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POLI 201 - Class Notes - Week 12

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POLI 201 - Class Notes - Week 12

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background image Chapter 12 Important Term Definition/Main Idea Political Positions Political Party Political Parties  Political  Parties:  organized  groups  that  elect  members  to  attempt  to  influence  the  government  Each district contains a party unit  Parties help encourage Congress to make decisions
 Parties recruit candidates who can appeal to the public and raise money
Nominating Candidates  Nomination: process of selecting party candidates Convention: party leaders meet to choose nominees
Primary: registered party members choose nominees
 Closed Primary: only voters registered with a party can participate in  a specific period prior to Election Day  Open Primary: voters can choose a candidate from any party to vote for  on Election Day Other Functions of Parties  Getting out the Vote (GOTV): parties strive to register voters and persuade eligible  voters to vote  “Brand  Name”:  a  method  of  name  recognition  that  encourages  voters  who  don’t  know anything about a candidate to make a semi-knowledgeable choice Political Parties  Democrats o Liberal
o Government Intervention in Economy
Parties Groups Resources Influence over Government
background image o Less Social Regulation
More Civil Rights
 Republicans o Conservative 
Laissez-Faire Economics
o More Social Regulation
Parties in Government Majority Party chooses the  Speaker of the House  Parties organize committee system
 President = leader of political party
o Congressional Party Leaders  work closely with the  President  Citizens commonly identify with a specific party Party Institutions  National Convention: set party platforms, nominates presidential candidate
 National Committee: raise money, advertise party’s image or brand name
 Congressional Campaign Committee: raise money, recruit candidates, provide service
 State/Local Organizations: register voters, raise money, recruit candidates
Party Systems  Party System: multiple parties competing for power
 Typically, Two Parties
o Winner-Take-All Elections
o Three or more parties is a crowd
o Either/Or System
First Party System (until 1812) Political Party Federalists Democratic-Republicans Presidents Washington, Adams Jefferson, Madison Supporters Northeasterners Southerners Interests Mercantile and Business Agrarian Second Party System (Mass Mobilization) Political Party Whigs Democrats Presidents Harrison, Tyler Jackson, Van Buren Supporters Northeast South and West Beliefs National bank, tariffs, internal  improvements Opposed national bank and  tariffs Third Party System (1860-1896)

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School: University of South Carolina - Columbia
Department: Science
Course: American National Government
Professor: David Darmofal
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: political science
Name: POLI201 Chapter 12 Notes
Description: These notes cover the functions of Political Parties and include parties in government, party institutions, and historical party systems.
Uploaded: 11/26/2016
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