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Fashion Institute of Technology - For 111 - Italian 111 test 1 study

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Fashion Institute of Technology - For 111 - Italian 111 test 1 study

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background image Italian 111 test 2 study sheet
Italian alphabet
a  a  n enne b bi [bee] o o c ci [chee] p pi d di [dee] q ku e ey r erre f effe s esse g gi t ti h acca u u i i [e] v vu l elle z zeta m emme Italian pronunciation is similar to Spanish:
ñ - gn 
España (Spanish) - Espagna ( Italian) 
C/ G in front of a,o,u - hard sound When C/ G are followed by e,i - soft sound C [k]                     G as in golf C [ch]                         G [j] Casa [kaza]         Gatto Cena [chena]             Genova [jenova] Canestro              Ago Cielo [chielo]              Giorno   [jiorno] Costa                   Agosto  Cisterna [chisterna] Acuto                   Guasto C/ G followed by H are hard sounds.
C                                        G as in golf
Ce [che]                              Ghetto 
Che [ke]                              Ghepardo
Anche [anke] - also             Aghi 
Chiesa [kieza] - church 
S in front of e,i: S in front of a,u,o: Shop Sco - scolaro [skolaro] Sce - scelta [shkelta] Scu - scuola  [skuola] Sci  - sciare [shkiare] Sca - scala    [skala] GN = ñ LL = y GLI = y Spagna [spaña] Calle [kaye] -glie [ye] Ognuno [oñuno] Except iella [yella] Aglio [ayo] Ogni [oñi] Spaglio [spayo]
Cogliere [kolyere]
Except flower - glicine [
background image Most Italian words are stressed on the next-to-the-last syllable:
Studentéssa - female student
Studénte - male student 
Lavágna; capíto; parláre; studiáre.
If the stress falls on the last vowel — you have to write accent:
Cittá; universitá; nazionalitá; caffé; tiramisú.
IMPORTANT: apostrophe after certain words changes the meaning of it! : e (and)          e` (is)
la (the)          la` (there)
se (if)            se` (self) herself, himself - not me (myself)
da (from)      da` (he/she gives)
li (them)        li` (there)
si (oneself)    si` (yes)
Today's vocabulary 
Iella - bad luck        
Cogliere - take     Casa - home Lazio Canestro - basket Abruzzo Costa - cost Sicilia Acuto - high peech / intense Reggio  Gatto - cat Citta - city Ago - nudle Cassa - cash Agosto  - August Brutto - ugly Guasto - broken Tutta - all Cena - dinner Studentessa - female student Cielo - sky Studente - male student Cisterna- tank Lavagna - blackboard Genova -Genoa Capita - it happens Giorno - day Parlare - to speak Anche - also Studiare - studio Chiesa - church Parli Italiano? - Do you speak It.? Ghepardo - gepard  Come ti chiami? - What’s your name? Aghi - needles Mi chiamo … - My name is … Scelta - choice Universita - Uniniversity Sciare - to skii  Nazionalita -Nationality Scolaro - student Caffe - caffe Scuola - school Grave - up Scala - ladder Acuto - down Ognuno - each
Ogni - every
Aglio - garlic
Spaglio - broadcast
Glicine - flower
background image Numbers — Qual’e` il tuo numero di telefono? - What is your phone number?
— Il tuo numero e` …….  - My number is …….
Italinan pronouns
1) Io          I
2) Tu         you
3) Lui/Lei  he/she 
4) Noi        we
5) Voi        you all
6) Loro      they
Italian language has 3 conjugations - every word would finish with one of these:
1) -ARE
parlare, studiare, lavorare
2)   -ERE
correre, prendere
3)   -IRE
finire, partire
Parl-are  -ere -ire Io Parl-o -o - o  Tu parl-i -i -i Lui/Lei parl-a -a -a Noi parl-iamo -iamo -iamo Voi parl-ate -ete -ite

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School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Department: Foreign Language
Course: Elementary Italian 111
Professor: Pr. Lorenzoni
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: italian, italianstudies, Italy, foreign language, italian111, italianmidterm, and italianmidtermstudyguide
Name: Italian 111 test 1 study sheet
Description: This is a set of everything from the first study sheet that will be on the test plus extra that we went over in class in the past few weeks. Good luck
Uploaded: 10/28/2016
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