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MSU / Geoscience / GEOS 1123 / What are the conflict mineral resources in congo?

What are the conflict mineral resources in congo?

What are the conflict mineral resources in congo?


School: Mississippi State University
Department: Geoscience
Course: Introduction to World Geography
Professor: Shatrughan singh
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: world and geography
Cost: 50
Name: World Geography Study Guide 3
Description: What you need to know for Exam 3 on November the 3rd. Covers Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and South west Asia, and Southern Asia.
Uploaded: 10/29/2016
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World Geography Study Guide Exam 3

What are the conflict mineral resources in congo?

PSA: The notes over Southern Asia are not included in this study guide! I will be posting the  notes taken in class over Southern Asia on Tuesday, November 1st. The notes listed on this study guide are what he has hinted at being on the test or has told us that we need to know it.

To Know:  

∙ Sub-Saharan Africa

o Conflict Mineral Resources in Congo are:

▪ Gold, Tungsten, Tantalum, and Tin

▪ Used to make electronics

o Cecil the Lion was killed by a dentist in Zimbabwe

o Oscar Pistorius was an Olympic runner from South Africa who was accused of  killing his girlfriend

o Resides in all four hemispheres

What is the physical geography of sub-saharan africa?

o Physical Geography

▪ Great lake system like North America

▪ The Rift Valley – plates dividing

▪ Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika

▪ 3 Major Rivers:

∙ Nile – world’s longest

∙ Congo – world’s deepest

∙ Niger

o Colonial Africa

▪ Diaspora – the movement, migration, and scattering of a people away  from their homeland

▪ Types of Colonialism:

∙ Indirect Rule – local rulers made representatives of the crown

o Great Britain

∙ Assimilationist – forced, direct rule

What is the meaning of diaspora in colonial africa?

o France

∙ Exploitation – enslaved population

o Portugal

o Uganda

▪ President Idi Amin Dada (Hitler of Africa Don't forget about the age old question of What does catharsis theory mean?

∙ Genocide of minorities

∙ “Last King of Scotland”, “Conqueror of British Empire”

o South Africa

▪ Apartheid – a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on  

grounds of race

▪ De Boers – wars between the Dutch and Britain over South Africa

▪ Nelson Mandela

∙ ANC – African National Conference

∙ President, anti-apartheid revolutionist

o People

▪ Dependent on farming

▪ Land tenure – process where community owns the farm land rather than  individuals or corporations

▪ Medical Geography – study of spatial distribution of diseases ∙ Endemic – disease found in certain areas

o Hepatitis, syphilis

∙ Epidemic – widespread disease at a particular time

o Malaria, West-Nile virus If you want to learn more check out What is the meaning of the hydrologic cycle?

∙ Pandemic – infectious disease on multiple continents

o HIV/AIDS, Zika

▪ HIV/AIDS – Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome We also discuss several other topics like What is the difference between thinking and intelligence?

o The African Union (AU)

▪ 54 of 55 countries

∙ Morocco is not a member

▪ No central currency or visa

o African Languages

▪ Multilingualism – society with a mosaic of local languages Don't forget about the age old question of How do monopolists choose their p & q?

▪ Arabic and then English

o Religion

▪ Indigenous believe in spiritual forces in the natural environment ▪ Colonialism spread Christianity in the south

▪ Islam came out of Arabia in the north

o Regions

▪ South Africa

▪ East Africa

▪ Equatorial Africa

▪ West Africa

▪ African Transition Zone

o Countries

▪ Malawi – tobacco and president is most powerful woman in Africa ▪ Kenya- Swahili is the lingua franca, Mombasa is busiest port ▪ Tanzania – Mt. Kilimanjaro and Serengeti

▪ Ethiopia – birthplace of mankind

∙ North Africa and South West Asia (NASWA)

o Pakistan is not a member

o Judaism, Christianity, and Islam founded

o Iran was the Persian Empire

o Turkey was the Ottoman Empire

o “Choke Points”

▪ Strait of Hormuz – controlled by Iran

▪ Gulf of Suez – controlled by Egypt

o Cradle of Civilization

o Political Geography

▪ Oil states vs. nonoil states Don't forget about the age old question of What is the problem of qualia for which theory of mind is allegedly a difficulty?

▪ Resource wars over water and oil If you want to learn more check out What makes energy?

▪ Dry World, Arab World, Islamic World, Middle East

▪ Euphrates and Tigris Basin

o Birthplace of Civilization

▪ Fertile Crescent

∙ Mesopotamia

∙ Between Tigris and Euphrates River to the Nile

∙ Egyptian Empire

o Polytheistic, pyramids, hieroglyphics

∙ Islam

o Monotheistic, Koran, Mecca

o Sunni vs. Shi’ites (Shia)

o Oil

▪ Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of oil in the world

▪ Sinai – connection between Africa and Asia

∙ Controlled by Egypt

▪ OPEC – Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ∙ Venezuela is the only one NOT from Africa

o Middle East Dynamic

▪ Wealth Disparity

▪ Arab Spring

∙ Citizen set self on fire to protest in Tunisia

∙ Minority ruling majority

∙ Old rulers make younger population angry

o Culture

▪ Egypt and Lower Nile – Heart of the Realm

▪ The Maghreb (Sahara) – desert

▪ Middle East

▪ Arabian Peninsula – oil

▪ Empire States – Iran and Turkey

▪ Turkestan – old USSR states

o Regions

▪ Iran

∙ No U. S. Embassy

∙ Argo – movie parody of Iranian Revolution

▪ Palestine and Kurdish nation are stateless nations

▪ Israel – claimed Jerusalem (Palestine) as capital

▪ Turkey

∙ Mustafa Kemal – Father of Modern Turkey

o Moved capital from Constantinople to Ankara

▪ Syria – Arab Springs

▪ Turkestan – land locked countries

∙ Pakistan is not a part of Turkestan

∙ Southern Asia

o 2 Major Rivers:

▪ Ganges River and Brahmaputra River form the largest Delta in the world o Delhi is the capital of India

o Divides Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea

o Bhutan and Nepal are landlocked

o Was unified by British colonial period

o Physiography

▪ Indian plate and Eurasian plate collide to form Himalayas

∙ Mt. Everest – tallest mountain

▪ Monsoon – annual rains

∙ Mawsynram, India – wettest place on earth

o Civilizations

▪ Indus Valley

∙ Sindhu – old

∙ Hydraulic

▪ Aryans

∙ Sanskrit – old language

o Religions

▪ Hinduism  

∙ Karma, reincarnation, Dharma, worship

∙ Caste system – Brahmins (priests) are at the top

▪ Buddhism

▪ Jainism

▪ Sikhism – blend of Islam and Hindu

▪ Zorastrism

o Languages

▪ Sanskrit – indo European

▪ English is lingua franca

▪ Dravidian – indigenous

o Delhi Sultanate

o Mughal Empire (Islam)

▪ Built Taj Mahal – grave of king’s beloved wife

o East India Company

▪ Partition – groups coexist based on geography of Hindu and Muslim ▪ Bangladesh used to be East Pakistan

o Bollywood

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