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TTU / Advertising / ADV 3320 / What is not a type of branded content?

What is not a type of branded content?

What is not a type of branded content?


School: Texas Tech University
Department: Advertising
Course: Advertising and Society
Professor: Gotlieb
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Advertising, advertisement, and intro to advertising
Cost: 50
Name: Exam 3 Study Guide
Description: This does NOT cover the notes on Affluenza or the relevant reading materials assigned.
Uploaded: 11/12/2016
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1. The Ad Agency representing Angel Soft is trying to come up with a campaign. They want to  focus on getting noticed by consumers more than all the other toilet paper brands. Which  problem of advertisers would this exemplify?

What is not a type of branded content?

A. Technology

B. Clutter

C. Cost

D. Resistance

2. Most Lubbock local companies host commercials on the major networks in town. However  they’re concerned because much of their target audience seems to watch Netflix instead.  Which problem facing advertisers best fits this example?

A. Technology

B. Clutter

C. Resistance

D. Cost

3. What is branded content?

A. editorial content

B. The Dell and Wall Street Journal online article

C. Blending advertising and editorial content

D. content you intentionally consume

4. What is not a type of branded content?

A. Content Marketing

Why are consumers so resistant to product placement?

B. Commercialization of Content

C. Product Placement

5. In the game Grand Theft Auto, many brands and labels are shown, sometimes to increase  the reality of the game, and sometimes because advertisers pay for the brands to be visible.  When is it considered product placement?

A. Paid

B. For Realistic-ness

6. After watching a TV show such as Breaking Bad or New Girl, consumers find themselves  excited by brands that were included in the show and used by the main character, but not  obviously or dramatically. One might say these consumers are experiencing what? A. Materialism

B. Product Placement

C. Von Restorff Effect

D. Verisimilitude

7. When, like in GTA or other games, real brand names are used to aid in the character  development and realism of the plot, this is an example of what?

What are the two types of content marketing?

We also discuss several other topics like What kind of electron transfers occur in the formation of calcium fluoride from elemental calcium and elemental fluorine?

A. Materialism We also discuss several other topics like What kind of expansion diffusion spreads by contact?

B. Product Placement

C. Von Restorff Effect

D. Verisimilitude  

8. In movies like James Bond or Wayne’s World where there is a lot of product placement, one  may not consider the effect advertisers can have on the movie. Which is not a likely example  of how advertisers can control the product placement?

A. Who uses the product

B. How long it’s shown on the screen

C. How often it’s shown

D. If it’s a subliminal ad

9. Why are consumers so resistant to product placement?

A. Deceptive or misleading

B. Breaks down wall between ads and entertainment

C. Demerit Goods getting around regulations

D. All of the above

10. Why might the producers or creators of movies and media be against product placement? A. Stifling Creativity

B. Regulations are hard to accommodate

C. They don’t like demerit goods

D. None of the above

11. The FCC recently considered imposing stricter laws regarding product placement. Currently  there must be a disclosure of the sponsorship, but it’s generally in the credits. They  considered requiring real-time disclosure, such as pop-ups, and scrolls/crawls on the  screen. Advertisers were (for/against) this idea because of _______? If you want to learn more check out How do officers behave under preventive patrol?
We also discuss several other topics like What is a superficial mycosis?

A. For, advertising is best when not obvious

B. Against, undermining effectiveness of the ad

C. Against, it’s in favor of the 1st amendment We also discuss several other topics like Which are free radical reactions?

D. For, obvious disclosures are distracting

12. What are the two types of content marketing?

A. Entertainment, News

B. News, Journalism

C. Media, Journalism

D. Entertainment, Content

13. Examples of this type of content marketing are films/series, advergames and websites such  as the subservient chicken.

A. Journalism

B. News

C. Education

D. Entertainment

14. Unlike in product placement, branded entertainment is.. We also discuss several other topics like What refers to the smallest whole number ration of elements in a compound?

A. More obvious

B. Wholly paid for by the company advertising

C. Better received by consumers

D. Less criticized for it’s deceptive nature

15. In the “Advertainment” Spectrum, we measure what % of the content is entertainment, and  how integrated the brand message is into the plot. Which shape on the line would represent  where it’s all about the brand message or Branded Entertainment?

Degree of Integration


% of content

A. Square B. Triangle C. Circle

Brand Message

16. What’s not the main issue with branded journalism?  

A. controlled by advertisers

B. news is unbiased, branded journalism is not

C. not editorial anymore

D. less integrated than an advertorial

17. Producer driven advertising is about how advertising is _______ and _______ needs. A. persuasive, responds to

B. intrusive, responds to

C. invasive, creates

D. persuasive, creates

18. After the industrial revolution when machines allowed for mass production and made way for  nationally branded goods, this contributed to the…

A. Producer Driven Forces

B. Market Driven Forces

19. Patent medicine was best known as cure-alls heavily reliant on marketing communications  like that of newspapers. They were largely popular due to ______ paving the way… A. Producer Driven Forces

B. Market Driven Forces  

20. Consumers after the industrial revolution became increasingly concerned with the quality of  store bought goods and were able to travel farther to find goods they couldn’t before. Which  of the forces does this illustrate?

A. Producer Driven

B. Market Driven  

21. Brand names offering familiarity, predicability and reliability illustrate which market driven  force?

A. Quality

B. Urbanization

22. Urbanization was a factor in how consumers were resistant to change and refused to travel  so far for goods that were not as high quality.

A. True

B. False

23. New public places like cities became places of anonymity and allowed for a larger need to  express oneself through symbols of inner worth.  

A. True

B. False

24. Market driven forces include quality, urbanization, more info on products as a result of  advertising and consumption and social class.

A. True

B. False

25. Paris Hilton was recently spotted lounging on a beach in the Caribbean. This is an example  of how consumption illustrates wealth through ____ ______?

A. Conspicuous Consumption

B. Conspicuous Rituals

C. Competitive Consumption

D. Conspicuous Leisure

26. Socialites who go to cultural events like that of art galleries and partake in expensive  concerts are said to be in quadrant __ and be (high/low) economic and (high/low) cultural. A. 1, high, high

B. 2, low, high

C. 3, high, low

D. 4, low, low

27. The critical perspectives of advertising are best exemplified in which market theory school? A. Power

B. Info

28. The critical perspective would argue that advertising produces consumers and that we never  saw ourselves as consumers until advertising.

A. True

B. False

29. What best illustrates ‘commodity sell’?

A. Advertising pushing products we don’t need on us

B. Buying products to communicate sense of self

C. Branded Masculinity

30. A Listerine ad pointing out a girl’s problem of not having and suitors and suggesting Listerine  is the solution would be an example of _______.

A. Advertising responding to needs of consumers

B. Advertising being persuasive

C. Advertising producing consumers

31. Critics of advertising view consumers as ______.

A. Ignorant

B. Active

C. Passive

D. Informed

32. Culture industries are primarily _______ and _______.  

A. Advertising, Fashion

B. Journalism, Media

C. Media, Fashion

D. Advertising, Journalism

33. Culture industries stem from the school, University of Frankfurt.

A. True

B. False

34. Culture industries are best shown in ________ capitalist culture.  

A. English

B. Russian

C. American

D. German

35. What is not true about culture industries?

A. Smaller way of discussing other critics’ ideas.

B. Mass Produced products helped create this

C. Provides a substitute for genuine experience and fake individuality

D. Creates a manufactured image

36. A magazine for department store staff including information on how to advertise for the  upcoming holidays such as window displays and discounts to offer can best be described as  which path to commercialization?

A. Window Displays

B. Advertising

C. Greeting Card Industry

D. Trade Publication

37. Advertising contributes to commercialization of the calendar best in which of these? A. Advertising a sale for the 100th anniversary of the company

B. Advertising for a Labor Day sale

C. Persuading customers to shop for Memorial Day

38. ___________ is the new Black Friday.

A. Turkey Day

B. Black Thanksgiving

C. Black Thursday

D. Cyber Monday

39. How did Target respond to its’ employee’s “Save Thanksgiving” campaign? A. They want to stay competitive

B. It’s what consumers want

C. All the above

D. It’s a part of the Christmas spirit

40. Which of these is not one of the four themes of the thanksgiving consumption ritual of Black  Friday?

A. Familial Bonding

B. New Technological Advances

C. Mission Accomplished

D. Strategic Planning

41. What is a ritual?

A. Symbolic activity of multiple behaviors that’s repeated over time in a fixed sequence B. Something you do to ward off zombies

C. Participating in an activity over and over again because you want to

D. What you do around the holidays

42. What is not an example of a ritual?

A. Getting free pancakes every year on national pancake day

B. Baby Showers

C. Halloween

D. Gift giving for weddings

43. In a wedding the ritual artifacts are ______.

A. Ring Bearer

B. Officient

C. Gifts

D. Rings

44. What are the three ways advertising affects rituals?

A. Change, Transference, Constellations

B. Transference, Constellations, Attitudes

C. Combinations, Constellations, Change

D. Attitudes, Combinations, Changes

45. De Beers’ ad campaign “Diamonds are Forever” allowed for diamond rings to become a  ritual artifact of weddings. This best exemplifies which of the following?

A. Ritual Transference

B. Ritual Change

C. Ritual Attitudes

D. Ritual Combinations

46. A Halloween Ornament is best described by which of the following?

A. Ritual Transference

B. Ritual Change

C. Ritual Attitudes

D. Ritual Combinations

47. Crate and Barrel’s Ad to encourage consumers that they need to include a registry and all  the items on it as a part of their wedding rituals best shows which of the following in action? A. Ritual Change

B. Ritual Transparency

C. Ritual Attitudes

D. Ritual Constellations

48. Rituals affect advertising in the way they attach a ritual to a product rather than attaching a  product to the ritual.  

A. True

B. False

49. Giving a product personality like that of a perfume having a feeling associated with it of a  bride on her wedding day is an example of which category of ritual’s effect on advertising? A. Spell

B. Fetish

C. Amulet

D. Allegory

50. An advertisement for jewelry showing a couple getting engaged in a Chuck-e-Cheese with  two children (likely the children of the engaged couple) looking excited would best depict  which category of ritual’s effect on advertising?

A. Spell

B. Fetish

C. Amulet

D. Allegory

51. Injecting reality into a magical situation best falls under which category? A. Antidote

B. Amulet

C. Desecration

D. Fetish

52. What are the two ways materialism is shown through?

A. Competitive Consumption, Centrality

B. Conspicuous Consumption, Overconsumption

C. Happiness, Competitive Consumption

D. Competitive Consumption, Overconsumption  

53. The idea of the ‘new necessities’ trend in overconsumption in which Americans need more  things than in the past exemplifies which of the 3 types of materialism?

A. Centrality

B. Success

C. Happiness

54. The trend in overconsumption about ‘the good life’ in which having material goods is more  important than having kids or a happy marriage exemplifies which of the 3 types of  materialism?

A. Centrality

B. Success

C. Happiness

55. In overconsumption the idea of ‘ad creep’ shows how advertising is widespread or _____. A. Pervasive

B. Invasive

C. Intrusive

D. Persuasive

56. The message in overconsumption of “Buy buy buy!” shows how advertising is unwelcome or  __________.

A. Pervasive

B. Invasive

C. Intrusive

D. Persuasive

57. In competitive consumption the roots of social comparison theory exemplifies how consumer  goods are symbolic and are important to a person’s wealth, and job. This best describes  which of the three types of materialism?

A. Centrality

B. Success

C. Happiness

58. The success type of materialism is most effective when…

A. Conspicuous or obvious

B. In a city

C. In private

D. Competitive

59. How did reference groups change when women entered the workforce? A. They saw a wider range of salaries and compared to those above them B. Vertical stretching of reference groups

C. All of the above

D. None of the above

60. The evolutionary psychological perspective proved that men’s testosterone increased when  consuming the ‘right’ goods deemed by society in a conspicuous way.

A. True

B. False


Commercialization of Content

1. B

2. A

3. C

4. B

5. A

6. C

7. D

8. D

9. D

10. A

11. B

12. A

13. D

14. B

15. C

16. D  

History of Consumer Culture

17. D

18. A

19. A

20. B

21. A

22. B

23. A

24. A

25. D

26. A

Critical Perspectives of ADV & Consumer Culture 27. A

28. A

29. B

30. C

31. C

32. A

33. B

34. C

35. A

Commercialization of the Calendar

36. D

37. B

38. C

39. C

40. B

41. A

42. C 43. D 44. A 45. B 46. A 47. D 48. A 49. B 50. D 51. A 52. D 53. A 54. C 55. A 56. C 57. B 58. A 59. C 60. A

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