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UA - PSYCH 101 - Class Notes - Week 22

Created by: Ashley Bartolomeo Elite Notetaker

UA - PSYCH 101 - Class Notes - Week 22

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background image Emotions What Are emotions? How we feel in reaction to something o Joy 
o Anger
o Sadness
Interrupt states, thoughts processes Trigger changes in thought and/or behavior o Motivate behavior May be brief, momentary Moods Aggregate appraisals of emotional states over a period of time Diffuse Influence thoughts and behaviors Long lasting Three Components of Emotions 1. Subjective experience a. The “feeling” part of emotions 2. Physical changes a. Heart rate
b. Skin temperature
c. Brain activation
3. Cognitive appraisals a. Beliefs and understandings
b. Why do we feel the way we do
c. Labeling our own emotions
Positive and Negative Emotions Independent o Can feel them both at the same time
o Different neurotransmitters:
Positive = dopamine (reward chemical) Negative = norepinephrine (fight or flight) Theories of Emotions James Lange Theory Physical change leads person to feel an emotion

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School: University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Department: Psychology
Course: Intro to Psychology
Professor: Tba
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: intro, to, and Psychology
Name: PY 101, Week 11
Description: Notes on emotion
Uploaded: 11/02/2016
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