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OLEMISS / Business Management / MGMT 486 / What is the nature of commitment?

What is the nature of commitment?

What is the nature of commitment?


School: University of Mississippi
Department: Business Management
Course: Family Business Management
Professor: Charles dibrell
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Management
Cost: 50
Name: MGMT 486
Description: Study Guide for chapter 6,7,8,9 (not including 4 Cs, Fredo Effect, AGES, Effectuation, and Strategic Financial Metrics)
Uploaded: 10/24/2016
12 Pages 47 Views 2 Unlocks

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Family dimension

1 = best

2 = worst

  • Desirable attribute

  • Integrity (not cheat or lie)
  • Commitment (Must not feel obligated, desire to lead)
  • Respect
  • Competence in decision making and interpersonal skills
  • Skills (Marketing, sales, finance, strategic planning)

  • Nature of commitment 

  • Affective (wants to contribute)(Best type)
  • Normative (join to accommodate the family)
  • Calculative (Perceived values of ownership) (Self-absorption)
  • Dependent (safe comes heaven) (worst type) (Nepotism)

  • Training

  • Family business = stewardship and responsibility
  • Suggestion
  • Make them work for salary (develop work ethic)
  • Teach financial responsibility
  • Compensate through Market rate (Performance review)
  • Interpersonal relation skills (selling problem solving)

  • Selling and Coursing teams (with complementary skills)

  • Executive committee represents a small minority of CEO succession
  • if one team leader is chosen (represents inability to decide)

(works only in family business, not in regular business)

  • Interdependence of team members

  • Issue for selling and coursing teams (it’s difficult to manage)
  • Root of mort and disagreement across generation
  • Minimize = design organizational structure that established different roles for different members.

(hurt both business and family) (organization hierarchy)

  • How to achieve interdependence

  • Establish common goals
  • Reflect in possible different roles
  • Reduce relationship wear and tear
  • Create forums and discussions for relationship on an ongoing basis (Not allow emotion to built up)
  • Transfer ownership with full recognition (CEO → liability to

(51% of voting stock)

  • Vision

  • Accept New technology (assume risks) (promoting growth)
  • Complexity skills and perspective and perspectives (are new)(and updates)

CHAPTER 7: Succession Process and the Transfer of Power

  • Ultimate challenge

  • Fuse: a healthy business, a healthy family and ensure that it will continue from generation to generation

  • CEO as architect of Governance

  • Blurred system Bounties (built institution of governance)
  • That need is usually lot on the CEO
  • Independent versus dependent Board Members

(thinks it is not important or needed → until the business group to a larger group

  • What are the needed institutions

  • A bond of director (or advisory board)
  • A family council (different family groups – Branches)
  • A family assembly
  • An annual shareholder meeting
  • A management Team (topnotch non-family Manager)
  • Then after creating them can be the CEO proceed with the plan of transfer power to a new generation

(increase level of professionalization) (Broader Perspective)

  • Transfer of Power
  • CEO – are architects of the transition
  • Problematic (when CEO wants to stay, fails to prepare next generation, or succession is caused by death or sickness of CEO)
  • Transfer is unique to each family business
  • CEO – must be committed to the company
  • CEO 0 must enlist the “right people” (outsider advisor)

  • CEO exit style
  • The Monarch (forced out, no one could ever replace them)
  • The general (Plots a return, hopes next generation are useless)
  • The Ambassador (other team business, diplomatic duties)

(on behalf of the corporation) (keeps figure lead)

  • The governor (leads for a limited term, ensues successor is trained and ready)
  • The inventor (returns to normal activities, takes another key position)
  • The transition (leader during succession process)

(Not common)

  • Leadership imperative (when transferring Power)

  • CEO – shares vision of company (to continuity)
  • Help built institutions – that help next generation
  • Burst catalyst function (communication and planning)
  • Priority of the development of next generation
  • Help next generation build hedges with important stakeholders, their family, employees, customers, etc.

(hard because children never fall in line – fight between possible successor)

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