfDD1680 City of Lafayette IN Visitor Information nd Retrieved February 18 2015 from httpwwwlafayetteingovcommunitysubcatphpfCS38 MyCCO nd Retrieved February 18 2015 from httpsWwwccopurdueedumyccoaspx


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