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UTC - PSY 3310 - Class Notes - Week 8

Created by: Annah Shrader Elite Notetaker

UTC - PSY 3310 - Class Notes - Week 8

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background image Social Psychology  Week 8  10/20/16  Lecture Notes on Group influence  
Social facilitation: performing a task individually, people do better when being 
watched or observed by others. 
  Norman Triplett 1898 experiment: People who train as professional cyclists  do better (bike faster) in front of other people than they do training alone.    This is not true all of the time. Some studies show that people perform  poorly in front of other people. An example would be Shaq not being able 
to shoot 3-pointers in front of a crowd. 
  Zajonc came up with the idea of mere presence and he believes that  performing in front of others produces physiological arousal which leads to 
the dominant response. If the performance is not familiar then it creates 
social inhibition. If the dominant response is familiar then it creates social 
  Experiment: They got volunteers to play pool. People were either good and  pool or bad. The audience was 4 confederates from the research team. The 
audience produced either better playing by the good pool players or poorer 
playing by the bad pool players.  
  Evaluation apprehension is when your performance is either improved or  worsened by the approval or disapproval of others.   
Social loafing: People make less effort working on a goal when working in a group 
than they do individually. This typically occurs when there is no measure of 
individual work within the group. 
  Free-rider effect: someone is bound to do all the work, so they join up with  someone who they know will eventually do the work.    Social loafing goes down if the task reward is great, or if the task is  interesting to the person.    
Deindividuation: this is the tendency for an individual in a group to let go of self-
awareness and go with whatever the group is thinking or doing. You lose your 
identity and commitment to personal values.  

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School: University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
Department: Psychology
Course: Social Psychology
Professor: David Ross
Term: Fall 2016
Name: Social Psychology Notes Week 8
Description: These are the lecture notes over chapter 9 in the book.
Uploaded: 10/20/2016
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