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SUU / Political Science / POLS 2100 / What is the main idea of realism?

What is the main idea of realism?

What is the main idea of realism?


School: Southern Utah University
Department: Political Science
Course: International Relations
Professor: Stathis
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: theories, Of, International, relations, political, Realism, Idealism, Utopianism, Globalism, neorealism, Realpolitik, theoretical, Schools, Morgenthau, James, Hilton, Woodrow, wilson, Carr, thomas, jefferson, henry, and Kissenger
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Name: Pols 2100, Week 8 notes
Description: This notes will cover course material that will be on Exam#2
Uploaded: 10/25/2016
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What is the main idea of realism?

for Exam #2

sadie sam chcz


International Relations current wants

• Mowe migh fai (iram)

• Election going savin.



StudSoup We also discuss several other topics like What are finite resources?


After WW's, increased | Theories of international Relations demand for academics E.M. caur - whote about the nature of international & scholars for an relations. Historian.

What is utopian philosophy?

explomation about -wrote about RVSSIM after the revolution | why the world wars -1939-41 worked on his first book "Inacze years Don't forget about the age old question of What is the meaning of the matching principle?


Crisis 1919-1939" L

What is thomas jefferson most famous for?

If you want to learn more check out How the romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science?

ecame vom Wul kvorm " gained the title The Father of the simu

or internationm Relations Woodrow Wilson -

- first to identity  puim ove the 2 main schools key figure in idealism. of imernationm Ruations Don't forget about the age old question of What is soma?

1. Pelitica Remimi | 2. Vtopianism (idmism)

Critiers both thorgh a renddist por 6:20 chuck that - suggested thim remism was futalistive to


strok in mmm mready happened not hopearl emergh.

so vtupianism offered hope but wo factums


Cour suggested a tharutical middlemad mm Realpolitik emphasized Uomoind the positive auments of both smools. that is is best explained - Prished for a more scientific method study of lk. by interest of pencer (German referenu) 1. Thomas Jefferson arrared mm IR was more than If you want to learn more check out What is the meaning of atomic number?

Reanity of imernational I a power relationship. There had to be some politics is the power merat, urmponent. of individual states. - Whart emerges is the school of thought of Nuded to haunu Don't forget about the age old question of Why did the founding fathers meet in philadelphia from may 1787 to september 1787?

idemism effected by Armerican ideas on power

international miroirs


wamited IR administered

from the heage of Nestions

- W Wilson. Idronism ontempts to reform the world. More on wond a better place.

-l demism mise kmown as Wilsonianism , has had

sweran namus. (neolibermis m & liberalism)

"Most commonly reffered to non as gluberlism

~ 16:50 mina will

hinks the world a

better place?

took hope to a Vidliwiors extreme

can buiwed that ide mist don't pay attention to remity

- Wilson was the worst of thise, he wasn't practical.

•• Thorght the league of Nations was the

blueprint for m en world peav. -Idealist vormin don't like comprimise - donc

accepr favtrmi rconistic demands. Mamy approaches of Viso turn to bride mistic me

V-V Mattainable realistic society

• British Anthor jamms Hilton embodied the idea of remism

-prblished a novel "Lost Heriun" mso became a morie.

Stathis is a set

remist hahaha

tells us where We are & white niwe

bun. Academic swvpe

is limited.

political remism wurged from some of the basir ideas

of rempulitik

- operate according to a basic gom:

ana uwrate description of promers $ forus in

the real world & what brong ni thumn Mbovt. - based in history. omn man to have merchanding of wina tegemis

Swing how it cama mbovta

doesn't rows on prediction or preseription and

limits realism. rmy do have hope mellom hope w/ remiry just dont operate an hope. based on description whorens idimism is

based on presviptin.

sshd Sup

H.J. Morgenthew known as the father of modem


arities of remis m

10/10/16 cont. 'sinu 1960's a member of mirintoms M ort remism

care believes its not suimtific morgn needs

more quam ratative anayois. - to set in elccepting that the major players

are states has twiled to recogniu nonostante actors - fails to recogniu that the wond is becoming

a global community based on economic

interdependenu. -te much mphasis on traditionm remlist.



modern remis i insists thart

Stues are the majer

players. However, does recogniu non-stante


censed moremism







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