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Exam 3 Study Guide

by: Rachael McDonald

Exam 3 Study Guide MGMT 301

Rachael McDonald
Penn State
GPA 3.0
Management 301
Ron Johnson

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About this Document

Exam three study guide with information from chapter 13 and video study guide.
Management 301
Ron Johnson
Study Guide
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This 24 page Study Guide was uploaded by Rachael McDonald on Wednesday April 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MGMT 301 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Ron Johnson in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 265 views. For similar materials see Management 301 in Business at Pennsylvania State University.


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Date Created: 04/08/15
MGMT 301 Exam 3 Ch 8 Structure 0 Know structure everywhere 0 Where do we see structure video games computer train almost every part of the world operates under structure 0 Comes in two forms of cial organizational Formal lstructure that is more organized Informal l unof cial relationships set among organization s members 0 Could help or hurt structure that exists outside of org chart Organizingstructure 3 elements 0 Organization Determines if the company succeeds or dies Scaling upward l structuring o 3 part de nition all on exam 0 Dictionary Structure anything composed of parts arranged together in some way STRUCTURE IS EVERYWHERE Dividing up work rst Arrange resources Coordinate Activities Ex Family video games penn state planes trains cars sports buildings computers rio 2016 roads internet tallest dominos structure UNDER ORGANIZING IN MGMT l Arranging tasks people and other resources to accomplish the work requires structure 0 Formal vs Informal Formal lstructure that is more organized Informal l unof cial relationships set among organization s members 0 Larry Page Google example Google is relatively new Took over netscape Novell operation issues google has clear structure and has clearly worked offsite and strategy 0 Staff meeting and objectives Different elements of company MIS Financial control 0 Strategy and Structure are together for google 0 Organization Charts know elements slide 0 Def org charts de nition of organization and structure l same three components Divide Work Arrange Resources Coordinate Activites Admin VP staff Corp relations line Manufacturi ng line Services line Finance line Project line 0 Elements side 78 elements l division of work chain of command Division of Work Chain of Command 0 Star Trek Example 0 Ranks CEO Michael Dell 0 Restructuring o Painful but needed to happen some people promoted or demoted line of communication was all wrong Span of control Communication ow Major Units how business is split up Staff v Line Levels of MGMT Staff v Line reporting 0 Line Responsible for core business functions think developing products making products selling 0 Staff play important support roles but do not directly bring in revenue Think acctg HR EHS Legal etc 0 Exercise examples Manufacturing Manager Line Marketing Employee Line Legal Staff HR Manager Staff Employee Health safety I Staff 0 Social Networking analysis informal structure Could help hurt structure that exists outside of the organizational chart 0 Pros and Cons Social Impact for lines of communications 0 Know who to talk to for certain ideas Onboardingl helps with bringing new people in o Mentoring sports groups etc Informal connections help with learning the structure Ex Smeal o Professors have their own structures 0 Helps with knowing pros and cons of ideas 0 5 types of structure know all ve Bulk o Divisiona o Ron s Bean Bag company Know example has all ve types 0 Functional l 33 l s w i tr 5 iii11 Bene ts Economies of Scale easy to scale up Broad Expertise training for skill functional career paths Functional proscons siloschimneys 0 Most popular 0 Silos and Chimneys question ln book bene ts 0 Functionally organized one type in each silo competition may occur 0 Functions all built up for productdivision o Divisional three ways geo product customer 0 Geo Us or International 0 Bene ts Focused experts better coordination increase accountability growshrink easily Product class Customer class Example PampG By Retailers Customer Better for logistics cultures coordination central of ce 0 Ex Lowes divisional structure by geographical region 0 Matrix 0000 394 39 Manager I if 39 Project1 0 Manager 1 i Q Proect2 Manager quot Project 3 5 T w 00 BenefitsAccountability to projects better communication teams solve issues top managment focuses on overall strategy DOWN FALL l two bosses to report to One or two q s Combination of two different types of structures EX Mark Zucherberg FB Harvard Convo someone to build for the world 0 DO things you believe in work hard OOOO okh m 39anc We quot Air Navel lnfoTech Io I39cs CyberSeGegfwr Sga ce O r 7 r quot 0 Network and Team structures 0 Network H Outsourcing contracts quot quot 39 Strategic alliance Strategic Alliances Made when necessary then let go Harpo with GM Bene ts Lower costs access to experts growshrink with market conditions Keep small groups with great specialists Starwars example 0 1000 ppl hired ended with 50 o Referenced not deep 0 Team Hunger games symbol of rebellion Teams like against and for rebellion o All working together 0 Get bigger by staying smallquot Bene ts Improve communication cooperation decisions stronger relations morale increases 0 Flat v Tail 0 Tall l narrow span of control less people reporting to manager 0 Flat Manager has many people reporting to him Lesser levels of management wider span of control 0 Central v Decentral Central Top mgmt keeps pwer and makes most decisions Decrentral Top mgmt allows lower levels to help with many decisions 0 Delegation and Empower Delegation l process if entrusting work decision making and action to others 0 Process 0 1 Assign Responsibility 0 2 Grant Authority 0 3 Create Accountability Empowerment l gives people freedom to do their jobs as they think best 0 Contribute ideas decisions iniative etc Ch 11 Leadership 0 LeaderManager List know 0 Want to be both a manager and leader I Manager Leader Administers lnnovates Systemsstructures Focus on people Maintains Develops Relies on Control Inspires Trust Short Range View Long range view Asks How and When Asks What and Why Maintains Status Quo Challenges Status Quo Does things Right Does Right things Managers Execute Leaders VisionaryStrategy o Leaders are made 0 KNOW CHART 3 De nitions leadership bookslides know 3 R s 0 BOOK DEFINITION Leading l communicate vision build enthusiasm motivate commitment amp hard work 0 ProfessorJohnson s Def When one individual in uences a group of individuals to want to reach important big goals 0 3 r s def l direct 3 r s question Right Experiences Right Training Right Attitude ambition l x factor 0 Have to want to 0 Have to get over yourself Big 4 trait behavior contingency transform 0 Trait Nicollo Machiavelli l the Prince The degree to which you use manipulative power High Mac manipulative and deceiving Low mac I lets people walk over them 0 Behavior 0 Contingency o Transform Know all separately Power position and personal 5 types 0 Sports people business people know the people 0 EX The mighty MACs Catholic school for girls NCAA basketball Dreams everyone can have them Sources of Power Toffler o Toffler made three sources of power 0 Down through history 3 sources of power 0 Violence l Napoleon helpampsavecreate great harm o Wealth assetsresources Violence and wealth are not needed anymore 0 Knowledge best technologyinnovation Visionary Review Welch video important o 3 things in video know them on exam Trait Approach Gardner s List 0 Nicollo Machiavelli gt the Prince The degree to which you use manipulative power High Mac gt manipulative and deceiving Low mac gt lets people walk over them 0 Aristotle l the beginning Rhetoric and politics 0 Warren Bennis Leading is Caught not Taught o Gardner s List Competencies commonly focused on Leader Traits Physical Vitality l JoePa Intelligent Accept Responsibility Task Competence Understand others People skill Achievement Need Motivate others Courage Trustworthy Decisive Selfcon dence Assertive Flexible 0 Early Career skills need lots of traits out of school all aboutyou 0 Top 3 for Leadership or CEO s Leading Self EthicsIntegrity Leading Others Communicate Leading the Organization mgmt change 0 Behavior Style Know439styles clicker questions vvl derShi Maw Classic Lea urge Q yl v Leadership I Styles 7 LCU S Z A uh rm j 1 Low E Eoneerriquot 39 Low 0 in i in indium o X and Y axis Concern for people Y axis Concern for task l x axis 0 Which goes where Human Relations high on People low on task Democratic high on people and task Autocratic High task low people Laissezfairel Low task low people 0 1 or 2 application s run the chart Examples from class Men in Black will smith and steven speilberg HR JK Rowling HR Leadership for RampD Democratic EX PampG development 0 Game changer more innovation new way for task l democratic Chemists high task high ppl Googlel High and High Call Center Autocratic High plan low people 0 End of days call Retail Store Laissezfaire You re your own leader Contingency or Situational edler task position leadermember relation 0 Remember the Titans If we don t come together we will be destroyedquot Different kinds of leaders for audience amp situation 0 One or two on edler Fiedler Contingency Approach Situational Favorableness Step 1 0 Determine the leadership style Least preferred coworker LPC Task Motivated low lpc score Relationship motivated high lpc score 0 Step 2 0 Match Style with Situation Three context variablesquot LPC Situational Variables Leader to Member 0 Good Relationship 0 Task Structure 0 Structure 0 Position Power 0 Strong LPC Model LM Relationship 0 Good 0 Poor Task Structure 0 Structured o Unstructured Position 0 Strong 0 Weak Leadership style 0 Task 0 Low motivation Relationship 0 High motivation LPC Model Situation Factors LM Task L Structure Position 3 8 Power Leadership Style T T T ow Task and Chart 0 examples from class Gringotts Harry Potter Bank Teller l Assume well liked 0 Task Approach 0 Autocratic Union Example poor relationship unstructured weak l Task oriented Penn State Student Org Good unstructured weak Relationship motivated high Volunteer Opp low power Thon Capt Good structure strong task 0 HerseyBlanchard Know table 4 elements and axis 0 Dow chem and PSU example table I39IUI39I I UV I hcuuc aolmp ng galUr 8 g at O m 8 on Style ampFb High ehavior eq Able unwilling Unable WI Ing Low Confidence Confident Dale 6d Td i Cclec w M quot Able willing Confident Relationsiii B o E iHershey Blanchard o Participatory High relationship low task 0 Share ideas 0 Selling high relationship low task 0 Explain decisions Delegating low relationship low task 0 Decisions to them Telling low relationship high task 0 Giving in instructions Style Exa pie 1 Example 2 Dow Chem Job PSU Students Telling Instruct Newj cmr quotFreshSm h 0 J Wf39f o intro 05 Selling Explain 17753 w ls l S 39 6 Participating 4 Share lt1 iuuz abswdmm l Majav 5 Slow 5Y6 GWNZQ SCAG SWPWtSion Delegating Turn over Sthsw Mai m M1Qfgt Transformational 4 elements from Bass 0 Transformational Transactional Leading people 0 What to do why do you do it Inspirational model of leadership 0 Facing the Giants Pushes football player to become the leader he is Carries football player the entire eld Transforming examples 0 Bass Idealized In uence 4 elements Intellectual Stimulation V Transformation al leadership Inspirational Motivation Individual Consideratio n l quotYou walk off V so will theyquot Trait Behavior Transformational ConUngency Read Moral servant and Interactive 0 Know all three 2 on exam 0 Moralintegrity moral appearance Has integrity and appears to others as good or quotrightquot by ethical standards Integrity inleadership is honest credibility and consistency in putting values into action Moral overconfidence is an overly positive view of one s integrity and strength of character 0 Interactive Leadership Found Among women is strong on communicating participating and dealing with problems by teamworkquot o Servant Leadership Empowerment Servant leadership is follower centered and empowering I Means serving others and helping them use their talents to help organizations bene t society It shifts the leader s focus away from self and toward others and creates empowerment by giving people job freedom and opportunities to in uence what happens in the organization Goleman IQ TQ EQ o IQ technical quotient all your experiences emotional quoUent Ex SAT Classes does not equal leadership 0 Emotional Competencies Self aware Self mgmt Social aware Relationship mgmt Self regulation Ch 12 Individual Behavior Perception know de nition plus Berlo SMCR 0 Two videos all about perception What women want Perception De ntion of perception Berlo and Process of communication 0 What women want l perception Can be very different No one knows Is it this or that way 0 Communication 0 Perception the process where people receive and interpret information from their environment Never take in info value free 0 Filter based on who you are 0 Berlo SMCR Source Receiv o Decod er es Noise l everything distracting 0 Filter on personal bias on encodersperson previous experience ltering based on knowledge previous training Perception I Sender i Perceptions l l 6 P t I er cep ua Distortions 139 Stereotype amp Halo amp g Selective amp Projection o Generalizations Older people Cheerleaders popular shallow FootballAthletes not smart strong etc Geek smart weird etc Filtering and distortions stereo halo select proj 0 Know all four well 0 Stereotypes obvi 0 Halo and reverse halo Hao rst impression about a group or person nega ve Reverse hao always positive 0 Selection selective perception by yourself Filtering All Incoming Information 0 Con rmation Bias l lter 0 Always looking for info that back up your point of view 0 Projection l whats true about you projecting and applying to other people Are you like me Generations know something about 0 Generations l wrote a question off slide 0 Baby boomers and gen y millenial Attributions selfserving fundamental error 0 Two different types know 0 They are performing poorly l Attribution Error Them 0 Someone else is messed up not getting enough info from them 0 I am performing poorly l Selfserving bias Yourself Impression MGMT minor need to understand 0 Reference on exam at best Overall effect of something Trait and Big 5 0 TWO GIANT APPROACHES TO PERSONALITY Trait and Type fundamentals Trait Research based TypeApplication o Personality individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking feeling and behaving Ex big bang theory characters Con ict not understanding personality 0 Big 5 Positive10 Negative0 Extraversion Outgoing Reserved Extroverted Agreeableness Good with Bad with others others Conscientiousness Works well withI others Works poorly with others Emotional Stability Steady Anxious Openness to Open minded Closed minded Experience older people 0 Type and MBTI 0 Applied 0 Type Measures 4 dimensions of personality Each has dimension has 2 poles on a scale You will clearly lean toward one pole All four letter types are equal and possess strengths 0 All types have blind spots 0 BIG ISSUE Different not wrong 0 If you don t understand type you think they re wrong and different 0 MBTI MBTI Pro le what is true for you Scales IC 0 Extraversion Egg 5 Introversion Sensing IWn iNtuition Thinking ma Feeling Judging W Perceiving l Different not wrong Know each of the different four are measuring and what they mean Energy Extraversion o 10 o Energized outside 0 Think and talk then solve Introversion o O 0 think solve then share Information Sensing 0 00000 Facts AppHed Present Practical 10 Sensors Facts big picture Intuition 0 00000 Decisions Concepts Theory Relation Hunches O Intuitives Big picture l facts 0 Thinking O O O 10 Problem People 0 Feeling O O O 0 People Problem 0 Logical Methodologies business world needs both 0 EX Closing Power Plant 0 0 Problem and technical l thinking People feeling LifeWork style 0 Judging O O 0 Formal Structured Linear Perceiving O O Informal Unstructured 0 Circular Stress check out constructive and destructive 0 Stress de nition 0 Constructive v destructive stress Attitude and Emotion intelligence formula 0 Attitude l DECIDED You decide how you feel Locus of Control know and 3 other elements Mach 0 Know locus of control In 0 I took responsibility 0 Internal performance Out 0 External 0 Machiavellian question Goleman Watch Video 0 Notes from video o Emotional intelligence can grow 0 IQ cannot 0 Neither can experience 0 Interesting info 0 All good question Job Satisfaction no questions CH 13 lMotivations Money power and fame l giant motivators Not that ful lling mostly Coworkers lifestyle making a difference Video ofJordan Romero o 2 questions Climbing mount Everest Mount Everest climbed by 13 Both intrinsically and extrinsicallydadfamiy Engagement Is the key 2 equations ability and performance 0 Motivation Equation 1 PperformancefAxM OOOO A ability Mmotivation 0 Ability 0 Performance o The motivation equation 2 AfAxTE AbilityfaptitudeTrainingExperience 0 Core needs aptitude Performance adds motivation o Maslow Alderfer McClelland on Needs 0 Maslows Hierarchy of needs Progression and de cit principle know basics Sel l actualization needs De cit Principle l if lower needs are not met people will not look for higher needs Motivated to solve lower level needs because lacking o Alderfer condensed version of maslow All three areas all the time no progressive or de cit principle Needs for ERG theory All at the same time Lower order existence Social l relatedness Esteemselfactualization growth high Motivated for all needs 0 McClelland acquired needs for achievement power and af liation Cancer remission example Achievementl esteem successful Power personalsociall Personal negativeweaker sel sh Sociall positive stronger helping others EX Successful at defeating cancer video game 0 Herzberg Kita hygiene and satis ce 0 NO KITA o Hygeine not motivators Money unless not adequate Man s relationship to environment how man are treated k Lark in M91124 l Mammar x 3 42 o Satis er factors motivators What people achieve at work meaningful at work success accomplishing 5 hltr Slf Her 5313752 Wimcmv W Kamam iffer 7 cmquot Norlco y unawm ww gw x WV 0 Video powerful Equity know diagram 2 issues inputoutput and comparison to referent o 2 levels on equity 0 Equity in workplace and school Salaries and perks Projects Workload Supervision Outcomes 0 Equity theory of motivation nputs what a person puts into the situation how motivated they are Outputsl what the person thinks they re getting out of it Fairness motivates Real or perceived Comparisons to Referents 0 Inputs personal Outputs responsibility hygiene steps motivator 0 Football example Peyton v Tim Tebow 0 Tim rst round draft pick worked really hard then peyton get s hired tim gets moved to second string and stops working as hard 0 Transfers o Quits the league 0 Has a lot of equity issues 0 Equity imbalance 0 Ex one person gets better grades but doesn t study as hard as the other person 0 Expectancy Three components Expectancy l a person s belief that working hard will result in high task performance 0 Teen Mom example 0 lnstrumentality is a person s belief that various outcomes will occur as a result of task performance Valence is the value a person assigns to work related outcomes Ex Psu Degree 0 You believe you can do it expectancy o Expectancy expectancy instrumentality and valence FormulaTheory l o M E x l x V Zero in any no motivation o Intrinsic 0 Net Impact Certi cations ex Goals know 5 elements 0 Edwin Locke Goals Criteria with Jordan Example Clarity l climb mountains Challenge hard to climb Commitment training Feedback learn skills from smaller mountains Task Complexity l good stretch goal 0 Stretch goal That cannot be achieved by incremental or small improvements but require extending oneself to the limit to be actualized Expressed in the saying quotYou cannot cross a chasm in two stepsquot 0 Smart goals 0 S M A R T Speci c Measurable Attainable ReaHsUc Time bound 0 One question Extrinsic outside forces operating on us Reinforcement and Law of Effect 0 Reinforcement motivation When something is hard or hurts the action is not repeated When someone is easy or feels good the action is repeated 0 Big bang theory example Gives penny chocolates for good behavior Conditioning Law of Effect states that behavior followed by pleasant consequences is likely to be repeated behavior followed by unpleasant consequences is not 0 Good behavior rewarded more good 0 Bad behavior punished no more bad Cat box conditioning Exam grades example Skinner and Operant conditioning 0 Chart in PPT l v l M j 39 anloyee t g bl m I gt05le Namath v0 PM 39 Noex shna vowel quotEmmi1329i 332E Ekimf5314s T lm QM39iLZDf o Operant conditioning Ways to positive and punish reinforcement o 2 questions 0 Positive Reinforcement l strengthens behavior by making a desirable consequence contingent on its occurrence Law of contingent reinforcement deliver reward only when desired behavior occurs Law of immediate reinforcement l deliver the reward ASAP after desired behavior better results 0 Guidelines 0 Identify desired behaviors 0 Maintain diverse inventory of rewards 0 Inform everyone how to get rewards o Recognize differences when allocating rewards 0 Follow laws of immediate and contingent reinforcement 0 Negative Reinforcement l strengthens behavior by making the avoidance of an undesirable consequence contingent on it s occurrence Guidelines 0 Tell what is being done wrong 0 Tell what is being done right 0 Make sure punishment matches behavior Administer punishment in private 0 Follow immediate and contingent reinforcement From 2 short lists in book 0 Punishment connects Undesirable behavior with unpleasant consequences Denying verbal praise or merit pay deliver unpleasant outcome or verbal reprimand Videos and Examples in Class


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