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POLI 201 - Class Notes - Week 13

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POLI 201 - Class Notes - Week 13

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background image Chapter 13 Important Term Definition/Main Idea Political Positions Interest Groups  Interest  Group:  individuals  or  organizations  establish  an  organized  group  that  makes  appeals to government pertaining to policies o Enhance  democracy  by  educating  the  public,  representing  individuals,  and  encouraging political participation o Represent private interest  Pluralism: theory that provides interest groups the freedom to compete for governmental  influence  Interest Groups mainly organize for economic interest
 Necessities
o Money = Sustainability + Funding
Leadership = More Successful
o More Members = More Powerful
 Upper-Class Bias Wealthy citizens are more likely to be members of interest groups
o Lower Class citizens depend more on political parties to represent them
Selective Benefits  Selective Benefits: benefits received by people who contribute to interest groups Informational: research, training programs, conferences, and other informational  resources Material: goods and services
Solidary: networking
Purposive: accomplishments
Political Entrepreneurs:  leaders of interest groups who organize the selective benefits  for group members Interest Group Influence Lobbying  Lobbying:  interest  groups  attempt  to  influence  government  officials  to  establish  certain policies through persuasion  Lots of money is spent on lobbying each year
 Also, strive to influence the 
president  and the  executive branch  of government  Regulations o Groups must report how much is spent on lobbying
o Government  places  strict  limitations  on  gifts  that  lobbyists  provide  to 
government officials

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School: University of South Carolina - Columbia
Department: Science
Course: American National Government
Professor: David Darmofal
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: political science
Name: POLI201 Chapter 13 Notes
Description: These notes cover interest groups, as well as selective benefits and the influence of interest groups in American government.
Uploaded: 11/26/2016
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