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UO / Journalism Core / JOUR 201 / What is meant by a word or concept?

What is meant by a word or concept?

What is meant by a word or concept?


J 201 Final Study Guide

What is meant by a word or concept?

____________________________________________________________________________ Fold down the column and study using the vocabulary.


framework of ideas upon which  people make decisions & act  

(examples = democracy /  



system of ideas that inform the  rules, procedures, & practices of  society & its institutions

(examples = newspapers,  

social media, graffiti,  

classroom lectures, music  

videos, media)


what is meant by a word or concept


ability to realize your will against the will of others


description or portrayal of  


Antonio Gramsci

studied hegemony

believed professional  

communicators help convince  public to support interests of  the powerful & accept them as normal


∙ Legitimacy

dominated groups consent to  domination by more powerful groups

∙ Maintenance

how hegemonies are sustained

∙ Consent

domination of a culturally diverse  society by the ruling class

Marshall McLuhan

“the medium is the message”  = thing providing information  is more significant than the  

actual information

predicted internet before it existed interested in neurological &  

biological aspects in media;  

media = extensions of our  


Media Dependency Theory

more media is used, the greater  potential impact; potential impact is  even greater in times of conflict &  change

Kinds of Media Production (4)

1. Publicly funded

2. Privately funded

3. Directly funded

What are the kinds of media production?

We also discuss several other topics like The museum of modern art's modern architecture exhibition of 1932 proclaimed the appearance of what?

4. Audience funded

Dallas Smythe

Canadian political activist &  

researcher (communications)

created idea of commodity  


Commodity Audience

attentive capacities of audiences –  are sold to advertisers 

ex. Is ads while listening to the radio

Jean Baudrillard

created term simulacrum

important in managing  


thought about  

distinguishing between  

actual & artificial  


Pre-Modern Era


representations were clearly  


ex. Paintings & statues

Post-Industrial Era

~ 1800

Are representations illusions? photography & early  

silent movies

Post-Modern Era


representations determine  



copy for which there is no original


reality now imitates models of  reality


relationship between an object & its  representation


act of taking part in something

Popular Culture

∙ Social Formations

concrete, historical articulation between  capitalist / precapitalist modes of  production, and the institutional context of the economy 

Marxist concept

∙ Social Practices

theory within psychology to determine the link between practice & context  

in social situations

∙ Surveillance

close observation of a group

∙ Identities

fact of what a person is (how they  introduce themselves)

What is discourse?

Don't forget about the age old question of What is mass culture?
If you want to learn more check out What is a molecule?
We also discuss several other topics like What is meant by cooperative federalism?
Don't forget about the age old question of What are the two types of data?

Social Media

∙ Social Life

time spent enjoying yourself w/  friends

∙ Participation

people's social involvement and  

interaction with others

∙ Algorithmic Culture

ways in which computers, running  complex mathematical formulae, engage  in what's often considered to be the  traditional work of culture

Mobile Media

∙ Publicity

notice / attention given to something by  media

∙ Intimacy

closeness between two things

Audiences & Work

∙ Ranking

how important an audience is

Don't forget about the age old question of What is science?

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