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FAU / Biology / BIOL 3063 / how harmful substitution mutation is?

how harmful substitution mutation is?

how harmful substitution mutation is?


School: Florida Atlantic University
Department: Biology
Course: Genetics
Professor: David binninger
Term: Fall 2016
Cost: 50
Name: Genetics Exam 3 Study Guide
Description: These questions will be on the exam.
Uploaded: 11/06/2016
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The introns within pre-mRNA transcripts made in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells .. - vary considerably in size and among different species - will be cleaved to produce final mRNA strand. - will not be present in mature RNA

how harmful substitution mutation is?


3. Which of the following is FALSE concerning formation of aminoacyl-TRNA - aminoacetyl ARNA is ARNA charged with amino acid ready to

deliver amino acid to ribosome. -aat RNA syntuctase attaches a specific amino acid to a ARNA - each aa -+RNA synthetase is specific for one amino acid and

a small # of ARNAS -IRNA is not involved in the process of tRNA charging", all others are.

6. Which of the following mutations hold probably prevent

transcription of a bacterial operon ? Mutanons in - any mutation cousing changes in & types of gene expression. - a mutation cousing a negative inducibie situation will block

transcription unless something is added to bind to the requirior protein. tono



7. Which of the following statements regarding transcription is TRUE?

- Synthesizing RNA from DNA template on - has brort RNA molecules - carefully regulated to selectively transcribe genes at specific times in

what will happen when the translation machinery encounter a stop down?

specific cell types o needs DNA, INTP's (bases, and proteins (RNA polym.) - transcription unit (piece of DNA includes promoter, RNA coding region, & Don't forget about the age old question of heschong thermal delight in architecture (epub|lit|mob)


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Sample Exam Questions

1. Eu tampric mRNAs are capped at the s' end. Which of the following is

FALSE concerning this "cap" structure? - WE KNOW • a modified quanine nucleotide is added to the s'end of the mena

• methyl (-CH3) grop is added to the 2 -Oh of one of a few

nocleotices at the s' end

this cap is required for transiation

• it also affects the stability of the MENA (more stable)

• it has a unique s' to s' bond. w/ 3 phosphates instead of one.

corries out protein synthesis on ribosome

2. Which of the following is FALSE concerning DNA replication in bacterial

does the dna replication is semiconservative?

cells when compared to evkaryotic cells? - WE KNOW . hamotic chromosomes have many separate origins of

s replicanos , whereas prokaryotic chromosones have a single

origin of replication.

• DNA replicanor is semiconsenanve Calways) in all cases We also discuss several other topics like ­ How did the theory you describe explain the phenomena that were such problems for Aristotelian theory?

• prona notic cells may use the ta replication for circular

molecules and plasmids; while whamotic uses linear

evharmonic replication o echamotic similar to bacterial but greater size, multiple origins

of replication, and DNA is linear. an

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3. Which of the following is TRUE concerning RNA polymerase from E. coli?

-The following is TRUE :: just has one RNA polymerase

they are responsible for the syntuesis of mRNA, ARNA, and

IRNA made of core enzynne & Sigma factor to create a holoenzime. wre enzure = 2 asubunits, & one fs obnitt ore f'sanit

+ w subunit core enzyme carries our elongation of RNA but needs signa

factor to bind to the collect promoter DNA sequence.


11, 12, 13


convex & concave

ho-don radius 20cm; 4 cm f = 10 cm.


high; object distance do 30cm


30 +

- +

- 1 ml-di

REAL bic




so inverted


• magnitude of the neight: m = - di = Inil = I'm holl

neqative = -0.5 * 4!

= (2 mm)

Timage is smaller than object. Ara #14, 15, 16 If you want to learn more check out math 1b uci


= 12mm



•CONVEX MIRROR radius 20cm ; 4 cm high ho= 4), object

WILL BE SUV distance (do= 30cm)

• do= 30cm fazloom (f = le radius) Lodi $

nake negative beause convex. ho= 4cm

žod to dife --75 cm

* negative di gives us virtual - 10.25


m= -



* m is positive so we have upright image thil = 1m x hot & m less than 1 so we have smaller image

- 10.25x Amm

- 1 mm] & object height (smaller image produced)



11. Which of the following mutations in the amino acid

sequence would probably have the least detrimental effect on the functionality of the protein? - Substitution mutation is least harmful point mutation. - this is because it only affects a single tripler and

its corresponding amino acid leaving the rest of the protein unchanged.

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12. When the translation machinery encounters a ustop" codon

- release factors recognize 3 stop codons - along with other factors, promote the cleavage of the ARNA We also discuss several other topics like anatomy and physiology bones study guide
If you want to learn more check out accantable
We also discuss several other topics like penn state harrisburg psychology

in the P site from the polypeptide chain, release of the mRNA from the ribosome and dissociation of the 2 ribosonal units


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