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SYRACUSE / Geography / GEO 171 / Spatial interaction is determined by

Spatial interaction is determined by

Spatial interaction is determined by


School: Syracuse University
Department: Geography
Course: Human Geography
Professor: Todd rutherford
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Human and geography
Cost: 50
Name: Geo 171 - Human Geographies Midterm Study Guide
Description: Notes to help prepare for the midterm, includes practice questions and their answers
Uploaded: 10/20/2016
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Geo 171 - Human Geographies

Spatial interaction is determined by

Midterm Notes

Note from the professor:

“For this mid-term test you will answer 10 multiple choice questions (each worth one mark), write five definitions (each worth three marks) and two short answer questions (each worth 10 marks) for a total of 45 marks. The test will count for 10% of your overall course grade. You have 55 minutes to complete this test so budget your time accordingly (e.g. 10 minutes for the multiple choice, 25 minutes for the definitions and 20 minutes for the short answer questions).”

Examples of Multiple choice questions:

Which of the following was a dominant theme or paradigm in 20thc human geography?: (a) Commercial geography.

(b) Globalization.

(c) Spatial Science.

Absolute location is:

European influence on non-western societies was initially limited by

A. The latitude and longitude of a location.

B. The place name of a location.

C. None of the above.

Spatial interaction is determined by:

A. Complementarity, transferability and intervening opportunities. B. Supply and demand.

C. The annihilation of space by time.

Functional regions are:

A. Not homogenous but have a high degree of overall coherence. B. Areal units with a high degree of homogeneity. Don't forget about the age old question of the income statement approach for estimating bad debts focuses on

C. Landscapes representing different values and aspirations.

European influence on non-western societies was initially limited by: A. The Columbian exchange. If you want to learn more check out judith cross cal poly

B. Ecological imperialism, population density and access to commodities. C. Technology, population density, disease resistance and strong states.

The un human development index (hdi) is based on what?

 Which of the following does not characterize contemporary globalization? A. Increasing inter-connectedness. We also discuss several other topics like elocentric

B. Declining risk.

C. Transnational rules and governance.

Which of the following is not a major factor in the development of the Mexican automobile industry?: We also discuss several other topics like architrave uf

A. large domestic market.

B. Proximity to the United States.

C. Free trade agreements.

Which of the following is not characteristic of global automotive demand? A. High cyclicality.

B. Market segmentation.

C. Lack of new markets.

 Which of the following functions does place not perform? A. Identity formation.

B. Resistance and conflict.

C. Transferability.

 Over the next decades the greatest urban growth will occur in: A. Core regions.

B. Semi-peripheral regions.

C. Sub-Saharan Africa.

 The UN Human Development Index (HDI) is based on:

A. Population density and growth.

B. Personal income and wealth distribution.

C. Life expectancy, education and income.

Which was not a significant to British rule over India?:

A. Divide and rule.

B. Indirect rule.

C. Free trade.

Detroit was called the Arsenal of Democracy because:

A. There was a lot of social conflict in the city

B. Gun ownership was very high

C. It was a center of wartime production.

In traditional economic geography firm decision-making focuses on: A. Problems of globalization.

B. Where to locate.

C. Increasing competition.

Marxist economic geographers view capitalism as: If you want to learn more check out rls 300 class notes

A. In equilibrium.

B. Led by rational individual decision-makers.

C. Prone to crisis.

Examples of possible definitions:


Shapes how Q's are examined and conclusions obtained We also discuss several other topics like o At what point is the chromosome number restored?

Columbian Exchange:

Interaction between old world (Europe) and new world (USA) 


Racial group all living together/ ethnic 


Political and economic practices. Private property/ free market trade 


European countries going to new locations and taking over 

Environmental Determinism

Physical environment will shape the economy 

Carrying capacity

Max number of users that can be sustained over one term, with given resources

Social urbanism

Unified, integrated, inclusive, involving different stakeholders willing to foster investments 

Kondratieff Waves

50 year cycles of capitalism, economic growth and declining with technology 

● (10) Spatial Division of Labor

○ Different production task are out located to different groups of people in different locations 

● (11) Creative Cities

○ Revival of inner city areas, tech , talent, tolerance 

● (12) Symbolic landscape

○ Builders and financiers want to embark on larger community. 

● (13) Redlining

○ Bank and other lending situation avoid underexposed areas. 

● (14) Desakota

○ extended surroundings of large cities, in which urban and agricultural forms of land use and settlement coexist and are intensively intermingled. 

● (15) Financialization.

○ Increase power of finance capital, banks, investing firms over the overall economy 

Examples of possible short answer questions:

What were the implications of 19th C Manchester and 20th C Chicago as ‘Shock Cities’ for urban theory? Why does contemporary Lagos differ?

What factors are driving contemporary globalization? Why has the period since the 2008-09 financial crisis seemly produced a ‘backlash’ against globalization?

In what ways does Chinese development confirm the views of Frank? In what ways does it not?

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