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UWM / Chemistry / CHEM 341 / chemistry uwm

chemistry uwm

chemistry uwm


School: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Department: Chemistry
Course: Organic Chemistry Semester 1
Professor: Jian chen
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Organic Chemistry, aromatic compounds, Benzene, electrophile, neutrophil, reactivity, Stereochemitry, enantiomers, chirality, meso, Alkylation Reactions, SN2, SN1, and Grignard
Cost: 50
Name: Organic Chemistry Study Guide - Exam 2
Description: Study guide covers chapters 5-7. Aromatic compounds, benzene, electrophiles, neutrophils, substitution reactions, reactivities, sterochemistry, enantiomers, chirality, plane of symmetry, meal compounds, alkyl halides, grignard reaction, SN2/SN1 reactions
Uploaded: 11/06/2016
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