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murrow band aid

murrow band aid


What is a sudo event?

What does PR people do?

What is the difference between PR and Advertising?

Questions for exam 3 Questions  What is the difference between PR and Advertising?  More connected to management and making  the business look good (PR)  What does PR people do? PR uses free media (unpaid features, news,  editorials) The overall goal is enhancing the image of the  company When I did that pan mime thing when talking about PR, what was I  demonstratinIf you want to learn more check out Describe the transformation of an ovarian follicle.
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g  Press releases done by PR, somewhere boring, they had the distance  from the fax machine to the trash to catch attention.  What is a sudo event?  When an event is created by PR people and call the media to cover  IE Press conference, or a ribbon cutting, or groundbreaking ceremony  Who is Bill Moyers? TV News guy (journalist) History of PR video What senator McCarthy doing when Murrow called him out? creating mass panic about communist, saying he has a list of people  who were communist (famous people) and was forcing people to testify  against others but never actually had a list. Black listed from Hollywood. What was Murrow saying to the radio and news networks during his box and  lights speech? This industry is screwing up because it was all about  entertainment now instead of what is happening now. It’s a distraction to  reality What is the associated press? Wire service, they are the supplemental news service, sends stories  from all over to those who subscribe it. What is a Press release? A news style article written by PR people with the intention that it will  be covered by the news What is a VOSOT? Voice Over and sound on tape See pictures of the story and still hearing the anchor. Then see a  snippet of sound like a commenter about the story.  What is a reader? Just the anchor talking about the story, no pictures associated with the  story What is a VO?  anchor voices story live over video, used to cover less important, early breaking news and short features The Tsunami with thousands of people who died vs Katrina? Katrina got covered in America more because of proximity  If a dog bites a man, there’s no news but if a man bites a dog its news  because why? Singularity  It doesn’t happen often News value of economics, why are those assumed to be news related? Tax dollars come from the viewers so we are interested in where our  money goes. Financial stake in things  What was the most popular Murrow show in the 50’s. Person to Person was a celebrity interview show.  Job of PR? To make sure the company has more of a positive image, when it is  done well it is honest as well Rockefeller with the Colorado miners,  Informational commercial That Johnson and Johnson commercial about band aid, how it sticks to  the skin etc.  Why is BP in our textbook said to have PR?BP didn’t take the blame, they placed the blame on the engineers The way they handled the crisis.  Who was the pioneers of PR? Berneys and Ivy Lee held the Rockefellers.  Some categories of products that are nessessary now because of advertising  what are they? Makeup (cosmetics) deoderants

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