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UF / Theatre / THE 2000 / What is the meaning of a wash fixture?

What is the meaning of a wash fixture?

What is the meaning of a wash fixture?


School: University of Florida
Department: Theatre
Course: Theatre Appreciation
Professor: Charles mitchell
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: theatre and Appreciation
Cost: 50
Name: THE2000 Midterm 2 Study Guide
Description: This study guide covers everything on the exam; the performance artists will be posted on his website with examples before the exam
Uploaded: 10/20/2016
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Study Guide: THE2000 Exam 2

What is the meaning of a wash fixture?


Primary Function of Set Design- To communicate ideas! Everything on  stage is symbolic of something

Design Meeting- Communicating with the director

How set designers communicate ideas- Sketches, groundplan (overhead  view of set), front elevation (front view as seen by audience), renderings,  model (3-D)

Renderings- drawings of costumes. How costume designers show ideas Inspiration Board- Costume designer’s research and ideas Light Plot- how lighting directors communicate with shop and director. Says where all the different lights are going to be

Gobo- Small template placed in center of light between source and lens that projects patterns onto the stage

What is the meaning of par can?

Gel- a tool inside the light to change the color

Wash fixture- lights that will cast a large, even field of light PAR can- Creates an oval beam. Size is changed by physically changing out  the lamp housed in the can. Emits a bright light, often used at concerts Sound designer- installs microphones and speakers. Makes sure audience  can hear actors and makes sure there are surfaces where the sound can  bounce off. Also adds realistic sounds to add to the story

Technical director- determines the appropriate materials and methods of  construction for realizing the set designer’s creation  


Aristotle on comedy- Wrote what he thought a great tragedy would be.  Comedy represents men as worse than they are while tragedy represents  them as better

What is the meaning of gobo?

Henry Bergson on comedy- Nothing is comic outside of what is  exclusively human. He wrote a book on what is funny We also discuss several other topics like Which rna polymerase is responsible for synthesizing it?
Don't forget about the age old question of What is the meaning of cephalopods?

∙ Insensibility accompanies laughter

∙ Laughter needs company

∙ Comedy is culturally specific

∙ Superimposes the mechanical on the living

Two psychological theories on comedy

1. Establishment of superiority- humor derives from the weakness of  others Don't forget about the age old question of What are the interactions between cells and their environment?

2. Incongruity- Surprising, illogical or unexpected juxtaposition of  ideas/situations

Farce- the most extreme form of comedy. Has an extravagant plot where  anything can happen

∙ No psychological truth with exaggerated characters

∙ Slapstick humor (physical comedy)

∙ Quick transformations

∙ Concealment/discoveries

High Comedy- tied to economic class, characters are upper class ∙ Life is a game and the best game player wins (i.e. not a very moral  world)

∙ Immoral people win

∙ Players are quick witted and articulate with underlying sexuality Melodrama- the most popular theatrical form of the 17th century, virtuous  hero hounded by villain We also discuss several other topics like What is the content of the stamp act of 1765?

∙ Musical underscoring creates emotional values

∙ Often elaborate spectacle (things explode, etc.)

∙ Good people always triumph over bad

∙ Common plots of disguise, abduction, concealed identity, fortunate  coincidences

Realism- Lifelike dialogue, scenery is uninhabitable (box sets/4th wall) ∙ Actors speak to each other

∙ Focus on genuine social concerns

∙ New version of character: you are neither good or bad, but more  complex. Shaped by the past, society, etc.  

∙ Henrik Ibsen- the father of modern realism, popularized it with “A Doll’s House”

Naturalism- More specific version of realism. Uses theatre as a science lab  to show the effects of ENVIRONMENT.  

∙ Influenced by Charles Darwin and natural selection as well as Karl Marx and economics Don't forget about the age old question of What are the three primary function of the nervous system?

∙ Dramatizes social determination

∙ Scenes depicted very realistic, usually poverty If you want to learn more check out What are the cellular and molecular events that allow muscle contraction?

∙ David Belasco

∙ Andre Antoine

Tragedy according to Arthur Miller- A character attempts to preserve his  dignity by laying down his life


Futurism- Art movement launched by FT Marinetti that rejects the past ∙ Product of the “machine age”

∙ Glorified energy and speed

∙ QUICK skits

Expressionism- Stresses the emotional experience

∙ Shows the internal, externally

o Distorted settings, dialogue, characters, action, etc.

∙ Dialogue compressed into “texting” style (short, staccato sentences)

Surrealism- Taps into subconscious. Dream-like world

Dadaism- artistic anarchy movement, came from disapproval of values at  the time. Protest movement of anti-establishment

Absurdism- Not a movement, a label for a play

∙ The world has no meaning or rules, rather we are all spiritual derelicts  trapped in time and space

∙ First to win fame was Samuel Beckett and Waiting for Godot Happenings- art experienced as a surrounding, participatory ∙ “A game, an adventure, a number of activities engaged in by  participants for the sake of playing” –Allan Kaprow

Performance Art- A fusion of theatre, visual arts, and/or music (hard to  define)

∙ Marina Abramovic- Sat at a table for 3 months and had people stare  at her. For 6 hours allowed people to whatever they wanted to her

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