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SANTA ANA COLLEGE / Geography / GEOG 100 / the river which carries the most traffic in europe and is the continen

the river which carries the most traffic in europe and is the continen

the river which carries the most traffic in europe and is the continen


School: Santa Ana College
Department: Geography
Course: World Regional Geography
Professor: Kathy ulloa
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: geography, world, world religions, Studyguide, Study Guide, and homework help
Cost: 50
Name: GEOG 100: Study Guide II
Description: This study guide contains all the answers for Test II in Geog 100 class.
Uploaded: 11/09/2016
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What was the purpose of The Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP)?

In Europe, the majority of the workforce is employed in what sector?

What is the top country with the largest economy in Europe?

Study Guide II 1. Which river in Europe carries the most traffic in Europe and is the continent's most important inland waterway?  ­ Rhine River is the river carries the most traffic in Europe, and it is also the continent's most important inland waterway This river carrieWe also discuss several other topics like econ rule of 70
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s more traffic than any other river in the world. 2. Name two languages and the country(s) they are spoken in for each of the following major European language families: Germanic, Romance, Slavic and Celtic. ∙ Germanic  Language: German, English.  Country: Germany, United Kingdom. ∙ Romance  Language: French, Italian.  Country: France, Italy. ∙ Slavic  Language: Polish, Ukrainian.  Country: Poland, Ukraine. ∙ Celtic  Language: Welsh, Scottish.  Country: United Kingdom, Scotland. 3. Is the following statement true or false:  European countries with significant Muslim populations have the highest population growth rates.  ­ True.   European   countries   with   significant   Muslim   populations   have   the   highest population growth rates. 4. What is the top country with the largest economy in Europe?  ­ The top country with the largest economy in Europe is Germany. 5. In Europe, the majority of the workforce is employed in what sector? ­ In Europe, the majority of the workforce is employed in service sector. In 2010, employment in the service sector made up to 75 percent of the total workforce.6. What European colonial power that still maintains close economic ties to its former colonies in Africa? ­ France 7. The territory of the former country of East Germany was occupied by the army of which country, at the conclusion of WWII? ­ The territory of the former country of East Germany was occupied by the army of Soviet Union at the conclusion of WWII. 8. Which of the following statements most accurately characterizes Northern Europe?  ­ C.   many   of  these   countries   have   been   reluctant   historically   to   join   international organizations, due to long traditions of neutrality. 9. What was the purpose of The Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP)? ­ The purpose of The Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) is to reduce levels of Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.  10. Albanians make up the majority of the population in:  ­ C. Kosovo. 11. a) United Kingdom is a EU member, but doesn’t use the euro as their currency. b) I think United Kingdom does not choose to use the euro because the euro is weaker than the pound, and United Kingdom’s economy has been still doing well without the euro. 12. The "Velvet Divorce" refers to the political division of:  ­ B. the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 13. ­ In the 1960s and 1970s, a major source of immigrant labor for Germany, the so­called gastarbeiter, was Turkey. 14. What is irredentism? ­ Serb claims to territories outside of Serbia that are inhabited by Serbs.15. Which of the following is geologically related to the shrinking of the Mediterranean Sea?   ­ D.  the mountain chains of Southern Europe  16. Many Europeans are concerned about the growing numbers of Muslim immigrants and their higher fertility rates, yet this modern trend is a consequence of:  ­ D.  all of the above  17. The less prosperous countries of Europe tend to be concentrated in which region?   ­ A.  East Central   18. One reason Europe attracts so many tourists is the medieval cultural landscape at the core of many older cities. Yet much of the stock of classical architecture is now gone due to: ­ C.  the destruction of cities in WWII.  19. Several national capitals in Europe, for example Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki, sit less than 7 degrees of longitude south of the Arctic Circle, yet they have temperate climates. How is this possible?   ­ D.  The North Atlantic Drift transfers tropical warmth northward.  20. Based on its age­sex diagram, by 2025 Italy will be facing a serious problem with   ­ A.  caring for its retirees 21. ­ During the most recent Ice Age, glaciers excavated deep valleys of Norway's Kjöllen Range as they cut their way to the sea.  These valleys are known as fjord. 22. The European Commission's "20/20/20 by 2020" plan refers an overall European attempt to:  ­ A. become more environmental. 23. ­ Europe's two most populous cities are: London and Paris.24. Europe has deindustrialized in the last several decades.   However, the two major industries are:  ­ D. automobiles and airplanes 25. Mediterranean Europe specializes in the market gardening of these crops:  ­ C. olives, grapes, and citrus fruits

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