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History of Interiors Mid term Review

by: Kaylee Lynn Rowland

History of Interiors Mid term Review 333

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Stout > ARTH - Art History > 333 > History of Interiors Mid term Review
Kaylee Lynn Rowland
GPA 3.075

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About this Document

Memorization slides.. Print and cut out
History of Interiors
Dr. James Bryan
Study Guide
history, Of, Interiors, mid, term, review, Memorization, Slides
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This 17 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kaylee Lynn Rowland on Monday October 17, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 333 at University of Wisconsin - Stout taught by Dr. James Bryan in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views. For similar materials see History of Interiors in ARTH - Art History at University of Wisconsin - Stout.

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Date Created: 10/17/16
Egyptain Egyptian Stool With Double Cove Seat and “New Kingodm” Chair “Turned” Legs From the Tomb of Tutankhamen Egyptian Persian Gable- Lidded Linen Chest Throne and Footstool in the As- syrian Style Minoan Greek “The Queen’s Megaron” Stool with Turned Legs Greek Greek “X”-Framed Folding Stools Klismos (Modern Reconstruction) Greek Etruscan Trapeza Table Bronze Cist Etruscan Roman Marble Throne Interior with “Second Style” “The Corsini Chair” Paintings and Tiled Floor Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii Roman Multi Legged “Stella Curulis” or Roman Curule “Third Style” Painting From Boscotrecase Grave Stele of a Magistrate First Century Roman Roman Solium or Throne Klinium or Lectus with “Notched Board” Legs Wood and Bronze with Silver Fortuna, A bronze Figurine Inlay Roman Byzantine Carved Marble Table Support Solium- “Cathedra of Maximian” Wood with Ivory Plaques Viking English- Gothic Kungsara Church Great Hall Vastmanland, Sweden Penshurst Place, Kent Enghish- Gothic Italian- Gothic Chests carved with Linen Fold Bed Canopy and Tapestries Motifs Giotto, Dream of St. Gregory Flemish- Gothic Cloth of Honor The Girart Mater English “Jean Vauquelin Presents his Romanesque Rounded Arch Motifs Bood to Duke Philip the Good of “Eadwine the Scribe” Burgundy” From the Canterbury Psalter From die Taten des Girart Von Roussillon French-Gothic Islamic-Turkish Tracery Chest The “Anhalt Medallion: Carpet Probably made for Sultan Suley- man I Islamic- Syrian Nur al-Din Room Damasucs, Syria Islamic- Egyptian Metropolitan Museum of Art Moucharabies in Window of a New York Small Sitting Room Manial Palace Cairo Islamic - Moroccan Chinese- Qing Pointed Arch, Painted Wooden Reception Hall at Tuisi Garden Door, Tiled Walls Southern Yangtze River Vally The Royal Palace, Marrakesh Region Chinese - Ming Chinese- Quing Pair of Armchairs Pair of Chair Covers Silk Tapestry Chinese-Ming Lacquer on Wood Folding Horse- shoe Back Armchairs Chinese - Quing Possibly from the Orchard Work- Inlaid Lacquer Cupboard shop Chinese- Quing Japanese - Edo Stool with Storage Cavity and Lid Painted Paper Screens Hollowed Tree Trunk 21” High Miyama-Sou Inn, Mt. Daihizan Japanese- Meiji Japanese - Meiji Tansu on Wheels Tansu Maki-e-Lacquer Japanese - Showa Italian- Renaissance Reception Room with View of Loggia with Grotesque Frescoes Garden By Raphael and his Assistants at yoshida Sanso, Kyoto Vatican Palace, Rome Italian - Renaissance Designed by Giacomo Barozi Vinola “Slab-Support” Table for Palazzo Italian - Renaissance Cassone Farese Marble and Pietra Dure, Rome French - Renaissance Rosso Fiorentino and Francesco Italian - Renaissance Primaticcio Sgabello Chairs Galerie Francois I, Chateau de Fontainebleau French- Renaissance French - Renaissance Bureau a Deux Corps Caquetoires English - Renaissance Engish - Renaissance The Staircase Nonesuch Chest Knole, Kent English -Renaissance American - Mannerist Hans Vredeman de Vries “Hannah Barnard” Cupboard “The Great Bed of Ware” Painted Oak American - Mannerist French - Baroque Attributed to William Searle Charles LeBrun Wainscot Great Chiar King’s Bedroom, Palace of Ver- Ipswich, Massachusetts sailles French - Baroque French - Baroque Lois Le Vau Armchair Enfilade in the Hotel Lazun, Paris French - Baroque English - Baroque Andre - Charles Boulle Inigo Jones Armoire The Banqueting House, Whitehall Palace, London English - Baoque English - Baroque Daniel Marot Cabinet on Stand Design for a State Bedroom English - Baroque English - Baroque Table, Candlesticks, and Wassail Imitation Asian Vabinet on Sil- Set vered Wood Stand American - Baroque French - Rococo Chamber, John Wentworth House Gabriel - Germain Boffrand Portsmouth, New Hampshire Salon de la Princesse, Hotel de Soubise, Paris French - Rococo French - Rococo Charles Cressent Jean - Baptiste Tilliard Commode Chaise - Longue English - Rococo English - Early Rococo “Eating Room” Side Chair Claydon House, Buckinhamshire English - Late Rococo American - Rococo Thomas Chippendale arlor, Almodinton House Side Chair Somerset County, Maryland American - Rococo French - Early Neoclassic Chest on Chest J.-F. Oeben & J.-H. Riesener Boudoir for Marie Antoinette, Palace of Versailles French - Early Neocassic French - Early Neoclassic Armchair Martin Carlin Music Stand/Writing Table with Sevres Porcelain Plaque English - Early Neoclassic Enlish - Early Neoclassic Robert Adam Robert Adam Library, Kenwood House, London Cabinet on Stand English - Early Neoclassic English - Early Neoclassic Thomas Cheppendale Hepplewhite and Sheraton Style Commode Chairs American - Early Neoclassic Samuel McIntire American - Early Neoclassic Double Parlor, John Seymour, Card Table Gardner- Pingree House, Salem, Massachusetts Boston American - Early Neoclassic American - Early Neoclassic Daniel Trotter, Ladder-Back Robert Walker Chair Secretary with Bookcase Philadelphia Charleston, South Carolina French - Late Neoclassic Charles Percier & P.F.L. Fontaine Bedroom for the Empress Jose- French - Late Neoclassic phine Commode Chateau de Malmaison French - Late Neoclassic French - Very late Neoclassic P.A. Belange Day Bed Armchair English - Late Neoclassic English - Late Neoclassic Thomas Hope Thomas Hope The “Aurora” or “Star” Room Center Table Ameican - Late Neoclassic American - Late Neoclassic Charles - Honore Lannuier “Fancy” Chair, Pier Table Baltimore, Maryland New York City American - Late Neoclassic American - Very Late Neoclassic Joseph Meeks and Sons, Secretary Dutreuil Barjon, Sr. Bed New York City New Orleans, Louisiana Traditonal Nomenclature for Re- Traditonal Nomenclature for Re- nissance nissance French English Francois I Tudor Henri II Elizabethan Jacobean Traditional Nomenclature for Ba- Traditional Nomenclature for Ba- roque roque Charles I French English Charles II Louis XIII (13th) Carolean/Caroline Louis XIV (14th) Restoration William and Mary Traditonal Nomenclature for Re- Traditional Nomenclature for Ba- nissance roque American American Jacobean William and Mary Pilgrim Tradition Nomenclature for Roco- Tradition Nomenclature for Roco- co co French English Regence Queen Anne Louis XV (15th) George I George II Georgian Tradition Nomenclature for Roco- Tradition Nomenclature for Early co Neoclassic American French Queen Anne Louis XVI (16th) Chippendale Colonial Tradition Nomenclature for Early Tradition Nomenclature for Early Neoclassic Neoclassic English American George III Federal Georgian Adam Sheraton Hepplewhite


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