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Part 1 Study Guide Exam 3

by: Helen Shymanski

Part 1 Study Guide Exam 3 PSY-P 304

Marketplace > Indiana University > Psychlogy > PSY-P 304 > Part 1 Study Guide Exam 3
Helen Shymanski
GPA 3.7
Social Psychology

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About this Document

Practice Questions for studying for exam 3
Social Psychology
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Helen Shymanski on Sunday April 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSY-P 304 at Indiana University taught by Rydell in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 67 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 04/05/15
Study Guide Test 3 Chapters 912 Chapter 9 1 Why are groups homogeneous People who are already similar to each tend to join the same group Evolutionary pressures caused people with similar genes to join groups Groups encourage similarity in their members A and C e A B and C 2 Group cohesiveness is best de ned as a Shared expectations in a group about how people are supposed to behave b Qualities that bind members together and promote liking between members c Expectations about the roles and behaviors of men and women d The tendency for people to do better on simple tasks and worse on complex tasks in the presence of others 3 You are trying to decide whether to take a test in a lecture hall where you will be surrounded by lots of other people or in a room by yourself Assuming that you have studied for the test and know the material you should take the test in the because it will result in Hallway social loa ng Hallway social facilitation Classroom social loa ng Hallway deindividuation Classroom social facilitation 4 The t ndency to engage in social loa ng is stronger in that it is also stronger in than a Men women Asian cultures Western cultures b Women men Asian cultures Western cultures c Men women Western cultures Asian cultures d Women men Western cultures Asian cultures 5 On his way back from class Matt encounters an angry mob ready to storm the dining hall to demand better food Matt likes the food as it is and wants to stop the mob What would be the most effective a Increasing group cohesiveness by inviting the entire mob to his house fortea b Passing out blue shirts for everyone to wear c Reducing process loss in the group by making sure that its most expert members have the most in uence d Finding a friend in the group calling out her name and talking to her loudly about an upcoming test Chapter 10 apem DQDO39QJ 1 Sam has his eye on Julie and wants her to like him According to research in social psychology which of the following is least likely to work He should a Emphasize how similar their attitudes are b Arrange to work with her on a class project so that he can spend time with her c Emphasize that they have complementary personalities after all quotopposites attractquot d Make himself look as physically attractive as he can Which of the following is false a People in communal relationships tend to keep track of who is contributing what to the relationship b People nd quotaveragequot faces to be more attractive than unusual faces c People like others who like them d The more we see and interact with people the more we will like them Which of the following statements regarding attachment style is true a Few if any individuals change their attachments style once they reach adu hood b A majority of adults have been found to exhibit an avoidant attachment style c The attachment style that adults display is shaped by their partner39s behavior and the type of relationship they ve created as a couple d Your attachment style as an infant typically has little to do with the attachment style you have in your adult relationships Mathew and Eric have been friends since the beginning of the school year According to equity theory their friendship will suffer if a Eric is much more likely to help Matthew out when he needs it than Matthew to help Eric b Eric has a quotmakeoverquot and becomes more attractive than Matthew c Eric and Matthew stop having similar interests d Eric and Matthew are romantically interested in the same person Kate and Jamie are dating According the investment model of close relationships which of the following is least likely to in uence their commitment to the relationship Their satisfaction with the relationship Their level of investment in the relationship The availability and quality of alternative partners Their perception that what they are putting into the relationship is roughly the same as what they are getting out of it apem Chapter 11 1 Research on prosocial behavior nds that religious people a Help others more than nonreligious people do in virtually all ways b Report on surveys that they help the same amount as do nonreligious people c Actually help more than nonreligious people but only if it makes them look good to themselves or to others d Actually help others less than do nonreligious people 2 Which of the following is most true a Listening to song lyrics with prosocial lyrics makes people more helpful b If we want someone to say yes when we ask for a date it doesn39t really work to have him or her listen to a song with romantic lyrics c Playing prosocial video games has no effect on how helpful people will be d Playing violent video games makes people more helpful 3 Meghan lives in a single room in a college dorm Late one night she hears a scream coming from just outside her dorm She is pretty sure that the person needs help because the person yelled quotHelp me I think I broke my legquot Meghan goes back to sleep only to nd out the next day the person was on the ground for 45 minutes before someone helped Which of the following best explains why Meghan didn39t help a Informational in uence b A diffusion of responsibility c She didn39t interpret is as an emergency d Pluralistic ignorance 4 Which of the following is true about the prosocial behavior a How often people have moved from one place to another in uences how helpful they are b There is no effect of personality on prosocial behavior c Being in a bad mood decreases prosocial behavior d People are much more likely to help members of their ingroup than members of an outgroup 5 Which of the following is not a way in which evolutionary theory explains prosocial behavior a Social exchange b Kin selection c The reciprocity norm d Group selection Chapter 12 1 aggression stems from feelings of anger and is aimed at in icting pain whereas aggression serves as a means to some goal other than pain a Hostile instrumental b Direct passive c Instrumental hostile d Passive direct 2 Which of the following stated gender differences in aggression is false a Young boys tend to be more physically aggressive than young girls b Girls tend to express their aggressive feelings more covertly such as by gossiping c Gender differences in physical aggression shrink when men and women are subjected to frustration or insults d Because violence is so rare in women female suicide bombers are much crazier than males who carry out these attacks 3 From a socialpsychological perspective which of the following is not a limitation of evolutionary theories of aggression They fail to account for female aggression They fail to account for different rates of aggression across cultures They fail to account for men39s sexual jealousy They fail to account for differences between bonobos and chimpanzees apem 4 Which of the following men is most likely to act aggressively toward someone who insults him a Ray who grew up in Minnesota b Randy who grew up in Louisiana c Richard who grew up in Massachusetts d Riclq who grew up in Maine 5 Under which of the following conditions is Jon least likely to be aggressive a His boss tells him he isn39t going to get a raise he was promised b He likes to look at nonviolent pornography c He is driving to work in traffic and another driver deliberately cuts in front of him d He has consumed enough alcohol to make him legally drunk and a stranger bumps into him in a crowded restaurant ANSWERS CHAPTER 9 1 D 2 B 3 E 4 C 5 D CHAPTER 10 1 C 2 A 3 C 4 A 5 D CHAPTER 11 1 C 2 A 3 B 4 A 5 A CHAPTER 12 1 A 2 D 3 C 4 B 5 B


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