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Cal State Fullerton - HIST 110 - Class Notes - Week 10

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> > > > Cal State Fullerton - HIST 110 - Class Notes - Week 10

Cal State Fullerton - HIST 110 - Class Notes - Week 10

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Rise of Adolf Hitler 
-  From Austria, is not German 
-  Early political start 
ð   Formed National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi)  ð   Tried to overthrow German republic in the Beer Hall Putsch (1923) and failed  ð   Hitler was jailed as the result => wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle)  ð   Mein Kampf outlined his extreme German nationalism, hatred of the Jews (pecking  order, the Germans were the top “superior” race), and his desire for living space for 
Germany and sees himself as the leader Germany needs 
-  New Approach => 1928 Elections   ð   Hitler deviated from the method of using violence in the Beer Hall Putsch and instead  held an election to win over the people of Germany   ð   Won   
The Great Depression 
-  Global impact 
-  Unemployment rate and inflation were high in Germany 
-  Hitler used the Great Depression to gain power by making promises to fix and reform 
Germany   -  Hitler made chancellor (Prime Minister) in second election   ð   Enabling Act (1933): allowed Hitler to rule by his decree (his word)    
Hitler’s Path to War 
-  The Treaty of Versailles was one of the peace treaties at the end of WW1 that ended the  state war between Germany and the Allied Powers 
  Limited the size of the German army to 100k  -  As a result Hitler withdraws Germany from the League of Nations  ð   Rearms Germany to surpass limited size   -  Re-militarized Rhineland despite France’s restriction  ð   France alerts Britain, Britain adapts policy of appeasement  ð   “German military are allowed to be on German land”  ð   Did not want to start another war with Germany  -  Rome –Berlin Axis  ð   Formed alliance between Germany and Italy   ð   Mussolini  -  Annexation of Austria  
-  Sudetenland 
ð   New land of Czechoslovakia created after WWI  ð   Hitler takes over this region of land   ð   Europe powers gather and meet in Munich as a result => Munich Conference  -  Munich Conference  ð   Allows Germany to keep Sudetenland with the condition of not taking over the entire  region of Czechoslovakia   -  Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact 

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School: California State University - Fullerton
Department: History
Course: World Civilization to 16th Century
Professor: Stefan Chrissanthos
Term: Winter 2016
Name: HIST 110B, Week 10 Class Notes
Description: This page of notes cover the 10/27 class session with Dr. Aaron Rietkerk on Hitler and the path to WWII
Uploaded: 10/29/2016
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