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Soc 10, Sociological Imagination Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Carolyn Polo

Soc 10, Sociological Imagination Exam 1 Study Guide SOC 010

Marketplace > University of California Riverside > Sociology > SOC 010 > Soc 10 Sociological Imagination Exam 1 Study Guide
Carolyn Polo

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About this Document

Hey guys, this study guide includes definitions of the contemporary sociological theories we discussed in class. It also includes an examination of the vulva perfume commercial and film "Google Bab...
The Sociological Imagination
Jennifer Simmers
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Carolyn Polo on Tuesday October 18, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to SOC 010 at University of California Riverside taught by Jennifer Simmers in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 275 views. For similar materials see The Sociological Imagination in Sociology at University of California Riverside.


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Date Created: 10/18/16
Carolyn Polo Doctor Simmers Soc 10 Sociological Imagination Midterm Study Guide Terms 1. Sociological Imagination 6. Conflict theory 2. Functionalism 7. Feminist theory 3. Functions 8. Symbolic interactionism 4. Manifest functions 9. Symbols 5. Latent functions Examining “Vulva Perfume” 1. Describe the Vulva commercial from a functionalist view. 2. Describe the Vulva commercial from a conflict theorist view. 3. Describe the Vulva commercial from a feminist view. 4. Describe the Vulva commercial from a symbolic interactionist view. Examining “Google Baby” 1. Describe surrogacy from a functionalist view. 2. Describe surrogacy from a conflict theorist view. 3. Describe surrogacy from a feminist view. 4. Describe surrogacy from a symbolic interactionist view. Terms 1. Sociological Imagination​: the ability to see the relationship between individual experiences and social influence 2. Functionalism​: Sees society as a system of codependent parts that work together to ensure social survival; amoral (doesn’t take into account the morality of the functions); includes ​dysfunctions​(which negatively impact society), latent functions, manifest functions 3. Functions​: purposes and activities that meet different needs that contribute to a society’s stability 4. Manifest Functions​: functions which are intended and recognized 5. Latent Functions​: functions which are unintended and unrecognized 6. Conflict Theory​: Examines how and why groups struggle over power, disagree, and compete for scarce resources 7. Feminist Theory​: Explains social, economic, and political position of women in society 8. Symbolic interactionism​: looks at individuals’ everyday behavior and communication through symbols and shared meanings 9. Symbols​: something that stands for something else (words, gestures, pictures) Examining “Vulva Perfume” 5. Describe the Vulva perfume commercial from a functionalist view. a. The product is functional in the following ways i. It may improve male masturbation (manifest function) ii. It is profitable; stimulates economy 6. Describe the Vulva perfume commercial from a conflict theorist view. a. This product will produce discontent mostly in the female population for being socially unacceptable and for forcing the idea that women must smell a certain way b. The final thought of the commercial says “The intimate scent of a beautiful woman” which creates a stigma that women are beautiful if they smell like this product 7. Describe the Vulva perfume commercial from a feminist view. a. Product intended for male masturbation purposes and is considered socially acceptable (if it were unacceptable it wouldn’t exist); however nothing similar exists for female maturbation purposes & if it did, it would likely be deemed unacceptable and crude b. The actual commercial focuses on the woman’s body extensively leading one to assume her body is the most important part of her 8. Describe the Vulva perfume commercial from a symbolic interactionist view. a. Male actor: represents the audience of product and commercial b. Female actress: represents beauty as she is using the product which has previously been described as the scent of a beautiful woman; however, because the camera focuses on her body, especially her vulva, she represents sex and intimacy c. Bike seat: represents masturbation/sexual activity Examining “Google Baby” 5. Describe surrogacy from a functionalist view. a. Surrogacy is functional in the following ways: i. It is profitable (for surrogates as well as surrogate clinics, such as the one featured in the film) ii. Surrogate mothers gain money iii. Couples who seek children from surrogacy gain the child they want iv. Egg and sperm donors get money for donating to surrogates 6. Describe surrogacy from a conflict theorist view. a. Conflict can ensue in public that disagree with the process of surrogacy and believe it is immoral b. It is disturbing that one can decide on what race their baby is by choosing donors of specific races c. It is cruel that, in a specific scene in the film when the surrogate is in pain during the C-section, the doctors continue with the procedure i. After the procedure, there is no reassurance that the surrogate is feeling well/better d. It is disturbing that, in a specific scene in the film when Doron is casually speaking with a customer about if the two women who are impregnated for surrogacy both have twins, they will selectively abort one of the pairs of twins. 7. Describe surrogacy from a feminist view. a. It is wrong to subject women to such duties as surrogacy (One Indian male in the film states that women do not think and when they do it is sometimes helpful. During this scene he also states that he will have to “send” his wife back to surrogacy in order to get more money) b. It is wrong to assume that the only value women have are their abilities to produce children 8. Describe surrogacy from a symbolic interactionist view. a. Surrogacy represents several things: i. Profits for surrogates as well as clinics ii. A business iii. For couples that want a child through the process of surrogacy, it represents hope for the children they want iv. For surrogates, it may represent the money the will make as well the happiness they will bring to the couples


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