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UF / Radio - Television / RTV 3001 / What is the meaning of satellites?

What is the meaning of satellites?

What is the meaning of satellites?


School: University of Florida
Department: Radio - Television
Course: Introduction to Media Industries and Professions
Professor: William renkus
Term: Fall 2016
Cost: 25
Name: Week 9 Intro to Telecom
Description: The first lecture of week 9. Our exam is thursday!
Uploaded: 10/19/2016
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10/18/16 Started the class with three presentations

What is the meaning of satellites?

1. Facebook live

2. Instagram’s stories

3. How different news sources covered Kim Kardashian’s robbery

Satellites: make everything immediate and covered from around the world; have revolutionized news, entertainment, and sports

● Goes through outer space

○ Travels at the speed of light

● Beginnings:

○ Cold war: people put up satellites to communicate

○ Companies now use national space programs to launch satellites into space ○ Arthur C Clarke wrote 2001 and theorized

■ geostationary (launch satellites into space and make them circle the globe at the same speed the earth is rotating so it stays at the same point

relative to the earth for perfect communications)

What is the meaning of transponders in satellites?

● 22,300 miles above the earth

■ Geosynchronous: speed of satellite is the same as the speed of the

earth’s rotation

■ If you have enough satellites that are both geostationary and

geosynchronous, then communications will be ideal/instantaneous

■ Beam information from ground station to satellite, transcript it and send it back to the next earth station in a predictable manner.

● Transponders (on the actual satellites): devices that accept the feed on one frequency and change it to another feed

○ Bring news feed up and down

○ Espn can do sports feeds If you want to learn more check out Who killed captain james cook?

○ Footprint: geographical space on earth that transponder can send signals back down to (usually a massive part of the earth)

What is wireless 2-way radio communications?

■ Coverage area is fixed prior to launch

● Earth stations have different parts to them:

○ Parabolic dish: concave structure that focuses electromagnetic waves and the outdoor electronics accept it and send it on its way.

○ Feedhorn: the top of the parabolic dish: uplink radio waves from the satellite dish to go up to the satellite

● Have their own space on the electromagnetic spectrum


● Wireless 2 way radio communications

○ Has its own space on the electromagnetic spectrum.

○ Use radio frequencies to send and receive information Don't forget about the age old question of What is the source-filter theory of vowel production?

■ Essentially a walkie talkie that also works with electromagnetic waves ● Based on a grid of geographic service area or a “cell​”

○ Each cell is centered around a tower.

● Work like satellites: towers automatically switch signals from tower to tower ● Call initiated when user punches in contact number, info sent via microwave frequency to nearest tower,

● Dialed phone receives info, receiver concerts electromagnetic impulses back into sound waves.

● 1981: FCC authorized the first commercial cellular service in the USA ○ Increases in demand resulted in a problem - not enough frequencies. ○ Solution: tech improvements

■ Digitized voice and data

■ Packet switching (same as internet)

■ Changed its spectrum location If you want to learn more check out How are internal and external hard drives related?

● 1994: FCC allocated new spectrum space for Personal

Communication Services (PCS)

● Today: more computing ability than the moon computers of 1969

○ Huge potential ad revenue as MPs become ubiquitous

○ Used in transmission of news feed

Reception- TV

● Digital set s incorporate new features such as a picture in picture option ● Liquid Crystal Device (LCD) and LIght Emitting Device (LED) tvs are changing the size shape of television

○ Improved resolution and color (now RGBY)

○ Flat screen.

Webcasting: audio and Video Streaming Don't forget about the age old question of What is the seller's cost of production?

● Streaming: web based technology that allows computers to receive audio and video signals over the internet

○ Revolution in how content is distributed

○ Revolution in how people access content

○ Cut the Cord: people who only stream video and do not use cable

● Web sites that stream media compress (shrink) the size of the signals using a Codec (compression-decompression technology We also discuss several other topics like What do we mean by imperialism?
Don't forget about the age old question of What is the content of the first law of behavior genetics?

● Playing sounds and moving images on the web requires multimedia capability ● High Speed Broadband.

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