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WM / History / AMST 203 / What did karl marx mean by mode of production?

What did karl marx mean by mode of production?

What did karl marx mean by mode of production?


School: College of William and Mary
Department: History
Course: Medicine in America
Professor: Robert scholnick
Term: Fall 2016
Cost: 25
Name: Week 11 Notes
Description: These notes only cover lecture material, not readings.
Uploaded: 12/02/2016
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Hannah Millirons

What did karl marx mean by mode of production?

Medicine in America

November 22, 2016

Notes Week 11

∙ Class Notes

o Tuskegee studies

 Knowingly withheld treatment to syphilis patients

 Made physicians also withhold treatments

 Blatantly lied about the pretenses and information about the study 

∙ Made patients sign an “informed consent,” when they weren’t 

informed about the actual practices behind the study

∙ Set up the study based on the assumption that the blacks being 

tested were too stupid to know any better

 In 1974, wives, widows, and offspring of the deceased patients from this  study were added to a benefits program to help with medical benefits and  burials for the participants 

Who was the first african american to earn a medical degree?

o Peter Buxtun

 Whistleblower in Tuskegee Syphilis Studies

 Went to University of Oregon

 Psychiatrist in Army

o Sickness and Health in America

 Page 400

∙ Brandt quotes Claude Bernard on human experimentation in 1865

o Says that principals of protecting human subjects are well

known and there are limits 

o We should conduct studies on people if their lives could be 

saved from the studies 


 Black physicians were excluded from AMA, so NMA was started to allow them to be a part of their own group 

 National Medical Association 

 Restricted access to whites 

What are professional goals for nurses?

 Attempted to increase the number of African Americans who went to  Medical School 

o Margaret Heckler 

 Secretary of Health during the Regan administration 

 Set up a task force on minority health  Don't forget about the age old question of Why is the qibla wall in mosques so heavily adorned?
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o Life expectancy among African Americans and Whites 

 White death rates are going up and life expectancy is going down 

∙ Obesity, which leads to diabetes 

∙ Opioid addiction 

o Virginia is currently under a public health emergency due 

to the opioid crisis 

o Nathan Francis Mossell (1856­1946)

 Committed to education of himself and other blacks 

 Very well equipped physician 

 Against hospitals exclusively for blacks 

 Help found Frederick Douglass hospital and training school in 1895 ∙ Able to secure state funding  

o Daniel Hale Williams

 Founded nation’s first black hospital 

∙ Goal was to train African American physicians and nurses 

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