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AU / History / HIST 1010 / What is china?

What is china?

What is china?


School: Auburn University
Department: History
Course: World History I
Professor: Donna bohanan
Term: Fall 2015
Cost: 25
Name: History 1010 Week 10 Chp. 10 Notes
Description: chp. 10 notes - Africa and the Mongol's invasion
Uploaded: 10/19/2016
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Invasions a

What is china?

Chp. 10 Africa the Mongols MATOR THEMES ON -trade shifts

- technology

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scairo Salexandria, melaka, Quanzhou,

Quilan - Kanm - police force on water (ol pirates) - four culteral spheres: china, India, Islam, & Elrope - Mongols

What is india?

If you want to learn more check out What hormone increases calcium levels in blood and tissue fluid by releasing calcium from bones and enhancing calcium absorption in the digestive tract and kidneys?

paversu military presence on ? What is China? a Es - sing dynasty

agriculture (120 million). - manfacturing revowtion.

gunpowdler, porcelain 7, what is India ?

- hinduisme

- dehli sultanate 7 what is Europe?

- catholicism, crusades. - universities, intellectualism

What is europe?

feudalism o fendal ward owns land & peasants work If you want to learn more check out Cuyo/a(s) means?
Don't forget about the age old question of How do we persuade?

for lord ž one allegiance = what is Islam? =

- Sufi mysticism -travels across sahara

L Kingdom of mali

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& Africa - political organizations

s clans

- 800-1450 CE States -West Africa

- Kingdom of Ghana

- kingdom of Mali kingdom of Ghana? -soninke - agriculture-muslim travelers through desert - Militaristic society - region Don't forget about the age old question of What is learn faster by spanish speaking children compared to english speaking children?

o spread of Islam-[al Bakri] Don't forget about the age old question of What are the eight parts of the communication process? define each.
Don't forget about the age old question of Define aerobic exercise.

- justice story - bitter herbs - gold money, helps to grow I kingdom of Malią (1200-1450 CE) - Mandinke people

agricutiral success - sundiata] (1230-1255)

niani= capital & center for trade - expansion -mansa Mera] (1312-1337)

military campaigns. is helps al expoosion

-trade - society & politics - family as administrators - religion)

Vislam, animism, pligramage (cairo) - timbuktu

- trade - center of learning


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& East Africa?



land of blacks - earliest migrants

- Ranji - - animism, islam - Swahili (bantu language amily) - Kilwa significant entré pots

- trade

- protected

- Sheik

head of city of kilua - centers for wealth

- exported manufactured goods & golds - east african slave trade o u

- 8th century -muslim communities -ras assir -ralds, kidnappings - occupations

- maritime

- servants

- ivory -huque influx of arricans in india [chengals (12016-1227)

-kidnapped as a child - courage

- ruthless

- great khan - Mongol language - laues) - leader of mongol

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» Monqolsa

- nailitary -northery china (212-1213) - persia turks - why successful??





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- skill o - new technologies

L s qunpausder, catapults, stirrups - Chenggis dies (1227 CE) - kingdom divided -[kry bilai Khan] (1260-1294 (E)

- chengaiss grandson -mores thto China & Japan again

I tries to take over japall but no success significance -roling strategy

incorporated enemies -adapted

- broke up by 14th century -legacy

U-new roles for merchants

- connected peoples & cultures - Spread ideas, goods, ž diseases

no responsible for spreading plaque

n r black death o Short answer: primary source practice 1) what themes does the source touch on? 2) How can you connect the source to other topics

themes from the course? 3) What specific examples can you give of these



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