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EMU / Psychology / PSY 3604 / psy 3697 class notes

psy 3697 class notes

psy 3697 class notes


School: Eastern Michigan University
Department: Psychology
Course: Abnormal Psychology
Professor: Ketrin lengu
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Abnormal psychology
Cost: 25
Name: Thursday 12/1/16 Class notes
Description: These are the notes we took in class on Thursday 12/1/16
Uploaded: 12/06/2016
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• What are the basic observable processes that contribute to the behaviors or symptoms of the disorder?

- How does media portray Sz?

- What have you heard about it?

Dec.12014 11/17/2016 VAUVA S . wwwwwwwwwww 2 SCHIZOPHRENIA SPECTRUM DISORDERS Healthy High risk Schizophrenia Thursday Dec. 1st 2014e. Tals: Neuro developmental disorders & exau Review lala: Guest Speaker (extra credit) lalis: Final Exau. M URALES A . Chapter 12. Lengu 2012 w wwwwww wwwvwwwwwwww If you want to learn more check out casa uh
If you want to learn more check out almus uh
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SAMAD wwwwwww Saw AGENDA • Define relevant terms • Review symptoms of schizophrenia (Sz) KONVA • Discuss biological and environmental etiological factors • Videos featuring individuals with Sz L LICOLANOWwwwwwwww Talked about this Slide Only what's Learn about treatment considerations for Sz YES WE CAN Solidify your understanding through case scenarios requiring diagnosis and trectment AWWW ASON wa BARCO W WWALIBABA W DISCUSS SCHIZOPHRENIA Votudy Soup A beautiful mind. Dortraued as violent • Portrayed as people who have it can't function. - What have you heard about it? - How does media portray Sz? Soup PHILOSORAPTOR 11/17/2016 . 8000 PWC • Schizophrenia comes from the term Splitting of the mind." DEBUNK THESE MYTHS 1. Not very rare effects about % in o.s. 3 WIN WYPOXIDE 1. Schizophrenia is a very rare condition. - All Schizophrenics have the same symptoms. می نمامانم جاهلية $. If one has a schizophrenic parent. then she/he too will have this mental disorder. Schizophrenics have multiple personalities. S. - People suffering from schizophrenia are violent and aggressive. 0. People with schizophrenia cannot lead normal, productive lives. world have it. 2. . Sumotome vary from person to person, 1. 3. There's a high genetic to Not always true Component lout doesn't mean you will have it. 5.- less likely to show violence & -sumotoms differ, so not true. aggression, tend to be more reserved. SCHIZOPHRENIA (SZ) They can look very differente from person to person. www . S www . Psychosis and Schizophrenia are heterogeneous. - • Schizophrenia vs. Psychosis • Psychosis - broad term referring to loss of touch with reality Te.g., hallucinations, delusions) Schizophrenia - a type of psychosis · Sz-characteristic disturbances in thought (delusions), perception (hallucinations,) speech, emotions, and behaviors w ww. homeWoWORDPRESS wwwwwwwww WHY STUDY SZ? - life expectancy is about mid-80$._ - Schizophrenia is widespread. . It takes a tremendous toll on all those involved. - - 3x higher mortality rate for those with Sz 20% shorter life expectancy Co-morbid with many other conditions SOU • Annual cost of $z is about $60,000,000,000 per year when factors such as family caregiving, lost wages, and treatment are considered. 11/17/2016 ALL. - could also be homeless. .. .. Patient Specific Health Factors in Schizophrenia Prevalence in Prevalence in Schizophrenia General Population Smoking 75% Obesty Diabetes Mellitus (CM) . .... +RWAAROSERBOARPER 200.000XONONLIN CO CLUBULLY 33% Hepatitis C 18% Other Inactivity Poor Nutrition Substance Use Meest *Nasta sh HA, edsAfeccatiess end scozottrarne Washington X a DSM5 CHANGES • DSM-s added Severity Chart • Removed DSM-IV subtypes of schizophrenia (.e., paranoid, disorganized, catatonic, undifferentiated, and residual types) - . Added a dimensional assessment • Rates not only the presence of a symptom but also its severity SO • Added disorder of catatonia • A separate new psychotic disorder ord • Removed Shared Psychotic Disorder on SCHIZOPHRENIA SPECTRUM DISORDERS Going to focus ist 3. Schizophrenia - Schizophreniform disorder • Schizoaffective disorder • Delusional disorder • Brief psychotic disorder • Schizotypal personality disorder All share characteristic feature of extreme reality distortion. 11/17/2016 W POL rocowww www . ro Positive symptoms like DSM5 CRITERIA ثمهنممعحللعمل • Schizophrenia-need 2 or more of the following for the majority of 1 month period: • Delusions • Hallucinations • Negative symptoms • Disorganized speech • Grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior Delusions. - Hallucination 3 Delusions are different - may have an absence of tone etc is negative symptoms • Additionally: • Social / occupational dysfunction and decline . Continuous signs of the disorder for at least 6 months SLOWLwowwwwwwwwww wwww . C W SCHIZOPHRENIA • Schizophrenia has an active phase characterized by "positive" and "negative" symptoms active phase when Someone is experiencing Positive & negative symptoms. • Positive: excesses, exaggerations in normal functioning • Negative: deficit/absence of normal functioning SCHIZOPHRENIA: + S! SYMPTOMS • + The positive symptoms Stud SOLX • Excesses, exaggerations in normal functioning • Disturbing psychotic experiences When the Yeni HY AAN? The Rolud Melun PA The Zom V. 1 San Clear Dwacer My Bad Alier Fer Dustacting me Maybel An lous Soup They're Foioning Me 11/17/2016 WONOSAR SCHIZOPHRENIA: + SYMPTOMS . + Delusions: • Disorder of thought content involving gross misrepresentation of reality; fixed false beliefs - E.g., delusions of grandeur, reference, persecution . Bizarre vs. non-bizarre tardecer disorder of - Delusion's a lowed thought content. Fealing Someone's out to get them in some way -Hallucination when you See feel, hear something that isn't there. • + Hallucinations: • A psychotic symptom of perceptual disturbances in which something is sensed (e.g., seen or heard) that is not actually there (e.g., hearing a voice when no one is talking to you). Can involve all 5 senses - Auditory is the most common, then visual - Auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory, gustatory 2.000 watched video. HALLUCINATIONS • An exercise in empathy... https://www.youtube.com/watchey=vL9UJVIaPZY NEUROBIOLOGY OF AUDITORY VERBAL HALLUCINATIONS cry prire CDR Worker r - Brocas Qrea: is responsible for Speech production, problems with prononciations, - Wernicke's drea: responsible for processing speeen oom Brocas za CO XY Nara Allen & Modinos, 2012 11/17/2016 HA WAAROOL AURORA wwwww wwwwww SCHIZOPHRENIA: (-) SYMPTOMS . - The negative symptoms • Absence or insufficiency of normal behavior Can See lack of emotion of cons early age. • Spectrum of negative symptoms Avolition (or apathy) - lack of initiation and persistence Alogia - relative absence of speech - Ranging from: mila 0 Seven Affective flattening - little expressed emotion = "blank face" Anhedonia - loss of pleasure A O w wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww www VOXER WWW. SCHIZOPHRENIA - DISORGANIZED • The disorganized symptoms • Erratic behaviors that affect speech, motor behaviors and emotional regctions They have a hard time Beranda Scerring Wheet they mean. • incongruent specon • Disorganized speech . Cognitive slippage = illogical and incoherent speech • Tangentiality-"going off on a tangent" • Disorganized affect • Inappropriate emotional behavior • Disorganized behavior • Includes a variety of unusual behaviors • Catatonia-spectrum from mild agitation to immobility • Catatonic immobility 23882 www ! AR ROWARA Wowowww . . . . wwww DSM5 CRITERIA IA Study Soup • Schizophrenia - need 2 or more of the following for the majority of 1 month period: • Delusions • Hallucinations • Negative symptoms • Disorganized speech • Grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior Same Slide as ne betare • Additionally: • Social / occupational dysfunction and decline • Continuous signs of the disorder for at least 6 months Soup » least severe of the 3. Forma www 11/17/2016 • Order of severity:. - Schizophreniforme lee - Schizophrenia F o odpective, s most schizophreniformi se c Disorder which they i moot 2 of the symtoms of Schizophrenia for one month • Schizoaffective: meet Criteria for Schizophrenia and mood disorder. OTHER DISORDERS WITH PSYCHOTIC FEATURES: SCHIZOPHRENIFORM AND SCHIZOAFFECTIVE • Schizophreniform disorder Schizophrenic symptoms for a few months (less than 6) • Associated with good premorbid functioning . Most resume normal lives • Schizoaffective • Symptoms of schizophrenia and a mood disorder (e.g., depression) • Both disorders are independent of one another . Prognosis is similar for people with schizophrenia . Such persons do not tend to get better on their own SCHIZOPHRENIA CASE STUDY Watched video. • http://www.youtube.com/waich?v=7Qlsmed13G0&fe ature=related 21 WwW.XOWON Watched video. • htips://www.ted.com/toiksieleanor longden the voic os in my head 11/17/2016 OVERS PREVALENCE & COURSE . Rise for women is less than men. Ontil clout Core 36 than they - 0.2-1.5% of the population for 1%) . Often develops in early adulthood - Can emerge at any time - Affects all racial and cultural groups • Equal among men and women . Typical age of onset: • Men-18-25 . Women-25-35 . Prodromal phase = 1 or 2 year period before serious symptoms occur but when less severe behaviors start to show up • Schizophrenia is generally chronic . Most suffer with moderate to severe lifetime impairment Earlier onset → poorer prognosis Better premorbid functioning → better prognosis Life expectancy is slightly less than average flig. better premorbica Hifferent place in their life. women have a better prognools than men. Schizophreniform W. WW led is men blice is women Womens Number of individuals Ago * Ons Bowl SA COURSES - Premorbid: where they haven't experiences any Symptoms • Premorbid -? Prodromal → Onset/Deterioration → Chronic/Residual . Sometimes hard to detect right away • Person may seem "odd" but not tell you about hallucinations or share delusions Fy cred 11/17/2016 CAUSES OF SCHIZOPHRENIA • Family studies - Inherit a tendency for schizophrenia ONYCH KA WAP2 Risk increases with genetic relatedness wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Com wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww • Twin studies • Identical twins versus fraternal twins of 770 • Adoption studies AMAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW w D ones w Cras por w • Offspring of twins "Carrier" for schizophrenia monozygotic are still passing on the gene. 'Dizygotic are NOT H wwwvwWWWWWWWWWW AS ow LOLU enerar W www Monozycotic Monozygotic schizoprenio Daygotic schizophreric Dizygotic notas co-twint www AL . Woww wwwwwwww Soup Y' CAUSES OF SCHIZOPHRENIA: NEUROBIOLOGICAL INFLUENCES The dopamine hypothesis supported by the following... > Drugs that increase dopamine (agonists) • Results in schizophrenic-ike behaviors Something going on with dopamine in Someone with schizophrenia. Drugs that decrease dopamine (antagonists) • Reduces schizophrenic-like behaviors Dopamine hypothesis is problematic and overly simplistic BUT It doesn't explain everything... Current theories emphasize at least 3 neurochemical abnormalities: D1 (prefrontal), D2 Istriatal), and NMDA receptors 11/17/2016 T owwwwwww NE w tomo CAUSES OF SCHIZOPHRENIA: OTHER NEUROBIOLOGICAL INFLUENCES • Structural and functional abnormalities in the brain · Enlarged ventricles and reduced tissue volume Specifically 3rd ventrick Ventricles houses Seribral Spinal fluido They have more empty Spare in brain because Ventricles are enlarged. SO - Hypofrontality . Less active frontal lobes • A major dopamine pathway • Prenatal exposure to viral infection, pregnancy, & delivery complications SO W increased risk Sources for schizophrenia V ALON NO OMA ULCORA Www w . A SEARCH FOR ENDOPHENOTYPES • What are the basic observable processes that contribute to the behaviors or symptoms of the disorder? - Endo DMonopos -eye movement in schizophrenic people, there have problems tracking things with 5. -- watched video • Smooth pursuit eye movement (SPEM) or eye-tracking • The ability to track objects smoothly across the visual field is deficient in those with schizophrenia. This abnormal eve tracking ability decreases in likelihood the further a person is genetically from someone with schizophrenia. • htips://www.youtube.comwatch?v=Q9DW 261 E Gwww. Earty expression on a pattapiny lekogical tune of schizophron movements in school children ritable to schizophrenia sac trahlon iritasime pursot tij Actor internation A cer will become o nes RMT O p erate the ** * *, * . w o ry Articles that look let the bese movements in people with Schizophrenia. *** ** * lis C 3 KHộp ho ra để đá, live k = 34 213 Chap 8 P 11 thg 8 20 ổ Tỳ Hưu T447 48 47 46 45 $ 08882 11/17/2016 wwwwwwwwwwwww www . ADAR wwwwwwwwwwww CAUSES OF SCHIZOPHRENIA • The role of stress . May activate underlying vulnerability . May also increase risk of relapse - individual faced with Something that's tramatic, which triggers on psychotic episode. www. er CORO c. com 3 8. MOS www. Int3 Secret ort. ASSESSMENTS: SCHIZOPHRENIA: PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL INFLUENCES • Family Interactions • Families of people with schizophrenia show ineffective communication patterns • High expressed emotion in the family is associated with relapse Miah express emotion families are 3.5% more likely to relapse in Doodle with schizoohrenia, 10 . with High E AP Parser w www . A . w MEDICAL TREATMENT OF SCHIZOPHRENIA UP • Development of antipsychotic (neuroleptic) medications . Often used as the first time treatment for Sz . Most reduce of eliminate symptoms · Acute and permanent side effects are common - Tardive dyskinesia . Compliance with medication is often a problem · Medical treatment is 1st line of treatment & it only effects positive Sumptoms. • Positive - Must take meds for at least I full week before they see improvements. • Noncompliance with medications 11/17/2016 SASNA OXYTOCIN FOR NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS? A pilot six-week randomized controlled trial of oxytocia on social cognition and social skills in schizophrenia Case **, David, Pen, Kelly Sakya lesestre", Butya Elka", Confederxes • Oxytocin is a bonding hormone · Beduction in Symtoms in le weeks with Schizophrenia . $ 32 WS Wiki howed med ia. W A Soldigheter i s www sk How could UNTIL Pop i s White PSYCHOSOCIAL TX OF SZ Psychosocial approaches: Overview and goals: Behavioral (i.e.. token economies) on inpatient units Community care program Social and living skills training @ Behavioral family therapy Vocational rehabilitation Roycho-education to the family also. teaching Skills that may be absent. TRŁATHENT OF CHIZOPHRENIA W round The homestecand the sons yake . Ma t ilag mediator MICR TOKS Dep recensed Prachatice Pediat BABES STRA Der er test Op. ht RESPERSEN. WEB and BERWARE * Did group activity *

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