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Virginia Commonwealth University - REL 108 - Class Notes - Week 12

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> > > > Virginia Commonwealth University - REL 108 - Class Notes - Week 12

Virginia Commonwealth University - REL 108 - Class Notes - Week 12

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background image Week 12 Six chronological life stages 
-pre-stage(birth-2) (dependent on care giver)
Undifferentiated faith (react to the world if we can trust parents or not)
-pre-school(2-5) (being to understand things with the guide of parents) 
Intuition projective, can't tell diff between fantasy and reality (learning 
family's perspective, taboos, idea of death)
-school age(6-11yrs) (learning and asking literal questions) mythic 
literal (don't understand abstract)
-teenagers(11-19) (self and peer guidance, repeated mistake making) 
group loyalist (thinking beyond their parents, accepting peers, hard to 
move beyond loyalist stage)
-young adult (learning from mistakes, forming own values) 
Individualative reflective, the critic
-mid-life (your learning from your children)
-end-life (finding truth before you dye)
What they're negotiating in life at this stage ? What are they 
understanding about values, what is important in life? Their place in 
the world? Where they are going? Who guides them?
Objective and subjective 
Tanakh(Torah)- scripture of the Hebrew prophets  Apocrypha- hidden things 
Believe prophecy didn't end with Ezra and Nehemiah
The wisdom of Solomon
Torah believed to be the Old Testament 
Torah means teaching, considered the eternal divine wisdom or way of 
God for the world 
Historical criticism 
Necessity of interpretation ; everything we read is interpreted 
-allegorical interpretation ; one of earliest methods 
-historical critical method; looks at historical context of the writing to 
determine the meaning 
- form criticism ; is it a peom, gospel, letter
- Redaction criticism ; how was it edited over time
- Reader response ; how does reader respond to text
Gospel- good news 
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School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Department: Religion
Course: Human Spirituality
Professor: Jennifer Garvin-Sanchez
Term: Fall 2016
Name: Hums 108, Week 12
Description: These notes cover everything from this week.
Uploaded: 11/05/2016
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